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Battle Chess was originally released in 1988. Help us bring this beloved classic into the modern era.

Battle Chess was originally released in 1988. Help us bring this beloved classic into the modern era. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on June 1, 2012.

About this project

This project is the sequel to the 1988 smash hit Battle Chess. We intend to bring this game into the modern era but we need your help. 

You can find more gameplay videos on our YouTube Channel.

Why Kickstarter?

We set out to create a new Battle Chess that would please the old school fans as well as modern gamers. We are proud of what we have done so far, but we need funding in order to complete our vision.

We are a very small developer (less than 10 people), who loved Battle Chess and really wanted to see it updated with today's graphics capabilities. For the past two years we have spent our spare time and company profits developing this game. Ideally it would have been done a year ago, but with the need to stop and work on “paying” projects, it slowed us down considerably.

We explored many outside funding options, only to be told they weren't interested because "board games don't sell." Undeterred, we pushed on, but ultimately the money ran so low that we were forced to stop production altogether.

When Double Fine launched their Kickstarter project, like many developers, it showed us a new way: go to the fans. So that’s what we’ve done. We need funding to complete various features of the game. Most importantly, we need  to fund the completion of online multiplayer.

Game Features

The characters are hi-poly, hi-res textures complete with normal mapping and specular lighting.

There are 77 different possible battle scenarios, each character having at least three variations. Each of these battles has 3 animated camera variations. All these combinations cut down on the repeats.
The three environments are completely different (Throne Room, Dungeon and Garden) and support advanced lighting and texture modes.
We have 7 modes of gameplay, in single player (all can be done with traditional chess pieces or animated characters):

  • Versus AI
  • Training Mode
  • Challenge Mode
  • Combat Vault

Versus AI mode is your stand player versus the computer. We have completely replaced the original Chess AI and have six distinct levels of difficulty. The highest level plays at an estimated 2300 ELO.
Training mode allows the player to place pieces on the board in any configuration they like and then play against any level of AI.
Challenge mode, in which we have pre-constructed nine different scenarios of varying degree of difficulty and then challenge the player to solve the scenario within a specific numbers of moves. For example, “Capture the King in 3 moves.”
The Combat Vault allows a player to see any of the previously unlocked battles. This way is a player really likes one particular battle scene – they can watch it over and over.

The game provides a complete set of video tutorials presented directly on the chess board by each of the characters themselves.

The game will have three multiplayer modes:

  • Local multiplayer - head to head on the same machine/device.
  • Online multiplayer – head to head against an online opponent.
  • Timed game – head to head against online opponent but with a time limit. (2, 5, 10, 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes)

Other online features planned include:

  • Skill based Match making, which allows players of like skill levels to play each other.
  • Leaderboard support with rankings.
  • Full statistics.
  • Over 100 different Achievements.

The game also features a completely original musical score and professional voice talent for each of the characters.

Is this the real Battle Chess?

Yes, this game is officially licensed.


What If You Exceed Your Goal?

Further funding will allow us to add more exciting features and extra content. We would also be able to bring Battle Chess to new platforms such as XBox 360, Android, Mac and iOS.


Will This Game Be Released On Steam?

We cannot guarantee that Battle Chess will be released on Steam. For now you can join the Battle Chess Community Group on Steam to show your support.


  • We seriously considered it, but releasing the game with such an obvious feature missing just didn’t seem right.

    There's an old saying –“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” We felt that releasing Battle Chess without multiplayer would have left the fans feeling ripped-off or slighted in some way.

    Most fans would prefer - “You add multiplayer first, then I’ll buy the game.”

    Last updated:
  • Although $100k seems like a large amount, implementing a full featured online experience, like the one we have planned, will take several months. A list of features include; Skilled Based Matchmaking, Statistics, Leaderboards, Achievements and in-game chat. We also needed to factor in the cost of fulfilling rewards and running this campaign. We have carefully planned out the costs of staffing the programmers, artists and testers necessary to complete online multiplayer feature and arrived at this amount.

    Last updated:
  • We are currently developing the game for PC. Depending on the amount of funding we receive we will develop Battle Chess for Mac, iOS, XBox 360 and Android.

    Last updated:
  • The original design of the rook did not fit with the rest of the characters stylistically. However, we hope to bring back the original rook design in an expansion pack.

    Last updated:
  • Please add $15 to your pledge for international shipping on any reward level of $50 or higher.

    Last updated:

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    High Resolution Battle Chess Desktop Wallpaper

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    Digital downloadable copy of the game.

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    Digital downloadable copy of the game + digital concept art book.

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    Previous Reward + Battle Chess Backer T-Shirt

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    Previous Reward + Invitation to Battle Chess Launch Party at Medieval Times Dinner Theater (must be able to travel to Buena Park, CA).

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