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Memory Diaries Art Installation, + 100 Year Personal Archive's video poster

Memories Need A Place. Your very own 100 gigabytes, 100 year Memory Diary. Indexed for you. Plus media from the installation. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 26, 2013.

Memories Need A Place. Your very own 100 gigabytes, 100 year Memory Diary. Indexed for you. Plus media from the installation.

About this project

OK. Let me add the details.

The Memory Diaries Art Project (Part A) is a continuous 30 day art installation in Door County, Wisconsin. Why Door County? Beginning as a child on family vacations continuing throughout my life, I spend time in Door County and have many memories. Building rock cairns was always a part of every trip as a family tradition. For me however cairn building took on an added dimension of importance after the death of one of my four brothers twenty years ago. It is an important thing that I do to reflect, meditate and find my way.

In this spirit for the Memory Diaries Art Project I will physically create a half mile meditative space of life size rock cairns along Lake Michigan, at the water’s edge — where land, sky and the water meet. Each day I will return and respond to what happened overnight from the weather, gravity and other people. What cairns have fallen down and what cairns have been added by others. During this process I will continually record the installation with photos, videos and time lapse sequences.

Putting these ideas together, my goal is to physically create an outdoor meditative space of rock cairns in conjunction with clouds, waves, sunsets and stars which will endure via photos, videos and time lapse. At the end of the month, the installation is abandoned and disappears. The only thing that will live on are the photos and videos. These are the memories that can be re-lived and shared … if you will, re-imagined later by myself and by others.

Then in (Part B) I build a suitable archival system so that the photos and videos from (Part A) are available to future generations. It can be said that wisdom is the re-living of past events. So a Memory Diary is your place to store wisdom that endures through time. The archival system will be Internet accessible, and will preserve photos, videos, etc as digital files in a Memory Diary.

A Memory Diary™ is 100 gigabytes of online archival quality “cold” durable storage for 100 years. That’s it. But here is the best part. Your reward for funding the Memory Diary Art Project is your very own Memory Diary for your own digital documents, images, videos and  sounds.

For 100 years, don’t worry about digital bit rot, format obsolescence, disaster recovery of your stuff, and a few hundred more issues. The more people that fund the Memory Diary Art Project, the more people that will have a Memory Diary for their own precious memories. This concept works better with large numbers of people. With a lot of Memory Diaries there are economies of scale. It becomes easier to aggregate services, to build applications such as client applications to your tablets and phones, and to create and sustain a community of people interested in digital preservation. That way, your memories are available to you. Think of it. A Memory Diary becomes your own meditative place in the digital world. You can pass this on to your kids, your grand kids and so on, for generations and generations.

Even though the concept of long term, durable digital storage is simple, actually doing it is complex and may quickly become expensive. Someone has to systematically refresh the bits every few years, there is the need for safety backups, migration strategies must be engineered as new technologies and new formats come along or go away - like the going away of the MP3 format. Just think about it! It is going to happen!

My photos are important to me. I know I want my stuff around for at least one hundred years. I bet you want your stuff around too. But guess what? If you don’t make a plan, your digital files won’t make it.

Hard drives, forget it.

Compact flash, worse.

The cloud? Are you serious? Who’s going to do your index? Managing files in the cloud isn’t trivial.

No plan, and sooner than you think, your digital memories will disappear like cloud vapors.

So wouldn’t it be better if we all worked together? A Memory Diary is something we all need … so that in the years to come, our precious memories, our photos, videos, sounds, documents are still available.

Here’s my summary.

Part A, a Memory Diary is a one month outdoor art installation illustrating with rock cairns the transitory nature of a life journey.

Part B, the installation is preserved in photos and videos which are digitally archived in online “cold” durable storage for 100 years.

By supporting the Memory Diary Art Project, you get your own Memory Diary to archive your most precious memories. A Memory Diary is 100 gigabytes online “cold” durable  archival storage, for 100 years, for 100 dollars.  Memories Need A Place™.

Risks and challenges

That the cost of storing digital documents does not continue to drop in price. The Rewards have been calculated on a model assuming the cost per gigabyte of cold durable storage will decrease by 50% every three years for 5 cycles (or 15 years).

The time estimates for Rewards have already been pushed out (since many Kickstarter projects finish at least 3 months behind schedule).

Many of the technical people helping me on this project are volunteering their time. Hopefully they will stay steady on the project with me.

Finally, the long term ambition is to build a strong community dedicated to digital preservation and related issues like format obsolescence. The long term success of the project depends on a committed community.

As for my qualifications, I shared one bathroom with four brothers. I am from Wisconsin. I have been a college professor for over 20 years. And when needed, cheese solves a lot of problems.

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    Supporting the Memory Diaries™ Mixed Media Art Project allows you compete access to daily events during the installation and a personal 5” x 7” artist’s e-postcard from the collection (300 dpi).

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    Memories Need A Place™ digital archival storage. First, full disaster recover of your entire 100 gigabytes of storage (twice each year for free) for 100 years. Use a quick and easy online special request with no download charge. Second, a “warm” Memory Diary index creating your own personal and private digital contextual world. Third, free daily “hot” digital access to (300 dpi) images from Kate Borcherding’s Memory Diary Art collection. Fourth, continuous access to your 100 gigabyte Memories Need A Place “cold” digital archive - 5 gigabytes download per month with a four hour queue. Unlimited uploads. Fifth, a personal 5” x 7” artist’s e-postcard from the collection (300 dpi).

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    Memories Need A Place™ digital archival storage. Same as above. For Project Supporters who miss the Early Bird offer.

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    Memory Diary Stretch Users.
    Harvest your Memory Diary™ as a mind map.
    Add location based services, electronic feeds and your personal lexicon. Then Memory Diaries creates a custom index and visualization of your life (map/reduce term frequency-inverse index) with nifty visualizations.

    Since you own your data, it is your your information for you - without getting data mined for ads and other bull. It is the nexus of your physical world, your electronic world and your personal digital archives all in one. Private and personal just like a traditional paper diary, but continuously available to you like Star Trek.

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    Join Kate Borcherding on the APP Design Team.
    You don't need to be a techie to know what you want. Just the opposite. I am designing an application to help me organize my art and photos and keep it safe for the rest of my life. This is a way for me to connect with my phone, my tablet and my laptop to my Memory DIary. So do what I am doing, get your APP ideas to the front of the line at A community of artists and programmers will bring your APP to reality. A musician friend wants to save voice recordings annotated with voice to text snippets of his song ideas In the past he relied only on his phone, but lost everything when he when he changed phone models. Another friend wants to create a digital thin space bringing ‘heaven and earth’ closer together.

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    Special Interest Memory Diary.
    For people or organizations that want to go the whole way in creating a new way to build long term relationships combining content with services. Consider a Special Interest Memory Diary and the unique community you will build.

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    Project Sponsorship or Underwriting
    If you think in terms of large roles and large visions, consider a Sponsorship of the project. One hundred years is long enough to make a difference.

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