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Quilt Stories - FALL TOUR!'s video poster

Quilt Stories travels the country, meeting you in a quilted tent to share your stories, documenting curiosities along the way.... Read more

Boise, ID Art
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This project was successfully funded on August 24, 2011.

Quilt Stories travels the country, meeting you in a quilted tent to share your stories, documenting curiosities along the way....

Boise, ID Art
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Quilt Stories just finished an amazingly successful tour through the west and midwest- traveling 5,000 miles over six weeks, visiting 19 cities and towns, and collecting 67 quilt stories.  I want to keep the project going, and get even more people involved.

Kickstarter has been a great platform for this project, not only raising funds, but also generating interest.  Many people have contacted me and asked for Quilt Stories to visit them, and I had the opportunity to be hosted by a few such people so far.  I feel like the tour has to continue and the next stop is the East Coast.  I am in contact with amazing hosts in so many cities there already, and a very special host in New York who will help me bring Quilt Stories into a new form.  My musical collaborator and recording wizard Robin has offered to record with me for a week, free of charge, as long as I do something with the recording.  Fortunately, the Art of This Gallery in Minneapolis has offered to put out these recordings in a limited release.

What are the recordings of, you may ask?  As I am spending time in my new studio in Michigan, I am transcribing the audio files of the stories I collected on tour.  I take out quotes that interest me, and arrange them into sets of lyrics, that we turn into songs with the magic of the recording studio.  I will be able to perform these songs on future tours as the project continues to develop.  

This is one outcome of the collected stories.  The quilt stories I have heard have also inspired new projects, like the white quilt that I am collecting stitches on, and the quilting slumber party that I held in Minneapolis.  As I re-listen to stories and continue to collect in different regions of the country, the outcome is more quilting, gathering, performing, animating, teaching, and other creative actions that I can't even see yet.

$1000 - EAST COAST TOUR!        $2000 - SOUTHERN TOUR!

The route I am planning for the East Coast in September is about 2,000 miles.  I am figuring $500 for gas, $100 for car maintenance, $300 for food and city costs, $100 and for kickstarter/amazon fees- $1000 total.

If I raise $2000, I will head south later in October, visiting places like my birthplace, Eureka Springs Arkansas, and New Orleans, and end up at the Houston International Quilt Festival.

Remember, if you pledge it will help me reach my goal, but you will not be charged until the end of the funding period, if I am fully funded.  I am aiming to raise these funds by August 24th, when I will hit the road again.

A preemptive THANK YOU- for looking at my project, sharing it with your friends, backing it, hosting me in your town, showing up at a Quilt Stories event, and every other great thing you do!

As always, I am open to your ideas on the project, suggestions for locations and resources- get in touch with me!  You can also follow the project on facebook, read about my summer tour on Kickstarter, and see day-by-day photos of the tour on Flickr.


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