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It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page!
26,457 backers pledged $2,344,134 to help bring this project to life.

All Kickstarter 3Doodlers Have Now Shipped!

Posted by WobbleWorks LLC. (Creator)

Dear Backers

We're very pleased to announce that all Kickstarter 3Doodlers have now shipped! Shipments were completed on Wednesday (one month ahead of schedule) and your pens should be with you very soon! This is an amazing milestone to have reached and we could not have done it without the support and enthusiasm of each and every one of you.

If you haven't received a tracking number and don't have your pen yet please search your inbox or spam folder for emails from "", or any other email; or alternatively contact us at

For those of you already doodling up a storm or getting ready to, please visit our Community Site at where we have a growing library of doodle-ready stencils, videos, and inspiring 3Doodle images from around the world. Within the next few weeks we'll also be adding a Community Forum where you can share tips, tricks, events and other 3Doodler know-how.

Finally we are thrilled to unveil our new 3Doodler video created courtesy of the very talented folks at Glass Ink Media LLC. Max, Andrea and the whole team at Glass Ink did a really incredible job on this - we hope you enjoy it too!

Thank you all so much!

The 3Doodler Team

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    1. maarten on

      Hello 3Doodler, what about contacting the people who provided you part of your 2.3 million $ budget and never received anything (working)?

    2. Cory Butt on

      I've contacted customer support 2 times now. My pen was shipped mid December according to the tracking code they sent. I'm not getting any info. I'm very disappointed and wish I could get a full refund on this product. I'm no longer excited to get this thing.

      Not impressed.

    3. Curt Pintenich on

      I would LOVE to get my pen and supplies that were expected last November!

    4. MemphisArtGuy AKA Charles Morgan on

      Still haven't received the add on plastic package... please refund the money. You folks should work for the US government.

      -Unhappy Backer

    5. Missing avatar

      Chong Kok Wai on

      Hi. I would like to know where is my Ecco Pierce's piece. I still hasn't receive the parcel from her yet.

    6. Missing avatar

      Marcin Konopka on

      Thanks thanks thanks! Received mine three weeks ago (Poland), without custom issue, but was still out of the internet! Now trying to try doodling :)

    7. Michael Rinus on

      My parcel seems to have parked somewhere in the customs since end of January - just contacted customer support - let's see how it works :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Agnes Breekweg on

      The package has arrived yesterday. Please ignore my previous message. Time to start 3doodling!

    9. Missing avatar

      Agnes Breekweg on

      I haven't received any package yet not have you supplied me with a shipping code. From comments below I am not the only one. Can you please respond ASAP?

    10. Missing avatar

      KarlG on

      Haven't received any package yet; december backer. :-(

    11. Missing avatar


      I'm in the same situation as Iván Cavero Belaunde, I receiverd five bags of plastic instead of ten.

    12. Iván Cavero Belaunde on

      Hi there. I was a New Year's Colortastic (ABS) backer and I just received my pen (thank you, can't wait to play with it), but it arrived with only 5 bags of plastic (1 neon, 2 meta, 2 essentials). I thought it was supposed to come with 10 bags, each a different color. Please advise.

    13. Vernon SXe Young on

      I was a January backer and I still haven't received my pen. I need answers and updates ASAP. I bought a product and I want what I paid for!

    14. Missing avatar

      Sherlene zkohlitz on

      Backed back in March 2013. No tracking number, no product, no emails. Based in the US

    15. Rubi Xu on

      so , my 3d pen is over 4 months delay without a notice, would someone please give me an answer or simply just give me refund please

    16. Alan Tseng on

      Received mine today! Now to think of what to make with it.....

      Any recommended beginning project?

    17. suzi long on

      Please let me sell the 3Doodler in my small Mendocino gallery. I'd love to be the Northern California rep for you and I'm working on my first project. I LOVE my 3Doodler and already have three buyers lined up. Please let me know what I need to do to carry a few in stock. Thanks!

    18. Ryan Hall on

      You claim to have shipped my package but never received it! Please make good on your end. I backed you early and told many of my colleagues about your product. I'm still without it having paid you!

    19. Bashar Abdullah on

      @Tanapol thanks. I did use Gmail. That is very frustrating

    20. Missing avatar

      frantz vidal on

      It's really fun to use, but I think that it could have been a bit thinner where it is held. A little more engineering would have been welcomed. I'm sure it will evolve with time though.

    21. Styggron on

      Thank you so much !

    22. PolPPol on

      @Bashar try to use Gmail to sent them an email I try to contract them many time before using other email provider and I never got response and I know later that they never got my message, after they my email I have to wait about 3-7days for them to response

    23. Bashar Abdullah on

      I've emailed support days ago about possible defective pen unit and got no reply. Can someone please respond?

    24. Missing avatar

      Dean Joseph Murphy on

      I have a tracking number but who is delivering my pen to Germany. I need the Shippers tracking website to use the tracking number.

    25. Missing avatar

      Flammablezeus on

      Emanuele, I think they changed the bags a while ago. Before, you would have gotten 10 bags of 10 strands each, now you got 5 bags of 25 strands each. So you got more than the original 10 bags.

      On topic, congratulations guys! I was happy to receive mine close to a week ago as a February backer. It takes some getting used to, but it's incredibly fun. Endless possibilities!

    26. Missing avatar

      Andrew Moore on

      It took 6 weeks for mine to arrive (in Ireland). On the plus side because I didn't order the extra plastic, I didn't get hit for extra customs charges. The two other backers I know did, and got hit with €38 bill for import duty.

    27. Missing avatar

      Emanuele Olivetti on

      I've just received my pen, this Friday (I'm a December backer...), so very long wait but now I am very happy :). The 3doodler is not easy to use at the beginning. The first ABS stick I tried was a disaster and I thought the pen was faulty or similar. But from the 2nd ABS stick on it went much smoother and me and my family are happily learning how to 3doodle. Unexpectedly the pen is pretty noisy but in the end the experience is great. My daughters are *really* really happy.
      I have just one complaint that I already mailed to cs@the3doo...: my perk was the pen + 10 bags of ABS plastic (december color-tastic). I received the pen and only 5 bags. So 5 bags are missing. It's not a big deal at the moment but I hope they will arrive soon.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ryotaro Ishikawa on

      Where is my pen? Why no one responds, I'm a January backer

    29. Sherry Landrum Knowles on

      I received mine on time. I'm a bit intimidated by it. So I've admired but have done nothing yet! I'll let you know when I do. I'm happy for the creators.

    30. Lisa on

      My pen has been stuck for 3 weeks and nobody has responded to my requests for help. Help! I was supposed to do a show and tell to my students but obviously this did not ..and still cannot.. Happen until you guys help me get the thing unstuck ..and yes, I followed the instructions but it is STILL clogged. Also, I need the other type of plastic than the one I got.

    31. Eric Harvey on

      Also with the shipping, when you do get the tracking number, at least for the US, it might not actually update until it's either arrived or close to arriving, it is coming though, just takes a while.

      I am interested in hearing Nial's problem with abs though and what the solution was, I haven't had a problem yet but I noticed that the brown strands would stop working a little sometimes/get a little stuck. I fixed it by putting in a blue or green strand (those two colors were perfectly)

    32. NialP

      @Eduardo - Shipping time seems to vary massivly depending on where in the world you live.
      It seems US, Asia and Aus/NZ are around 10-14 working days, Europe is anywhere between 10 to 28 days (mainly due to customs), Canada seems to vary quite alot and the RotW is anywhere from 10 days to 28 days (in a few cases a little longer where people are in a country with poor postal services.
      On average its about 10-14 (Working) days from the date the tracking data marks the package as Shipped/Posted.

    33. Eduardo Augusto Sousa Soares on

      What about the shipping time?

    34. NialP

      Great work guys! Thats a HUGE achievement and a Kickstarter first I believe, such a big tech project being completed 100% a full month ahead of the original estimated deadlines!

      Loving my Doodler! Its a great bit of kit as a stand alone tool for design as well as a companion to my full 3D printers for adding small bits of detail and colour etc... to printed designs. Its a really great product and now its about to go retail, it will sell really well, im sure!

      The support I have received has been great too, I had issues with my October pen when using ABS when it arrived but after working with the guys who generously gave up time to help me fix the problem, it now works flawlessly! So thanks so much for that! Most companies wouldn't of bothered but you guys went the extra mile, I know you have done the same for many others too.
      I'm sure the rest of the people here who are having issues will get the same support, but since the team is now so busy its going to take some time to get through all the people who have requested it... Hopefully they will now hire some more staff for CS issues.

      Now I just cant wait for the Nozzle sets and the Stand to go on sale to really enhance what the Doodler can do!

      Thanks guys and good luck with the next phase of the launch!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Roeland Kooijman on

      It's nice that all 3doodlers have shipped but I still haven't heard a word about my Ecco Pierce special work which I only payed an additional $130 for.

    36. Collin O'Malley on

      Great video! Very inspiring! I love my 3Doodler, so much fun to play with.

    37. Evan Schwartz on

      Aaaaaaaaaaand, youre selling some on ThinkGeek as well.

    38. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Very nice video!
      It just should have said "The world's first 3D drawing pen" in the end, and it would have been perfect…
      (I'm thinking, even though it might BE a "3D printing pen"; as a marketing slogan, it sounds weird — especially so in the context of the rest of the video. A printer prints, a pen draws.)

    39. Sergey Muravskiy

      Got the e-mail without tracking number. Kinda awkward.

    40. Missing avatar

      Richard Coggle on

      ..and when will I get a reply to my numerous emails on my defective pen that DOES NOT WORK?!
      It's just an expensive paperweight at the moment. Numerous emails to wobbleworks and only a single reply - no update and no reply to any further mails from me - better pray your pen works folks because they don't seem to care once it's out the door...

    41. Missing avatar

      Amanda Harvey on

      Yeah well where is my 3doodler? No tracking number, no product and I'm a november backer. Explain yourselves.