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It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page!
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Shipping, Cards, and a big Thank You!

Posted by WobbleWorks LLC. (Creator)

Dear Backers

An update from our end as we near the close of 2013!

1. All December shipments have now left our facility and are on their way to you. We hope to have trackers with you soon. 

2. The bulk of November shipments were completed two weeks ago. Trackers have been delayed but they are coming (you may get your 3Doodler first!) 

3. January shipments will start to ship towards the end of next week. We have now locked down all delivery addresses. February shipments will roll straight after that (in early January). 

4. By popular demand we have made 3Doodler Happy Holiday and Happy Birthday cards available here. We know you have loved ones waiting for their pens! 

5. Please email if you have any problems whatsoever!

Thank you all again for your support, patience, and amazing creativity in 2013! We could not have done this without you, and we hope your 2014 is 3Doodle-tastic!

The 3Doodler Team

Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!


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    1. Kim on

      Hi Guys, I have received mine here in Sydney, Australia and having lots of fun doodling away: really impressive product and packaging, well done !

    2. Thilo on

      A lot of people have the same problem - parcel got stuck at London Heathrow. I googled a lot and couldn't find any useful help, except for this phone number +44(0) 208 231 0900.
      I have a question in general to the people who have the same prob. or already solved it: What kind of messages did you get? Did you recive an email by the custom clearance Heathrow with a list of steps what to do? when did you get this mail? how much did you have to pay? how long did it take to recive the parcel after that?

    3. Audrey L. Leidenfrost on

      How can you order ABS refills. I went on your website and tried to order and my security said to give no further information as there was a problem with your site.

    4. Missing avatar

      maialen on

      @Alfons and @sinystar I got the same problem. My packet is held in customs LHR. How have you fixed it? What do i need to do?

    5. Peter Bakker on

      As i did'nt recceive an asnwer last week i give it another try. As i read the December shipments are gone still waiting on my tracker code. Will it come and when???

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel Ehrhard on

      To everyone having a problem paying the fee from these FINE customs people (because of this fraud protetction): Though I was reluctant to make a international call, I called the hotline and was able to pay through the phone (giving them the credit card information). The number is: +44(0) 208 231 0900

    7. Missing avatar

      matt wildsmith on

      I have had a similar email asking for customs clearance at Heathrow Airport. I have paid this fee and await further info on the track Pak website. It is common to pay for items that have been imported from outside the EU. There is a customs declaration form, if you put down the specific item and tick 'goods' or similar box, you will then be charged an import duty. When I have had things sent from Japan, they have ticked gift and it has come through with no customs issues. Hopefully i will get my pen in the next few days.

    8. Missing avatar

      Rainer Reiners on

      Yesterday I got a mail by "Customs Clearance Ltd". (see below in German)
      This mail says that I shortly ago placed a "foreign order" (Auslandsauftrag) on the Ebay-Platform.
      And that this order has been sent by the service "TrakPak™" with the rererence/tracking number "BPI0014HK00001521401".
      The name of the internet-shop is "ALN Limited", they say.
      And that the goods is worth "60.69 GBP". British Pound!
      And that I have to pay EUR 9.60 for "customs declaration" (Zollanmeldung).
      Plus EUR 16.16 for "Import sales tax" (Einfuhrumsatzsteuer), overall 25.76 Euro. Yes, this time it's Euro.
      And that I have to pay until 21st of January, because the goods cannot longer kept safe bonded.
      Further is there a hyperlink to a site called "".
      Folllowing this link brings me to the page: "" where I am asked to pay 25.76 GBP. Yes, this time it's pounds again.

      Both the mail and the webpage is written in no good German.
      And I never got a tracking number by WobbleWorks LLC.
      And, I mean, why should I as a German pay British customs?!?
      And so this seems to be spam.

      BUT: They say that the ordered goods is: 3D PEN
      How do they know...?

      Does anybody has any explanations? What shall I do?

    9. Missing avatar

      Alfons on

      November backer from Spain here! And I have exactly the same problem of @sinystar:

      Parcel History
      Date/Time Activity EventCode
      02/01/2014 08:30 CLEARED CUSTOMS - LHR 433
      12/12/2013 11:14 RECEIVED INTO CUSTOMS - LHR 432
      11/12/2013 15:04 HUB SCAN 204

      Where are our pens? It was intended to be a Christmas gift... maybe for 2014 Xmas!

    10. Missing avatar

      Tomás Eduardo Gaete Fischer on

      January Backer, Chile. I still haven't received my tracking number. I just want to know when will it arrive.

    11. Missing avatar

      robert simmons on

      I see some people don't understand the nature of backing a new company and its product and are complaining that their delivery didn't arrive as soon as hoped, and thus calling you guys liars. Don't take it to heart. I've funded at least a dozen projects, and from what I can tell, they have all tried to do the best they can.

    12. Bashar Abdullah on

      @rose most likely it went to junk mail! contact them directly soon

    13. Missing avatar

      Notger on

      Just curious: I am German backer too and I got a mail to pay some customs fees. Is that correct or is that a scam?

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Moore on

      December backer here. I notice mine did not ship until the 23rd of December and as today it's still in Singapore. This was supposed to be a Christmas present. I am extremely disappointed by this and I feel the 3dDoodler team has lied to me continually. This is the third Kickstart campaign I have funded and all have failed me. I won't be funding a fourth.

    15. KITT on

      Germany November backer here, mine has just arrived. Having quite some fun now!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      sinystar on

      @ Ingo Brockmann:

      I've got the same "problem"!

      Date/Time Activity EventCode
      02/01/2014 08:30 CLEARED CUSTOMS - LHR 433
      12/12/2013 11:14 RECEIVED INTO CUSTOMS - LHR 432
      11/12/2013 15:04 HUB SCAN 204

      Hope they will solve it/respond soon...
      (I'm a November backer and from Germany,too)

    17. rose chang on

      Survey sent ? I have never recieved it. Why ?

    18. Missing avatar

      Caitlin Nahirney on

      @Stephen - any luck on your pen yet? Mine is basically the same, International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada as of December 19th and nothing since. The Quantium website shows no change, and Trakpak doesn't show anything. I see you're in the same city as me though it seems they were not shipped together if yours came into CanadaPost's system on the 16th.

    19. Salman Ahmed on

      @MarkA.Stewart Congratulations mate.

      Can you please tell me exactly how many days after you made the payment to Customs you received your 3Doodler? And when did you receive your Customs email?


    20. Stephen Holinaty on

      @MichelleB: do you have a tracking number yet? if so, you have exactly as much info as 3doodler does. the tracking number tracks your parcel.

    21. Mark A. Stewart on

      Received my december 3Doodler yesterday! I Can't wait to get started trying it out! I have so many ideas!

    22. Peter Bakker on

      As i read the December shipments are gone still waiting on my tracker code. Will it come and when??? Looking forward recceiving my 3D pen.

    23. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      Received my November 3Doodler sometime while I was away for the holidays (Dec 17 - 1/1). It looks like it will be a blast-and-a-half!

    24. Missing avatar

      MichelleB on

      Still waiting to receive my November 3Doodler. Any update on for this?

    25. Salman Ahmed on

      @CatherineTaylor have you received it yet? #LondonBackers have any of you whose ETA was December have received 3Doodler yet?

    26. Giorgio Dalvit on

      Today has arrived my pen! October backer, Italy

    27. Salman Ahmed on

      I wonder if we can get our 3doodler tomorrow! 1st of January. Anticipation is killing me now!!! :)

      UK (London) Backer

    28. Stephen Holinaty on

      >I do not understand why must we pay twice

      @Ivan: Because different countries have different customs and taxation laws. the $10 you paid for shipping is for shipping. not VAT, not customs clearance fees, not brokerage.

      There is no way for 3doodler to know exactly what each country might charge for customs, and having 300 different pledge levels (Siberia! Canada! Qatar!) is silly. so they, like every other retailer, charge a standard shipping fee, and customs, brokerage, VAT, etc are the responsibility of the receiver.

    29. Missing avatar

      Iván De Antonio on

      I have also received that mail. It is from

      It said that It is a packet from ebay.

      I do not understand why must we pay twice. We also paid 10$ in the pledge.

      Is it a scam? is it anyway to do it better?

      What must we do?

      Why must we pay customs now?

    30. Missing avatar

      Catherine Taylor on

      @SalmanAhmed Thanks for your reply. Yes I have the same listed charges. I guess it's all legit then. Didn't want to end up paying twice, or worse!
      @AndyHarker Like you, I've not received any tracking number to compare with this email. I knew there was a possibility of having to pay customs, but don't want to give my card details to a scammer.

    31. Andy Harker on

      Yes I'm also being asked to pay another $30 on top of the $10 I already paid in the pledge. Wasn't sure if this was a scam or not - I have had no tracking update to match with the unsolicited email from the importers/agents/brokers/whoever.

    32. Salman Ahmed on

      @CatherineTaylor I received the similar email yesterday as well. I believe, we in the UK have to pay the custom charges. Mine says:
      VAT: GBP 13.47
      Entry Fee: GBP 8.00
      Total: £21.47

    33. Missing avatar

      Catherine Taylor on

      Any UK backers who have had to pay customs, have you received a request for payment by email from a company called 'Customs Clearance Ltd'?? It says it's been sent by TrakPak, and at the end of the email it says, "Customs Clearance Ltd is the authorised customs clearance agent of TrakPak™ in the UK"

      Is this genuine?? I will pay if it is, but I'd presumed the request would be through Royal Mail... Can anyone help?? Many thanks

    34. Missing avatar

      Thomas Strack on

      November backer. Tracking number still not working. Contacted cs - they do not seem to be capable of helping. Still waiting for response. Thanks for nothing...

    35. Missing avatar

      silvio jemma on

      @ Christopher Oskis
      Exactly same issue. Very disappointed, haven't done anything yet.

    36. Missing avatar

      silvio jemma on

      @ Christopher Oskis
      Exactly same issue. Very disappointed, haven't done anything yet.

    37. Stephen Holinaty on

      @adrian: if you use gmail: check the 'promotions' tab. for the subject Tracking + Top tips from our Chief Doodler!

      I missed it when i tried to find it the first time too.

    38. Stephen Holinaty on

      @Nicolo: they are a slight bit behind. many November backers are just receiving their devices now.

      Give it a short while (less than a month), and it should arrive.

    39. Nicolò Gambarelli on

      I'm shipment in December and the parcel with the pen I have not yet arrived ... Can you tell me why?

    40. Missing avatar

      adrian on

      Hi I am a November backer and I havent got the pen yet.... not even the tracking number. Have you shipped mine?

    41. Missing avatar

      Christopher Oskis on

      My pen has arrived in the UK. Just received an email from a company which says I'm to pay 20% tax and a charge of £8.00 to release my pen??? I'm gutted as this was not a purchase but an investment to get the pen off the ground. This should be a gift to us as we invested in the development of the pen. Anyone else had these charges levied to release their pen???

    42. Sha Ali on

      Mine arrived and within few minutes of, it stopped working. Motor makes horrible sounds, but nothing extrudes. A little pla came out first now the plastic is inside the pen and wont come out in either direction.. Very disappointed. Tried all troubleshooting tips on the FAQ but to no avail. Can you help please.

      Thank you.

    43. Stephen Holinaty on

      @Brandy Gale
      Once again: as repeatedly stated: instead of 10 bags of 10, you received 5 bags of 25. (so instead of 100 you got 125)

    44. Stephen Holinaty on

      is it normal to have absolutely ZERO changes to the tracking info for several weeks?

      November Canadian backer: the info showed up on canadapost for my tracking number as International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada from singapore on the 16th. it is now the 29th, and nothing has changed.

      How long does it take to get from Singapore to Canada Customs? (not through, just point A to point B)?

    45. Stephen Holinaty on

      @Bashar: the price level means %*$( all. look at your pledge under the 'estimated delivery: " section to find out when it should hopefully arrive.

    46. Jane Haezer on

      November backer here. Tracker still say my pen is in Singapore since 18 December and no movement since. Still haven't receive my pen as well. :( <-- Sad face from Canada.

    47. Bashar Abdullah on

      I'm a $99 backer. I think that means I should get mine in January right?

      I'm asking because I only got one shipment on the way, and from awkward seller "Eric's Performance Parts" which seems car parts seller. I just want to make sure it's not the same shipment before I tell them it's not mine. Just to be sure, it's not sending under that name right?

    48. Missing avatar

      Ingo Brockmann on

      got a tracking number but at all it says nothing... Don't no were my pen is... Is nice to have a status on the "lousy" tracking site... but no one can help...
      Date/Time Activity EventCode
      12/12/2013 11:14 RECEIVED INTO CUSTOMS - LHR 432
      11/12/2013 15:04 HUB SCAN 204
      Were, can I get my pen... or were can I pick it up, which company DHL;UPS or however?
      Any explanation for event code 432. What is trackmytrakpak for a website- no information...
      I'm from Germany...

    49. Missing avatar

      Thomas Strack on

      november backer. tracking not working - no news on the shipment. it was meant to be a gift for my girl friend for xmas. :-(