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A nameless woman.
A monster that nightmares fear. 
In an age of conflict, two lonely souls are trapped in a labyrinth of memories.
A nameless woman. A monster that nightmares fear. In an age of conflict, two lonely souls are trapped in a labyrinth of memories.
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Creatures Samples Part 1


Today we want to talk you about some of the creatures that you are a going to face in Gate of Memories. They are the shadows of the tower, entities born from the memories of the creatures that inhabit Arcane. They are at the same time real and fantasy, part dream and at the same time, able to interact with the world around them.

All the shadows are also highly protective of their “creators”; even if they don’t serve them, they are the beings that allow them to exist, and therefore will try to stop anyone “real” the meet them.

Marionette of Memories

These creatures swarm the tower aimlessly, becoming recurrent fearsome enemies. They are empty armours filled with the energies of Arcane. However, their most dangerous ability is to merge with the memories of the real residents of Arcane, becoming creatures and monstrosities of their past life. That way, they can adopt different combat styles, from masterful skilled knights to great archmages.


The Al-Djinn, or Grand Masters, are the highest-ranking Djinn, surpassed only by the four Lords of the Elements. According to the legends, these immortal spirits dared to alter the course of destiny and were punished for their acts. Because of this boldness, they were eventually bound to the world, to absolute rules that they could never disobey. As a result of their immortality and boundless intelligence, the Al-Djinn are mages of unparalleled power who have mastered the Paths of Creation and Illusion. In game they float away from you trying to cast powerful spells creating monsters and distorting your perception of the surroundings.

Nexus Guardian (Created by Ian P.)

The Nexus Guardians are powerful beings born from them most dual energy sources of the creation. They are angelic beings made half of light and swirling souls, and half of fire and darkness. Their real origin is a mystery, but they act like a supernatural protection system made by the existence to protect the most important places of the world. Gamewise, they are almost an unstoppable force, since they only became vulnerable after spending high amounts of energy, and you must find the appropriate moment to attack them.

Revised Stretch Goals

Due to popular petition, we have revised our Stretch Goals, dividing them to make them easier to archive. This is the new table!

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