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Mobile bicycle repair shop. Rolling dance party. Drive-in movie theater. Bike powered and 100% AWESOME! Read more

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Mobile bicycle repair shop. Rolling dance party. Drive-in movie theater. Bike powered and 100% AWESOME!

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Rolling Wrench Mobile Bikeshop is moving across the country!

I opened Rolling Wrench in the Spring of 2011, in Boston, MA. It has been the most exciting and rewarding thing I have ever done. In November, I will be moving across the country to Portland, OR. I am raising funds to build up a new and improved mobile bike shop that will not only repair bicycles, but offer drive-in style movies and occasionally function as a big rolling dance party.

Here's what the Boston shop looked like.

I'm looking to build a similar trailer to service Portland.

This trailer will feature a full working sound system, the ability to power a digital projector (by using an array of automotive batteries and a power inverter) and most importantly, an entire bike shop worth of tools. From this trailer, I will be able to do tune ups, overhauls, wheel truing/building and just about anything else a more traditional bike shop can, but I can do it anywhere you need it done!

Among the things needed for this project are:

Surly Bill Trailer - This thing's amazing, and served me well in the past. It's the only trailer I've found that can hold up to the stress of hauling around 200+ lbs on a daily basis.

Tractor Bike - I'll certainly need a bike to pull this trailer. I'm currently looking at something like the Civia Linden:

Artwork - The artwork for the trailer and bike will be done by Rob Logan of

Tools - Obviously, the key ingredient to the whole endeavor is having the right tools for the job.

Projector - For the bike in movies. I'd really love to run a weekly summer movie series. There are so many great bike movies out there!

FM Transmitter - For broadcasting movie soundtracks without disturbing the neighbors.

Sound System - The jams are what really tie it all together. Speakers, amp, sub and battery make for a party on the fly. 

Construction Materials - Plywood, paint, screws - all that stuff that really adds up!

While this is in no way a comprehensive list, these are the major items that funding will be used to purchase.


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    You will receive one hand-crafted high five of the highest quality. This high five will be photographed and displayed for all to see in our online gallery. You're totally gonna be famous!
    **Long distance high fives may be delivered via Photoshop, artist's rendering or dramatic reenactments)

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    Ten bucks gets you a spot on the First Annual Rolling Wrench Portland Kickstarter Ten Or More Memorial Bicycle Ride. Imagine yourself careering about at speeds upwards of 10mph while rocking out to Cameo and Earth, Wind and Fire. That's pretty much what this ride will be like!
    And don't worry, that high five will still be yours, too.

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    For the price of just eight cups of coffee a day (for one day), you'll get an invite to our inaugural bike-in movie, which will be projected from the bike trailer. Sound will be pumped through the super awesome trailer sound system and also broadcast over FM radio. In addition, I will email you a very cute picture of a kitten.
    AND the high five AND a spot on the First Annual Rolling Wrench Portland Kickstarter Ten Or More Memorial Bicycle Ride. Holy Moly!

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    CYCLING CAP! You know you can never have enough of these! Well, until now. Once you get your hands on this limited edition (limited to however many of you plunk down a cool, crisp Ulysses) Walz embroidered cycling cap, you will most likely just throw all of your other ones away. To sweeten the deal, I'll throw in a video clip of me eating breakfast.
    PLUS the high five PLUS the spot on the bike ride PLUS the kitten photo.

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    TUNE UP! Never let it be said that we are all party and no worky. Because fixin' bikes is what it's all about! For the low, low price of 3,724 Rupees, you'll get our signature tune up. And since we're mobile, we bring the bike shop to you. We can fix your bike in your driveway, at your work, or even under a tree. It's all up to you! And since I'm headed to you anyhow, I'll stop and pick you up a coffee on the way. Just let me know how you take it. Tune ups will be given out for every $75 contributed, no need to use multiple transactions if you want more than one.
    ** There are some geographical limitations to this one, so if you're not in Portland, check first!
    And dont forget the high five, bike ride, kitten picture, cycling cap and breakfast video.

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