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Acoustic Upgrade is COMPLETE!

Posted by Susan Evans ( Blue Mouse Manager) (Creator)

Dear Friends,

Great news The acoustic upgrade is complete! YAY.  Dale and Rob came in Tuesday morning and completed the room by saturday afternoon. We were open the whole time although we did have to cancel one matinee. I am so happy with the upgrades and it wouldnt be possible without all the support from all of you. folks have already noticed a huge difference in the sound now that the walls are absorbing the sound and not bouncing it around.  I will keep you posted on the digital install shouldnt be to much longer. I know our projector is in Seattle and they were just waiting for additional parts. We are almost there. For those of you that dont live here and supported us I hope you enjoy the pictures. for all my locals. I cant wait for you to come visit.

Thanks for all your support.

Love Sue

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bill & Ann Evans on

      Sue.....Folks leaving the Blue Mouse on Saturday evening and all day Sunday were VERY happy. It's a great 'sound upgrade'. Now we're anxious for the new projector! Keep up the good work. Best regards, Bill

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      Nancy A. Hogan on

      Hi, Sue: Wonderful upgrade! Looks brand, spankin' new ~ yet preserves the historic, homey atmosphere we all cherish! Personally, I kept hoping those wall decor lights would get cleaned w/new lites too, so I'm so glad for that little part! Noticing that the sound speakers are half-way down the walls and wonder about that....hope it doesn't 'blast us (oldsters) out'! ;o
      CONGRATS ON A WONDERFUL UPGRADE! NAN HOGAN (Bill LaVergne's 1st cousin)

    3. Susan Evans ( Blue Mouse Manager) Creator on

      Well hello
      You can come by any evening after 6:00 pm
      I'm gone until Wednesday , but tell Conner
      I wrote a big note on your package that says
      Hold until end of April


    4. Missing avatar

      Michelle Campbell on

      Sue, I'm back in town. When is a good time to come pick up my reward? Thanks, Michelle