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The Tide (inspired by LIMBO)'s video poster

Washed ashore on a mysterious island, a girl discovers the secret of its dangerous inhabitants. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 26, 2011.

Washed ashore on a mysterious island, a girl discovers the secret of its dangerous inhabitants.

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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Adam Bucceri created this animatic, a moving storyboard, of the first half of the film. Thank you to Sabate for use of the music. While we probably wont use it in the final film, its nice to have something to go along with these rough little previews. Enjoy.

November 13th 2011

At 1:24pm pct, the donation was made that brought us up to 100% funded! Thanks so much to all our backers, and still 12 days remain in the campaign. As you can see it’s possible to exceed that goal and make the film even better.

Any additional money raised will go towards the production i.e. building sets & object for our actors to interact with. Acting on an empty green screen stage is tough because you have to use your imagination and cheat in many ways using editing techniques. But with additional funding we would be able to build basic sets and props that could be touched and interacted with during filming and will allow the actors to give better performances.

Again thank you all so much for your support.

The Samsquanch Team.

Note: the $25 T-SHIRT support level also includes an in film credit under Special Thanks.


Kickstarter is a platform for getting creative projects off the ground, by turning to the community for financial support. Glance over to the right and you will see different ways to support The Tide (inspired by LIMBO).

Incentives build upon each other so $1 gets you a big thank you and a listing on our website as a supporter and access to behind the scenes features. $5 gets you a sweet sticker and the website listing etc.


We are making a live action short film about a girl who is washed ashore on a strange island where she discovers the secret of its dangerous inhabitants.
The style of the film is heavily inspired by Playdead's LIMBO.


LIMBO is a puzzle-platform game by Danish company Playdead. The game is a 2D side scroller where the player tries to guide a boy through many dangerous traps and puzzles. But the real star of the game is the environment: a minimalistic, black and white, 2D, extremely eerie atmosphere. And that is what we want to bring to our story.


Upon completion it will be posted on Youtube in high definition and for free. We will also post a series of behind the scene videos that show how we created the unique environment and style. These featurettes will first be made available to our supporters, and then a few weeks later available to the general public.


Special Effects: A major part of LIMBO is the atmosphere which can best be achieved through special effects. This is going to be the most time consuming and expensive aspect of the project.
Equipment: Camera and lighting rentals. The project will be almost entirely filmed in front of a green screen. Even lighting is the first and most important part of an effects heavy project like this.
Cast & Crew: The story is simple and requires only one cast member and a few extras. A small crew will operate the camera and lights.


Then no money changes hands. Your credit card will not be charge unless the target goal of $3000 is raised by Friday November 25th. Kickstarted does this to prevent people being forced to try and complete their projects with an insufficient budget.


Q: What was that song used in the video?
A: Prelude No. 21 (Chris Zabriskie) / CC BY 3.0

Q: Will my donation amount be public knowledge?
A: No, only you and the project manager will know the amount.

Q: When and where can I redeem the incentives?
A: If our goal is met, we will begin filming as soon as possible and after completion incentives will be sent out. Stickers should go out sooner, while t-shirts will go out later.

Q: Can I refuse the incentive?
A: Sure, there is a button for that.

Q: Can the target goal be exceed?
A: Yes it can, and that would be truly amazing. Any extra money would still go towards funding the project, it would just allow us to make it even better.

Q: Can I donate more than once?
A: Of course, you can increase your donation at anytime by logging in and clicking the “Manage Your Donation” button. You can enter a new amount and receive the additional incentive.

Q: Can I donate in someone elses name?
A: Indeed, a gift donation makes a really cool gift.

Q: I live outside the US, is that a problem?
A: Not at all, anywhere in this world will do. But you will have to add an extra $5 to your donation for international shipping.

Q: Where can I email you?
A: We can be reached through


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    Thank you so much! We will include your NAME as a supporter on our website, send you secret behind the scenes FEATURETTES regarding the project, and your very own CELLPHONE WALLPAPER!

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    A STICKER! And a sincere thank you on our website and secret behind the scenes featurettes.

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    A CREDIT in the film! Your name will be listed under 'Special Thanks'. Plus a listing on the website, secret featurettes and a sweet sticker.

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    A wicked T-SHIRT! And the sticker, website thank you and secret featurettes.

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    ASSOCIATE PRODUCER CREDIT! Plus everything listed above, like that awesome t-shirt. Don't forget as associate producer you will be listed on IMDB also.

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    Well your silhouette at least. Send us a picture and we will cut out your silhouette and paste it into the film in some gruesome way. You might be trapped in a box, impaled by a spike or hung by a rope. The crazier your situation and body position the better, we are up to the challenge. Plus the t-shirt, sticker, secret featurettes and BIG thank you.

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    Custom, one-of-a-kind OIL PAINTING inspired by the film! A beautiful 36" x 48" painting, signed by the filmmakers, with a custom message if desired.

    Plus, an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit! As well as having your silhouette in the film, the t-shirt, sticker, featurettes, and our ETERNAL GRATITUDE.

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