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Of Superheroes and Their Stories

Posted by Michael Jan Friedman (Creator)

The guy on the cover of our book--if and when it gets published--is named Adjuvant. Clearly, he's a superhero. 

In case there was any doubt, there's the cape. Who wears a cape besides a superhero? There's also the big A on his chest. And he's, y'know, flying over the city. So yeah, a superhero.

There are those who'd argue that superheroes best belong in comic books, where they started. I can see that argument. There's certainly a bond between costumed heroes and comic books, one that will always speak to me (who loved comics as a kid before I loved any other form of storytelling) on a visceral level.

But prose gives the superhero story something that comic books can't--the chance to examine the superhero consciousness in greater depth. The chance to get inside the head of not only the hero but his supporting cast. The opportunity to put the reader in the shoes (or boots, as the case may be) of each of these characters as they move through the story, seeing and hearing and tasting and feeling life through those characters' senses.

I'm glad we've still got comic books to chronicle the adventures of our costumed heroes. But I'm equally glad we've got stories like Cabal to shine a light on the superhero experience in ways that comic books can't.

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