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Kulturpark is a collaborative investigation and public opening in an abandoned amusement park in East Berlin
Kulturpark is a collaborative investigation and public opening in an abandoned amusement park in East Berlin
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If patience is a virtue then you are all saints!


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Prizes, Publications, Stories of a Journey.

Dear Backers,

Greetings and regards from the Kulturpark team. We are so so so sorry for being so so so out of touch. The task of accumulating the artists projects and documentation, creating all the prizes, and producing an online publication (and documentary) that shares the unique 3 year story of Kulturpark has taken a bit longer than expected, but please know we are working diligently to make it all come together.

Over the holiday we worked on preparing the prizes to ship, and have finalized a draft of the publication. We want it all to launch everything at once to give a complete picture and a joyous thank you all for your contribution to this work. We expect to be on the verge of launch by the end of January and will keep you all posted.

Thank you for your patience. We are working with great anticipation of an excellent and exciting summation of an incredible journey.

As for the park, we hear its getting along ok too.  Swans are a bit cold in the winter.


Gift Bag coming soon !!!

Dear Kickstarter Backers,

We hope you are having an absolutely delightful summer.

We wanted to send you a little update about Kulturpark.

We are all back in the states and working diligently on the final phases of this summer's Kulturpark experience.

1. Agustina and Anthony are in Miami, printing your prizes at a local screenprinter and culling through thousands of hours of amazing amusement park footage for Kulturpark: The Documentary.

2. Steph and George are Elsewhere in North Carolina, working on Kulturpark: The Publication, which will be an online catalog of works, reflections, and maps of the Kulturpark experience, and Kulturpark: The Board Game, which will be a ridiculously fun way for everyone to play in the abandoned amusement park as the park family, security, artists, city, neighbors, and nature.

Our goal is to have prizes out to you by September, alongside the launch of the online publication.

This was one very beautiful, complex, deep story, and we are very excited to share it with you.

Our very best wishes,
The Kulturpark Team

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This Weekend: Kulturpark (is) Happening.

This Weekend:
Kulturpark (is) Happening.

Join Kulturpark artists and visionaries this weekend in an investigation of Plänterwald and the abandoned Spreepark site. On Saturday and Sunday, June 30th and July 1st, Kulturpark will host a series of artist happenings in and around the former DDR amusement park that explore this space as forbidden zone. For more information see program below.

Park tours and train rides hosted by the park owners reveal these ruins as themselves a work of art, while artist designed happenings around the perimeter will respond to the conceptual and political conditions that mark this park at once an inspiration and immobile landscape.

For this weekend only, an English language tour co-conducted by Kulturpark’s team memebers will take place at 11:00. German tours by park historian Christopher Filade are at 13:00 and 16:00. Tours are 15 euros, train rides around the park (every half hour) are 2 euros.

Kulturpark visionaries will be activating this landscape as a private enclosure through “Projections Upon the Forbidden Zone,” by Stefan Roloff, “Building an Image,” an interactive installation by Hither Yon, perimeter tours by Loukas Bartatilas, and “No Comfort Land,” a private encampment by Process Institute. Heiko Pfreundt will intervene with a “Gazebo Run,” Marcello Pisu & Esra Rotthoff will create a photo series, “Revelations”, around the park, and Stefan Riebel will begin a collective pursuit of patience, “Waiting”, waiting at the park gates around 15:00.

Inspired by the former radio station of the park - the Futuro House. Kulturpark will be hosting Radio Espacio Estacion and the end Radio for a four day online broadcast (June 28th-July 1st) from Klipper, a ship docked near the park entrance.

Kultur-exchange projects extending the research into sites and spaces of amusements include “Come Pat a Bull” at Spree Studios, a neuroscience research ride hosted at Spree Studios across the river. Transportation via Spreeboot boat will transport visitors to the ride beginning at 16:00, Saturday and into Sunday morning. A mobile experimental cinema projection by Daniel Dean and Ben Moren from Minneapolis begins at 22:00.

The Kulturpark project is an ongoing investigation of Plänterwald and its abandoned SpreePark, a former amusement park constructed by the East German DDR and closed to the public since 2001. A think-tank hosted by the Urban Culture Institute, dinners curated by Dinner Exchange Berlin, and workshop exchanges with Berlin born and based visionary artists, architects, planners, and district leaders produced a public dialogue around the park’s past, present, and future. The artists of this weekend’s 2-day happening will contribute works to an online document and publication that stories the landscape, visions, exchanges, and bureaucratic leanings, offering a real and fantastic chronicle of the dangers of amusement.

Visionary, Berlin-based artist participants include: Loukas Bartatilas, Hither Yon, Marcello Pisu, Heiko Pfreundt, Stefan Riebel, Esra Rotthoff, Stefan Roloff, Marcus Owens, and Process Institute, Protostudio, Dinner Exchange Berlin.

Kulturpark organizers include curators George Scheer, Stephanie Sherman, Anthony Spinello, Agustina Woodgate and collaborating producers Dieta Sixt and Christina Lanzl.

Kultur-exchange participants include New World School of the Arts (Miami), Provisions Library (Washington DC), the end (Miami), The University of Minneapolis (Minneapolis), UNCG (Greensboro), and Ben Roush, Juliet Hinely, Ben Boyles, Katie Waddell, Natalia Zuluaga, and a team of neuroscientists, designers and researchers from Princeton, Los Angeles, and NYC.

Visionary supporters include 476 Kickstarter Backers, The ArtMatters Foundation, James Alefantis, The Mikesell Family, and Rene Tettenborn. Thanks to affiliates Betahaus, Kunstrepublik, Spreestudios, the Urban Culture Institute, Forcast Public Art,, Supermarket Creative, Elsewhere, Spinello Projects, Plus Null, Artstars* and ArteTV.

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ARTE TV Documentary on Kulturpark | Metropolis

ARTE TV Documentary on Kulturpark | Metropolis

Starts at 10:25


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