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It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page!
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Shipping Update (December 2nd)

Posted by WobbleWorks LLC. (Creator)

Dear Backers!

Most of the November pens will have shipped by the end of this week, with the final ones going out at the start of the week after. As with previous batches, tracking numbers will take a week or so to process, so you won't see any tracking numbers until around December 10th(ish).

December backers, your pens will start shipping immediately after that, and then we'll roll on to January and February backers, with the aim of getting all pens shipped by January.

If you have any specific questions please email

Stay tuned for more updates.


The 3Doodler Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      elwebman on

      hi 3doodler: I got my racking number but then the package remains in singapore and has not been moving since then( 7 days now )...can you please suggest/advise something on this? needless to say I am looking forward to get the pen..thanks!

    2. Kate de Longpre on

      Hi I am a November backer and I still haven't received a tracking number. Any news on that? I am leaving NYC in a few days to fly home for the home for the holidays and I was really hoping to have it for a Christmas gift.

    3. Missing avatar

      John E. D'Abreo on

      also a backer.. need it for a christmas gift. Need a tracking number.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nick Tymchenko on

      Hi, a November backer here. It's December 17th already, but still no signs of a tracking number. Any news?..

    5. Kristin McCracken on

      I have not heard from you at all about my November shipping status.
      It's a week from Christmas! HELP!

    6. Mitchel van Eijgen on

      Got a shipping number now but its already two days since a update and it still in SINGAPORE

    7. WobbleWorks LLC. 3-time creator on

      @Arvind - have you opened the box? Your 125 strands of plastic should be inside. 5 bags of 25 now, not 10 bags of 10.

    8. Arvind Ramkrishna on

      Hey folks! So excited. Received the 3Doodler yesterday! However, the 10 bags of plastic did not come with it. Is that shipping separately?

    9. KITT on

      Xmas is coming and still waiting for a number!

    10. Missing avatar

      Craig Walters on

      Waiting on tracking info, Nov. backer....

    11. Philip cotton on

      I was due the pen in november and I still have not received it. I have a tracking number and checked the website and it said it was passed through customs at London Heathrow 5th december. I live a 4 hour drive away and it should be here now. No number to call on the website..... what is going on with my pen???? Where is it please!

    12. Missing avatar

      Carl Ritter on

      DHL's tracking website has a little more detail than USPS's at least for my tracking number...
      It claims my pen has been in Grand Prairie, TX (about 30 miles from me) since 7 Dec, waiting for USPS to fetch it. Today is 12 Dec. We did have an ice storm that disrupted road traffic for a few days and USPS was affected. With a little good fortune, I'll have mine by the end of the Winter Festive Season. This year. I hope. It's only 30 miles away.

    13. Mitchel van Eijgen on

      @Anestis same here! @WoobleWorks could you maybe do another update with "4,399 of the 7,000 November backers now have their tracking numbers." so we can see we are not alone

    14. Missing avatar

      Anestis on

      @Sarah you're very lucky. November backer here and I don't even have my tracking details yet...

    15. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      @Scott Barrett, the issue is with DHL. Kentucky is apparently where their hub is. DHL took that long to get their first scan into the USPS system. In my experience, DHL is a dreadful company. They take forever to deliver stuff. They are responsible for getting the packages to the local USPS facilities.

      I've never had a good experience with DHL...packages always seem to take forever when they are involved.

    16. Scott Barrett on

      @CarlRitter - Thanks for your write up. It does make sense what you are saying. It is disappointing that somehow this is not better coordinated or described. I understand this is probably a logistics nightmare, especially for a new company. But I was hoping this would be received to make some Christmas ornaments. As it stands, most likely it won't. Mine, as yours, was received at Hebron on the 4th, however it hasn't moved since. I would think even as intermittent as USPS tracking can be, it would have been scanned somewhere along the line.

      Anyway... still waiting.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sarah Stothard on

      Received my 3Doodler this morning (UK November backer) and can't wait to start using it!

    18. WobbleWorks LLC. 3-time creator on

      4,399 of the 7,000 November backers now have their tracking numbers. The rest will follow towards the end of this week. They take some time to process and feed through to us, hence the delay. If you don't have on yet, it is coming.

    19. Missing avatar

      Carl Ritter on

      I believe I have decoded WW's terminology and thereby un-confused myself WRT delivery of our pens.
      "shipped" means "left the factory's shipping agent (in China I believe) for a customs inspection center near you". It does not mean that your pen it is in the possession of your delivery agent (US Postal Service in the USA).
      "tracking number" means "the tracking number that was assigned by the factory's shipping agent, in concert with your delivery agent". The existence of a tracking number does not mean that your package is the possession of your delivery agent.

      All pens destined for a given country or economic union are shipped together in large shipping containers, not individually, unless their numbers are small, to a pertinent customs facility. This is done to reduce shipping costs.

      For those of us in the USA, I believe that the customs facility is in Hebron, KY, adjacent to CVG, the international airport that serves the Cincinnati and northern KY area.

      Once your package passes customs inspection, it is transferred to your delivery agent. At this point, your delivery agent will provide delivery progress updates in accordance with their policies, using the tracking number.

      Here is a synopsis of events regarding delivery of my pen (I live in USA and I am an October backer)
      WW notified October backers that all pens had been shipped and that we would receive tracking numbers the following week. I made the false assumption that this meant that my pen was in the possession of US Postal Service, because that's what "shipped" means to for example, Amazon and other etailers.
      One week later I received a tracking number.
      For one week, this tracking number was "Not found" on USPS web site. Finally, the number showed my number indicated "Arrived Shipping Partner Facility" in Hebron, KY. I presume this means that it is in the possession of a freight forwarder who will transfer it to US Customs.
      One day later, it "Departed Shipping Partner Facility". I presume it is en route to customs.
      Two days later, (today, as I write this) "Electronic Shipping Info Received". This means that USPS has been advised that there is a mail piece for it to pick up. So it must have cleared customs and is ready for pick up by USPS.
      Probably USPS will take possession of it tomorrow and I should receive it a few days later.

      I believe that many of the "where's my pen dammit?", comments here would be avoided if WW would explain the shipping process with each shipping announcement. They may have done so in a previous update but not everyone would remember.

    20. James Chu on

      My daughter (and me) are exciting to this pen, hopefully to get it soon in January.

    21. Moe McIntyre on

      I'm also one of the October backers that haven't gotten any tracking number, pen, etc.

    22. Missing avatar

      Stanislav Ossovsky on

      An October backer, the USPS tracking number finally got working. US users - relax the pen is coming.

    23. Scott Barrett on

      hhmmm... Whatever process they are using for shipping is incredibly slow. I received the tracking number as many did on November 28th, stating that the product had already shipped. Today, I check it again, and it says that USPS has finally entered the information on December 4th and the product was received in Kentucky on the 6th. Thats an awfully long time. Yes, its the holidays. Yes, this is a big release of product. BUT... this sort of thing happens all the time. I'm surprised that somehow this isn't better coordinated. Anyway. I'm glad to see its finally showing up and it'll be here soon. Keep checking people.

    24. Tet Yoon Lee on

      P.S. I should add having it sent completely by DHL Express Worldwide also helps a great deal :-) Still at any other time of the year (maybe not during November/December), most normal HK Post items will arrive within 1-2 weeks, EMS often in under a week. I suspect one of the reasons they used DHL for us is the small number and close location meant the price compared to these other methods wasn't that different any way, so the isolation/small size is also a factor here.

      Eliot Austin Rosenstock: It's likely already been sent out now an from previous discussion with WW I'm not sure there's anything they can do about it even if it hasn't been sent out at this late stage.

      So I can see two things happening. Either your neigbour (831) will reject it and it will be returned to sender and it will have to be sent out again, you may have to pay for this. (If you provided your phone number when they asked you to update your address via Mailchimp, the shipping company may try to contact you and sort it out but I'm not sure. There is a possibility the shipping company will contact WW before returning, but I don't think this is that likely.)

      Alternatively your neighbour may accept the package. In that case since the package was successfully delivered, you're probably out of luck trying to get WW to help, definitely their shipping agent is not likely to help them since it's been successfully delivered to the address on the package. Unless your neighbour realises there is something wrong and contacts WW. (Technically, depending on local law, if your neighbour does accept the package and refuses to give it to you when you approach them with proof it was intended to you, you may be able to sue them to recover it. But we're getting in to silly territory here.)

      Personally, I would go and visit your neighbour and (831) and ask them if they can accept the package and give it to you. Perhaps offer them a cold beverage of some sort as thanks. If you have a blood feud, I guess you're really out of luck. Either way, I would still contact WW as well.

      Of course I'm presuming 831 is a valid address. If it isn't, then the delivery attempt will fail and it will likely be returned to WW so back to what I said earlier.

    25. Tet Yoon Lee on

      October backers: Sorry for this post.

      I'm a November backer. I thought they never received my address because I updated it late (this what I was told by WW) which meant mine was delayed to December batch. I didn't mind, it was mostly my fault and better than delayed to the end or sent without a valid address and having to pay shipping again or maybe even lost.

      Seems this was wrong as I just received mine here in NZ, sent on December 2nd. Yeah!

      Again sorry to October backers still waiting. Quick shipping from HK/China is one of the few advantages of living in small and geographically isolated but in relative terms, close to HK/China; New Zealand. (Living in Auckland the largest city and main traffic point also helps but realisticly living somewhere else will only delay delivery by 2 or 3 days at most).

    26. Amanda Abbott on

      @Andrew and Eliot: Try emailing the above address, it's probably a lot more helpful than posting here.

      @Mike: From the above update "you won't see any tracking numbers until around December 10th(ish)."

    27. Andrew Fowler on

      I am an October backer and still don't have a TRACKING NUMBER. I seriously hate this. You are making this so difficult, and no update on where my damned pen is that I paid for. It's 2 months late. This is so stupid and I am so mad at this. I have been so patient.

    28. Eliot Austin Rosenstock on

      AHH IM 813 Brown Drive, but I put 831 Brown Drive !!!!!!!

      HELP~!!! November backer here!?

    29. Mike Chai on

      HI, I'm a Nov Backer in HK, and I havn't got any update for my order, pens, tracking number also..

    30. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      You can track the item both through Singapore Post ( and Quantium (

    31. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      My pen was sent from Hong Kong two weeks ago, and just arrived in Singapore of all places. It is going to North America, the exact opposite direction. When flying from Singapore to North American, I will often fly *through* Hong Kong. Quantium is owned by Singapore Post, but this just sucks. It now makes sense why speed is never mentioned in Quantium's mission statement.

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael Richmond on

      I am a October backer and I have not received any tracking information or received a package from WobbleWorks. What is the status of my reward?


    33. Missing avatar

      Carl Ritter on

      Good luck December backers!
      Two weeks ago we October backers were told that they had shipped the last of our pens. 5 days ago I was given a tracking number. That tracking number still shows "NOT FOUND" and I haven't received my pen. This is the US. Our mail system does not take two weeks to deliver a package, especially to a major city.

    34. Jessica Kane on

      I have a tracking number but it doesn't work. I'm an October backer too :(

    35. Jolly Clothing on

      Love the 3D pen! I made a 3D black spider with my 4 year old son, held it up by a thread and he ran off screaming! LOL (captured on video!)

    36. Missing avatar

      kristen maksuta on

      Guess all I can do is shake my fist at USPS :( <October backer

    37. Missing avatar

      Stephen Lane on

      I too have yet to receive a tracking number a friend who ordered the same day as me but after me since it was me who showed her the kickstarter has got her 3Doodler & I haven't MOST annoying !!!!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Steven Sechrest on

      October backer who still has yet to receive any tracking information...

    39. Missing avatar

      Maniac on

      Got my October tracking number but it doesn't work.

    40. Missing avatar

      manuel sousa on

      so then maybe next week we, the november backers, will get another update stating that our pens will be shipping out by the end of "next" week.
      i'm starting to feel like i'll never get mine and i'll be out $75.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jared Sobel on

      To all those second October backers in the U.S.:
      USPS tracking is not like UPS tracking. USPS does not require its employees to scan every single package every time it moves like UPS does. This is why the tracking numbers do not work. If you got a tracking number dated to the 28th or later, that means the package did not actually start moving until today, Monday, because of the Thanksgiving holiday. I (and you) should expect it to come sometime in the next 2-4 days depending on how efficient my (your) local USPS distribution center is. Give it some time. Stay patient.

    42. Missing avatar

      Renee Olin on

      I am an October backer and I never got a pen, tracking number, ect.

    43. Amanda Abbott on

      October backers: I would guess you'll have more luck emailing the address above, since I can't really see them responding to each of you on here with tracking numbers. I have my tracking number!!! It of course isn't showing up on USPS's site, but that's common for USPS.

    44. Missing avatar

      Isaac on

      I think we all been bamboozled October backers I'm in California I still haven't got mine

    45. Missing avatar

      Isaac on

      October backer here also I still haven't received no tracking number or package is there any date when I will receive my pein i been waiting since October

    46. Missing avatar

      David Stein on

      November backer. I'm concerned because I moved in August, but I don't have any way of updating my address, and it looks like I was asked to confirm my shipping address way back in April. My old address is returning packages to sender without notifying me.

      Is there anything at all that I can do about this situation?

    47. Ethan Moose Beard on

      Another October backer, no tracking info, no package...

    48. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      October backer here in the US without tracking or a package in hand. Looks like there is quite a bit of us.

    49. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      same here. October backer, supposed to be in the 2nd batch, no tracking info.

    50. J on

      Likewise, I am an October backer and no tracking no nothing