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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, June 1 2012 10:18 PM UTC +00:00
Subdued SoftwareBy Subdued Software
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Subdued SoftwareBy Subdued Software
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pledged of $100,000pledged of $100,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, June 1 2012 10:18 PM UTC +00:00

Thank You For Your Support!

Posted by Subdued Software (Creator)

We have reached the end of our campaign and did not meet our goal.  We appreciate all of your support and are happy to have connected with so many fans of Battle Chess.  Many of you have made suggestions throughout this campaign and we have listened.  We will be taking some time to analyze the situation and to decide the fate of Battle Chess.   

As soon as a decision has been made we will let everyone know.

You can keep up to date on Battle Chess news by following us on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you from everyone at Subdued Software


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    1. shayne.oneill on

      I would suggest next time around guys, spend some money on marketing (Specifically someone who focuses on social media, like reddit etc) . There should have been a lot of hype around it (the secret sauce of any successful kickstarter) but I never heard about it outside of , well, here.

    2. SoulLifter on

      Sorry this didn't make it! You guys really have something great here -- I just think it's a matter of the right timing and a better campaign. Please keep us all posted.

    3. Robert DeBusk on

      Damn, I was looking forward to my boxed collector's edition! Please, give this another shot!

    4. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      Definitely give this a second go - quite a few KS projects re-launch and get funded the second (or even third) time around: KS is not a one-shot deal.

      BUT I do agree about the promotion - as William Crawford did, I only spotted this because I was trawling the KS projects whilst waiting for other things to finish.

      I certainly hope that you do give it another go - and when you do, don't forget to post about your re-launch (wherever/however you do it) as an update to this project page, so that the people who backed you this time get emailed about it.

    5. Stephen J Broida on

      I've written about this before and I'll write it again:

      Don't give up! Try again!

      I've seen other campaigns not reach their goals, and they aren't worried at all. They'll just dust themselves off, learn from the experience, and try again.

      Perhaps connecting with some other Battle Chess people or taking other actions will help? Maybe it just needed getting the word out some more?! Who knows?

      But it's worth a second chance, and I believe in Battle Chess!

    6. Scott Everts

      I'm sad to see it didn't work. But I have to agree with others, I didn't see any promotions or interest in any of the gaming news sites. Not sure if they just didn't report it or they didn't get any notice of it. As has happened before, a mention in places like Penny Arcade and Kotaku can make a project skyrocket in support. Look what happened to Ogre & Zombiecide when Penny Arcade mentioned them.

    7. shayne.oneill on

      This is a bit sad :( I hope you guys put out something, even if its a bit less ambitious. Discussing this with chess buddies we where all pretty stoked to see this come back.

    8. Missing avatar

      bEn on

      Sad to see this fail, I'd attribute this to Kickstarter fatigue and that Battlechess somehow didn't have it's own hardcore crowd carrying it.

    9. William C Crawford on

      I have to say, I didn't see much promotion. I found the project by looking through all the Kickstarter projects that were running, and never heard of it anywhere else.

    10. Mun Kew Leong on

      Hi Guys, sorry to hear you didn't manage to get funded. Good luck on your future plans!

    11. Missing avatar

      Electron Degenerate on

      I'm sorry you guys didn't meet your goals. However, the fact that you received so few pledges indicates that you're either lacking in promotion, appeal, or demand.