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By John David Martin
$958 pledged of $15,000 goal

CSS Shaders only in Chromium?

Well, I just about crapped myself when I learned about CSS Shaders. This is quite possibly the biggest mind blowing news for browsers in a while... Sure, filters have been popping out and now motion tracking using a web cam, but for game developers, this is scary sick!

Why is it so big?  Well, middleware for building in menu systems and input UI into a 3D game is big and can be difficult to master... why not just use a shader in CSS on regular HTML elements around your WebGL canvas?  Sick!

This allows developers that understand basic shaders, javascript, css, html the opportunity to create some unbelievable effects!!!

With only 24,000 hits at the time I viewed this video... this is beyond cutting edge.

This makes me think of Chrome and other API friendly browsers as platforms more so than a browser... its nice thinking I can run a game in Chrome and KNOW it's going to work without worrying about cross browser compatibility because Lord knows it will take the other browser time to catch up and do so consistantly.

Apparently you have to build Chromium yourself to try out CSS shaders, but I'm sure it's coming soon to Canary... yayer!

Mac build instructions : http://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/MacBuildInstructions


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