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The Blue Earth Book supports photographers working on social
and environmental stories that need to be told.
The Blue Earth Book supports photographers working on social and environmental stories that need to be told.
253 backers pledged $16,444 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


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Progress At The Post Office


The last batch of US backer rewards shipped out yesterday morning. If you filled out the backer survey by Friday Dec. 20th, your books are on the way if they haven't already arrived!

For our international backers, intergovernmental bureaucracy means we have a small pile of customs forms remaining to fill out on a few books, though that shouldn't take much longer.

A handful of our backers still haven’t filled out the survey and provided a shipping address. We'll be contacting you individually, but if you want your books, please take a moment to provide your shipping information via the backer survey.

Happy Holidays to all from your friends at Blue Earth!

Bart J. Cannon, Executive Director

Backer Rewards Are Shipping Now


We're just back from the post office after sending out the first batch of rewards! Our dedicated elves are working to get the next batch of rewards out the door as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that Blue Earth is a volunteer-driven organization, so we appreciate your patience as we balance our efforts between working with our documentary projects and moving our way through the list to ship your copies of this first edition.

Everyone at Blue Earth wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Bart J. Cannon, Executive Director

The Presses Are Rolling!


We're excited to report that the editing is done, the design work has been wrapped up, and the presses are rolling! The Blue Earth Book is now in production thanks to the generous support of our backers.

We're on track to ship backer rewards this month. Next week we will send out the survey requesting mailing address updates in preparation for shipping.

Once again, we appreciate your dedication to Blue Earth's mission – we couldn't have done it without you!

Bart J. Cannon, Executive Director

Nearly Ready To Print

As we’re approaching the end of August, we wanted to provide you a quick progress update on The Blue Earth Book. We pride ourselves, as do our documentary photographers, on achieving the highest quality of work, and that means taking the time to do it right. Our editors continue to collaborate with the featured photographers in finalizing photo selections and gallery designs, and we plan to go to press very shortly.

This means the first edition will ship slightly late, but hopefully no later than November. Once we have the final design from our editors, we’ll be printing at full steam. At that point, we’ll send out the backer survey in preparation for shipping.

In the meantime, we also wanted to announce that Blue Earth plans to host East and West Coast launch events for The Blue Earth Book!

We hope to have photographers on hand at the events for backers to have their books signed, meet the artists in person, and hear about their latest work. More details on the events will be announced closer to the date.

Thanks again for your support of documentary photographers working to cover critical environmental and social issues!

Bart J. Cannon, Executive Director

Featured Photographers

Exciting news! As promised earlier this spring, we're now ready to announce the line-up of featured projects in this first edition of The Blue Earth Book:

Matt Black "The People of Clouds"
Samantha Box "Invisible"
Samuel James "Niger Delta"
Garth Lenz "Energy and Ecology"
Jon Lowenstein "Shadow Lives USA"
Annie Marie Musselman "Finding Trust" The Sarvey Wildlife Project"
Carlos Javier Ortiz "Too Young To Die"
Rebecca Norris Webb "The Glass Between Us: Reflections on Urban Creatures"

As we get closer to publication, we'll be launching the backer survey to confirm your shipping address and, for those at the $500 or more level, your choice of special "The Blue Earth Book" first edition prints.

As excited as we are to bring the first book in the series to you, don't forget that we can only highlight in this one edition a small number of the many, many projects Blue Earth has sponsored since our founding in 1996. More information about these project can be found at Blue Earth, along with news on current projects and updates from photographers working in the field!

Bart J. Cannon, Executive Director