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$576 pledged of $5,500 goal
$576 pledged of $5,500 goal

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What would you like to see more of?

We're at 16 days to go and about 28% of our goal is reached. I will definitely continue to provide more Backer-specific updates, but I'm also hoping to generate some more backers as well.

So, for those of you with friends still on the fence, what would you like to see that may get them to consider backing the project? I'm designing the book wholesale as things come to me, so switching gears to give you something that will help your decision is no problem at all. Please, let me know.
Slowly, but surely, we are getting there.

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First Build a Monster Submission Progress

Good morning everybody,

Below, you will find the first preview of the Build your own Monster submissions from one of our wonderful backers. I will be reaching out to this contributor today with additional steps for us to complete in order to finish designing this monster, and as we progress through its design, I'll keep you all up to date.

For anybody else who is backing the product at that level, please feel free to submit your concept any time so we can begin work on it. If we get them soon enough, I may include them regardless of the end result of the Kickstarter.

Things to consider when submitting

You can include one or all of these in your submission for the art as we work toward creating your monster. We'll take liberties with anything not included, but will definitely get your feedback on the work too.

1) What does the creature look like?

2) Do you have an idea for the colorations or type?

3) Do you already have a name for the monster, or would you like to create one?

4) Is your monster like something that already exists (a specific animal, a monster from a similar game, etc)? We can't do creatures directly from other games (without their permission), but we can get close.

Be as descriptive as possible. Raynaldo Perez is an amazing artist (one of the several we have on this project) and has risen to the occasion every time I thought I was throwing him a curveball.

Alright, I'm going to reach out to our backer now, but feel free to comment or question here and I'll get back to you.

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Class Preview: The Breeder (4E and PF)

Tonight I wanted to offer a preview of the classes as they are represented in Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters. Keep in mind these aren't completely finished yet, but this is the progress on them so far.

I'll post at least one more class for Backers soon, but for now, enjoy the Breeder. The first page is Pathfinder, and the other 2 pages are 4e.

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Pathfinder Preview Updated and PF Advanced Traits

Those of you with the Pathfinder Preview Packet can look for the update I posted today.

Following our update with advanced traits last night, I wanted to show the difference between those in 4E D&D and those for Pathfinder. Enjoy!

Aura Reader

Your monster can channel and read auras. It also knows if you’re being lied to.

Benefit: The monster is able to see the auras of others. It grants you a +2 bonus to Knowledge (arcana) and Sense Motive checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in one of these skills, the bonus increases to +4 for that skill. In addition, The monster gains certain spell-like abilities that it can use once per day each.

Beneficial Nature

Your monster has a nature that plays to its strengths.

Benefit: Choose physical or special attacks.

Physical: Your physical attacks automatically benefit from Expert Training and Complex Training equal to your appropriate Ability modifier. [Note] Expert Training = Masterwork for physical monster attacks. Complex Training = Composite for some ranged physical attacks.

Special: Choose up to 2 metamagic feats. The monster can apply those feats to its damage-dealing spells as a sorcerer of the same level.

Cobalamin Extract [Extract]

This little blue berry helps your monster withstand physical attacks.

Benefit: The monster gets +1 natural armor. This bonus stacks with other natural armor.

Companion Monster

Your monster travels close by your side.

Benefit: Your primary monster can stay beside you, even while not active during battle. It grants you a +2 feat bonus to Perception checks and gets a +2 bonus Initiative. If you have 10 or more ranks in Perception, increase the bonus to +4 for that skill.

Creatine Extract [Extract]

This small brown root can be ground up to make your monster better able to strike with physical attacks.

Benefit: The monster gains a +1 bonus on all physical attack rolls it makes. It also gains the following benefits when its Base Attack Bonus is high enough.

BAB 4 = +2 bonus to the damage rolls of Physical attacks.

BAB 8 = Increase the attack bonus to +2

BAB 12 = Increase the damage bonus to +4

Dark Thoughts

Mind attacks do not phase this monster.

Prerequisite: Void monster

Benefit: The monster is immune to Mind damage.

Ginko Extract [Extract]

This small white herb gives your monster better accuracy with its special attacks.

Benefit: The monster adds +2 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against spells it can cast.

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Layout and Full Monster Preview

Quick note: Until we get everybody over here who was a part of the other page, I'm going to post updates to both.

Hey all,

To celebrate the new page, I wanted to start things off with a bang. For everybody, a preview of the first complete monster, Pesto. This should also serve as an idea for how I'm going to layout the monsters section of the book, so if you have an opinion on that, I'm open to reasonable suggestions.

In the next couple days, I'm going to post a preview for each of the 5 starter monsters, but only this one is for everybody. The rest can be enjoyed by backers of the project before the book's release. Enjoy!

-- Head on over here when you're able to and view this new preview. Then please consider joining us on the new page. Thank you.