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Cataloguing innovation from the black, grey, and informal markets and packaging it as a multi-series film project.

WOW! WE MADE IT! Thank you to all who have backed, loved, shared and pretty much anything of this campaign! We love you. We really, really love you. 

What do pirates, terrorists, computer hackers, and inner city gangs have in common with Silicon Valley? Innovation. We're aiming to catalogue and document emerging forms of underground innovation happening in the informal and black market economies. From April to July, we'll be traveling to India, China, and Brazil to meet with innovators from the "Misfit Economy." While we've got a book underway, we're looking to create a kick-ass video series and we could use your help (and financial support) to help make this a reality.


WHAT WILL YOU ACTUALLY BE PRODUCING? An amazing series of short films highlighting the ingenuity of underground innovation. 

ANYTHING ELSE? Some really cool podcasts, leveraging sound mash-ups from our travel. 

WHAT WILL MY MONEY GO TO EXACTLY? Your investment will support a professional filmmaker and editor to join us and document the entire research trip. Edited videos will be distributed throughout the year on our website and other media outlets. 

WHO ARE THE MISFIT INNOVATORS? We'll be speaking with amazing individuals from the street markets of Sao Paulo and Guangzhou, to the rubbish dumps of Mumbai, to the land activists of South Africa. Misfits are modern-day pirates, slum dwellers, computer hackers, political dissidents, and inner city gang members, all with something to teach us about innovation. 

WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT THE MISFIT ECONOMY? As a movement, the Misfit Economy is about Do-It-Yourself actions. It's about scrappy, disruptive, and lean innovation. While there is plenty of attention on Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, there are a HUGE number of unrecognized and largely unseen innovators whose stories we feel need to be made visible. The Misfit Economy project is your chance to learn about innovation happening outside of the status quo and understand why it's important.  

AM I FUNDING YOUR BOOK? We are writing a book on the Misfit Economy which will be published by Simon & Schuster in 2013. BUT this campaign is NOT to raise money for our book. Not everyone enjoys reading and we want to create some killer multimedia for folks so they can have a peephole into the lives of those misfit innovators we meet.   

WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU EXCEED YOUR FUNDING GOAL? Any dollars over our funding target will be directed to building out the infrastructure for misfit innovators. That means directly sponsoring the work of misfits on the ground - and working to support the development of "maker spaces" where misfits can come together to collaborate and share their work. 

ARE YOU SUPPORTING BLACK MARKET ACTIVITIES? In NO way are we supporting or glamorizing black market activity. The Misfit Economy is a much broader umbrella. Less than 5% of the stories we tell will actually profile black market innovators. For those innovators from the black market that we do profile, we aim to understand rather than endorse their actions and behaviors.  

MORE INFORMATION? Check out for more information about us and our book project. 

I HAVE AN IDEA FOR YOU - HOW DO I CONNECT? If you have additional ideas for folks we should chat to, networks that might be interested in our footage, or general comments and questions please email us. We'd love to hear from you at - hello [at] misfiteconomy [dot] com. 


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