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Face Time

Posted by Michael Jan Friedman (Creator)
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My peeps,

Shows you what I know.

For my current project, Headless And Other Improbable Excitations of the Muse, my book cover lent itself to multiple `background characters. Four, to be exact. I asked Caio, my supremely talented artist friend, to make them two male and two female, for lots of reasons--one of which was to give everyone an opportunity to take advantage of a reward I'd never offered before: Get Your Face On The Cover Of The Book.

For what seemed to me an appropriate reward level given the extra work on Caio's part, you could substitute your own face for that of one of these background characters--not just on one book but on every copy printed. It seemed so tempting an option, one so sure to be snapped up in record time, I alerted my regular backers about the campaign before everyone else--figuring they would see this reward and want to jump on it with both feet.

And yet, as you can see, we're more than three days in and those four rewards are all still available. Go figure.

It may just be a matter of time before they're claimed. But honestly, I'd hate for those four characters to remain as they are. It'd be so much fun to see them replaced with the faces of real people, especially those who've supported me in the past.

If you're not thinking of claiming this reward--or even if you are--feel free to give me some feedback. Is the reward described poorly? Just not the attraction I thought it would be? Do you want to combine it with something else and don't know how? As they say on Ferenginar, I'm all ears. (Ouch...)

And by all means, spread the word about this campaign: 

As usual, I need all the help I can get!

Best regards,


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    1. Jeni Bowers on

      Mike, I thought that reward was great and would love to jump on, but I'm too broke right now! If my quarterly bonus at work is nice and juicy, that might change, but until then the money just isn't there.

      So, there's why I didn't choose the book cover reward despite its coolness and fairly reasonable backer level.