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The Blue Earth Book supports photographers working on social
and environmental stories that need to be told.
The Blue Earth Book supports photographers working on social and environmental stories that need to be told.
253 backers pledged $16,444 to help bring this project to life.

Progress At The Post Office


The last batch of US backer rewards shipped out yesterday morning. If you filled out the backer survey by Friday Dec. 20th, your books are on the way if they haven't already arrived!

For our international backers, intergovernmental bureaucracy means we have a small pile of customs forms remaining to fill out on a few books, though that shouldn't take much longer.

A handful of our backers still haven’t filled out the survey and provided a shipping address. We'll be contacting you individually, but if you want your books, please take a moment to provide your shipping information via the backer survey.

Happy Holidays to all from your friends at Blue Earth!

Bart J. Cannon, Executive Director

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    1. Blue Earth Alliance Creator on February 15, 2014

      Hello Marco - I'm sorry to hear your book hasn't arrived yet, and that you've apparently not received the update we sent to you about shipping your book. Double-checking the mailing list again, I can confirm that your book should have shipped out at the address you provided around mid-January. We'll check with the volunteers handling the books and shipping to see if we've had any returns; it's possible there may have been an issue with the postal service.

      If your book doesn't arrive within a week or so, please contact us via e-mail direct message, if possible, so we can help you personally and make sure your book arrives.

      Thanks again for your support of our mission!

    2. Missing avatar

      Marco Prozzo on February 15, 2014

      I still have not received my copy of this book. There is some mention of it being shipped via the post office, but no means of tracking it. Regardless, it has not arrived to me.

    3. Blue Earth Alliance Creator on December 24, 2013

      Hello Marco - I'm afraid we don't have any access to your Kickstarter account, as that's managed by Kickstarter itself. I'd suggest contacting their customer support to see if they know about any problems regarding your Kickstarter account or your e-mail settings. You can also send us a direct message if you'd like to provide us your shipping address that way. Once we have your address, we'll send out your book as quickly as we can. Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Marco Prozzo on December 24, 2013

      I have tried to fill in the "Survey" and when I clicked to enter the info the responding page said that something was wrong and it could not enter my information. Furthermore it also says that my email information is not correct, but it is indeed correct and has been working without fail for many years. Not sure what's going on. Please let me know how to proceed...

    5. Blue Earth Alliance Creator on December 24, 2013

      Hello Eva - Kickstarter sends out backer surveys via direct messages. I've checked the list, and it appears you filled out the backer survey earlier. Your book should be on the way if you've not received it yet. Let us know if it doesn't arrive or if there any problems. Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      Eva Were on December 24, 2013

      Where do we find the backer survey?