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It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page!
26,457 backers pledged $2,344,134 to help bring this project to life.

New Year, New Update

Posted by WobbleWorks LLC. (Creator)

Dear Backers

We hope your 2014 is off to a great start! 2013 was certainly a crazy year for us. We wanted to keep you up to date on our progress so far.

Where we're at now

  • Approximately 20,500 3Doodlers have been shipped from our facility. 
  • Over 72,000 packets of plastic have accompanied those pens. 
  • That's a total of 1.8m strands, or 18m inches. 
  • End to end that's 12 miles further than the distance between LA and Las Vegas, which leads us to where we currently are! 
  • We'll be at CES in Vegas all of next week, so please come say hi (we're at Booth 32023).

Coming up soon

  • All remaining pens will ship by the end of January. That's right, even February pens!
  • We'll be announcing our first exciting range of accessories very shortly! Stay tuned!


Last but not least, we wanted to share these phenomenal videos from Daichi, one of our October backers.

Zeplin -
House -

Thanks again for all of your support!

The 3Doodler Team


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    1. Erkan Kula on

      Never mind my comment below. The bag issue had been mentioned before and corrected, so no problem there. My bad...

    2. Erkan Kula on

      Recieved mine yesterday even no updates on my tracking. Guess the global tracking doesn't support tracking after getting into destination country. But although I am $99 backer who was going to get 10 bags of plastic, I just recieved 5. Don't know why but I won't bother contacting you guys since you won't answer us either way.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ryotaro Ishikawa on

      Hi can you guys give me the status of my delivery, Do not have any news from you guys.


    4. Erkan Kula on

      I got my tracking details 2 weeks ago and it still says under shipment, left Singapore via overseas at 15. January. Does it really take 2-3 weeks for a ship to reach Europe? Don't understand the fuzz about customs, here in Norway foregin orders over $32 are customed by a VAT. How much depends on value and shipment. I just hope I get mine soon.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jesus De los Santos on

      Well we are at the 29 of january and still no updates for the january delivery. Where is the tracking number for the delivery?

    6. Philipp Nieder on

      I'm confused. Got an e-mail from "CCL Pay" as some other people here to pay for some customs? I'm in germany. Is this some sort of scam? Why the delivery from China? why to pay additional taxes in GBP and not USD? since i did expect something from "wobbleworks" im not happy to pay some "ALN Limited"

    7. Celica G. Di Ronco on

      Sorry, the payment was declined.

      Due to our policy against fraud, we can not accept payment based on billing information you have provided

      I did not put that data, I feel cheated!

    8. Celica G. Di Ronco on

      Sorry, the payment was declined.

      Due to our policy against fraud, we can not accept payment based on billing information you have provided

      I did not put that data, I feel cheated!

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Celica G. Di Ronco on

      You recently made ​​an international order from ebay platform, which has been sent by an approved called 'TrakPak ™' service.
      The reference number / package tracking is:

      Internet Retailer: ALN Limited
      Purchased items: 3D PEN
      Total value: USD 99.90

      To issue the shipment from customs, occurred import costs as detailed below. To proceed to the immediate delivery of your order, we need to pay these fees is made. Payment must be submitted to Customs Clearance Limited, the authorized customs agent TrakPak ™.

      What's this? ebay? I can clarify this and because I have to pay 30 euros to a company that I know of? Customs Clearance Limited

    11. MemphisArtGuy AKA Charles Morgan on

      Still haven't seen a solution to why we are short plastic. was suppose to have x100 and only got three packs = x75. Also leaky tip, is this a design flaw or defective product. Pictures are on Google plus under #3doodler.

    12. Missing avatar

      KarlG on

      I didn't got an email for customs clearance - or my spam filter deleted it. Where can I ask for customs clearance?

      Vanesa: Did your problem solved itself? For how long has the package been stuck?

    13. ilicco elia on

      i have not yet received my pen. please advise.

    14. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      I sent a message via your website at the start of the week but so far there has been no response. I was excited to receive my 3 Doodler but unfortunately it was dead on arrival. I would really like to get a working one.

    15. Missing avatar

      Enric Senabre on

      I star to see how Kickstarter really works in the shadows, from your messages guys and also as another backer still waiting for his 3D pen: no one is answering from the side of the project here, neither from Kickstarter, so after helping with our money a nice idea we're left alone waiting for something that probably will never arrive :(

      In my case it was a present for my son, which I have postponed twice and will probably have to change for something else...

      Never again, at least here, I feel like a complete fool!


    16. Missing avatar

      VIRAL on

      I still have not received my pen. I was scheduled for a january shipment. I wasn't even sent any tracking details. Kindly update me on the same. Also is there an email address that i can write to for an update.

    17. Steve Guns on

      I haven't received a tracking code either...

    18. Ben Isak Green on

      I pledged for a January ship date, but I dont think I've even received an address request. What's up?

    19. Giuseppe.T on

      Just go my doodler  looks very manageable small and light. I may need one extra for the PLA ;) no pauses. Im at work now so ofcourse another reason to be inching to get back home and try it out. January was the ETA for it so very happy. Now for some creations. PS I seem to remember a post regarding veriations in your 'nibs' but cannot find the link. Was i mistaken ?

    20. Arik Afek on

      Hi, I am expecting my pen in February. Thus far I have not even recieved a request for adress. Please advise what are the timetables I should expect.

    21. Steve Byford on

      My pen was never delivered by the courier you used and frankly your customer service to sort it out has been awfull. Six emails and no answers. Last e-mail pre christmas and nothing since. Such a shame as I expected better.

    22. Vadim Zagidullin on

      Hello there. I did not received my tracking code number (not in my inbox nor in spam folder). Could you, please, send it once again?

    23. Missing avatar

      sam coupland on

      @Athena and Moe, this has been mentioned a lot (in updates and comments). The original 10 bags of 10 strands (10 colours and 100 strands total) was changed to 4 bags of 25 (10 colours and 100 strands total) for ease of packing, a bonus pack of 25 strands of metalic, glow in the dark etc was then added as a bonus.

    24. Athena on

      I have the same issue as Moe Petrus and Lady Li Isings. Ten bags of plastic, each a different color, is listed in the $99 backer reward; but, I received only five bags of ABS plastic, two "Essentials" mixed packs, two "Meta" mixed packs, and one "Put On Yo' Shades" mixed pack. Will the five remaining packs be sent later? Will extra colors be sent to compensate for them missing? Thank you.

    25. Missing avatar

      moe petrus on

      I was supposed to receive 10 bags of plastic but only got 5 ! Anyone else have this problem ?

    26. Emma Willis on

      My trakpak status says my pen is "out for delivery" today. Does that mean it should have come, cuz I've received nothing.

      Seems a lot of people are having trouble with not receiving their pens.

    27. MemphisArtGuy AKA Charles Morgan on

      Anyone else not get their full plastic upgrade?

    28. rawspork on

      I need to change the address for shipment of this (February Backer), but have so far been unable to find out how to do this. Could someone please help me change my address? Thanks!

    29. Missing avatar

      Ronald Leiserowitz on

      Chris Humphrey, please post if you make any headway. I had the same problem (see earlier post). The company washed their hands of it because DHL has a receipt saying it was delivered (but not to my address because I was here on the date and the time that it was "delivered". My guess DHL just dropped it at the wrong address. I contacted DHL and they failed to respond. 3 Doodler has not responded anymore to my emails and Kickstarter says its not their problem. I guess I hit the trifecta in the wrong way. I'm out $99USD with nothing to show for it. Unfortunately I'm going to be out of communication with everybody for 3 weeks should there be any movement on this. I believe I have some legal options that I will look in to when I return mid February. Good luck Chris. Let us know if you get anywhere with ANYBODY.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jcat on

      I'm from Spain and the tracking number saya that my package is in lhr customs waiting for payment ,i didnt receive any mail, i think that this is UK customs, why should i pay Uk taxes? Vanesa, me harías el favor de contarme como lo has echo?

    31. Missing avatar

      Vanesa on

      I'm a November 2013 backer and received mine today in Spain.

      It spent a lot of time in customs but I didn'g need pay nothing extra, but it's here now.

    32. Chris Humphrey on

      Hacked off! Courier left the package at the front of my house. Not there when we returned home. This was 10 days ago and I can't get a reply from customer services as to what is going on to solve the problem! I am out of pocket by over £80 after having paid for the pen, the import duty and then the fee they charge to work out how much import duty to charge you! Please can someone help me sort this mess out?

    33. Deidhre Wauchop on

      I'm a January backer and received mine today in Australia. All looks good, but yet to try it out. In regard to customs - no issue here. The package was labelled with the USD value. Thanks!

    34. MemphisArtGuy AKA Charles Morgan on

      I did the upgrade but only received 75 strands. The Nozzle leaks as one side has a gap. The Filament slips requiring me to push on the filament to get it to extrude. Are these normal issues?
      I've left pictures on Google plus under #3doodler.

    35. Donna Crawford on

      I received an email from Customers for an additional payment too. :(

    36. Bob Gallihar on

      I have sent many emails this past week and have heard nothing! I do not have a tracking number nor my pen. Does anyone know who or how to contact someone?

    37. Missing avatar

      Matthias Wilhelm on

      I got an E-Mail from the Customs Clearance Ltd (UK) to pay an extra 35 $ to get the package (3D Pen). My anticipation is gone.

    38. Missing avatar

      Quentin Golay on

      Hi, I was a November backer and finally got mine today ! :)

      However, I also had troubles with the Swiss customs like @Lady Li Isings and @Res..
      My package was stuck until I provided the Kickstarter and Amazon confirmation, and I had to pay an extra 43 CHF (~$47). That included the VAT, but also 13 CHF for examination/assessment of value/...
      So, I just hope you will provide all the required informations and paperwork for the next packages, because that money could be spent differently ;)

    39. Missing avatar

      Ronald Leiserowitz on

      Last night I received an email from Sean Gillespie regarding having not received my package for the December backer. He included a tracking number (that he indicated got lost). The tracking shows delivered at 11:19am on Saturday December 28. As it turns out, I was home that entire day and DHL never rang our buzzer. Our home is behind a locked security gate. Where this package went or was actually delivered is anybody's guess. We never received the package and I have relayed such to Sean. Additionally, there was no signature required as part of the delivery. I will keep you up to date when I hear back from Sean as to what the company is going to do for me to resolve this issue.

    40. Missing avatar

      Dieter Baurecht on

      Hi, I still did not receive my 3Doodler, although I was an very early backer (cant't find the category just now).
      You also did not respond to my requests via Kickstarter.

      How can I contact you?
      Dieter Baurecht

    41. Missing avatar

      Scott Summers on

      I got mine today, delivered to London. I had the cclpay thing arrive in my spam folder at the start of the week but based on comments here I went ahead and paid. A couple of days later it's arrived!

    42. Tim Sorensen on

      Has the survey been sent out for the Jan shipment yet? I need to change my address if it has.

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris Robson on

      I have the same issue as Jel Nik, no product and no emails regarding shipment.

    44. Missing avatar

      jel nik on

      I have checked my tracking code with the shipping company, PARCELFORCE, and it says my parcel number has EXPIRED. However, I still HAVE NOT received my package nor any email related to my package since last one on 9th Dec. 2013. it has been over a month and a new year has begun but I still have not received my 3Doodler. What shall I do in this case?

    45. Stephen Holinaty on

      Confusion: was this thing supposed to ship with a dessicant, since a) its winter and everything gets wet, and b) Filament is water sensitive?

    46. Stephen Holinaty on

      SQUEEE! its at the post office and I get to pick it up tonight!

    47. Missing avatar

      Kavitha Ness on

      I'm also a Dec backer and have not recieved an email or my pen. Emailed CS several times with no response!

    48. ApparentlyMarylee on

      My doodler arrived through the snowstorm on the east coast! ^_^ Too bad it's an anniversary gift and I can't open it for another two weeks. :/

    49. Vyasar Ganesan on


    50. Missing avatar

      Martin Gisch

      cclpay not ccplay, sorry