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It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page!
26,457 backers pledged $2,344,134 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update

Posted by WobbleWorks LLC. (Creator)

Dear Backers!

We have now finished sending out the final October pens. Tracking numbers will follow around the start of next week by email. Please keep in mind it takes time to compile thousands of tracking numbers at a time, but they are on their way (so please be patient). Again, apologies for the delay and things are now in full swing!

November backers, your pens will be heading out starting from the start of next week. At the pace we are now moving at, almost all November pens will be sent by the end of the month. We'll then move immediately on to the December, January and February batches.

Please note that addresses for November pens have been locked down and no changes are possible. We will be sending out an address survey for December, January and February backers shortly. DO NOT send address updates via Kickstarter message.

Finally, we are going to be testing out some new shipping methods to avoid the unfortunate delays experienced by a few of our European backers over the past few weeks.


The 3Doodler Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ellenk on

      Hello- another November backer here with neither a pen or tracking number in sight. Any news?

    2. Missing avatar

      David Hayden on

      No pen or tracking number yet and I'm an October backer.

    3. Dean L on

      I went back and forth with someone in 3Doodler customer service. I finally got a USPS tracking number but nothing shows up for tracking. By the looks of it in these comments many of us are having the same issue. I'm an October backer, only got my tracking number after a few emails to customer service, and nothing shows up when tracking it. I'm a bit concerned at this point that it won't make it for the holidays.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dan Vlamis on

      October backer in Missouri, USA. No doodler and no email with any tracking info. It's now December. Should I be concerned?

    5. Lee Cronin on

      I got my October 2nd batch pen last week. Got the email the day before it arrived. Tracking didn't work when I tried it but pen arrived fine. I'm in the UK. A month late but still fine for Xmas :) haven't opened it as its a gift so hope all is ok

    6. Wong Hung Kwai Leo

      How can I get a tracking number ,i live in hong kong

    7. Missing avatar

      Maureen Frew on

      "almost all November pens will be sent by the end of the month. "
      I'm a November backer, it's now December yet I've not had my tracking number yet...why is this?

    8. Stephen Holinaty on

      Whats the deal with November shipments? you've been quiet every time we've asked about it. Have they shipped? if not, why? whats the deal?

    9. Jeremy Blum on

      I am an October Backer and I have not received a tracking number yet. Should I have received one by now?

    10. Kim Chan on

      I'm November 2013, when the pen will be delivered? And how to check back the shipping address? I got no email for the confirmation of shipping address, as it's long time ago and I've got a new job address, anyone can contact me for it??

    11. Andrew Fowler on

      October backer and STILL no tracking number. This is a fricking joke.

    12. Missing avatar

      German Mosquera on

      It's December already. I'm November backer, and still no 3doodler neither tracking number. Can we get an update of the shipping?. Are we going to have it before Xmass?. Thank you.

    13. Missing avatar

      Owen on

      Hey 3Doodle team, as it is now December can we have an update on where we are Still really hoping to get my November pen to the UK before Christmas as it is a gift. THanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Enrique Ismael Mendoza Robaina on

      I don't have my tracking number yet and I'm October 13. Any idea? Thanks!

    15. Scott Barrett on

      Well... I got a tracking number now, but it isn't found by USPS. Any others have this same problem?

    16. Missing avatar

      Matias Garber on

      October backer here. Got a tracking number 4 days ago, the links takes me to TGX Asia (dunno why, I'm nowhere near Asia, but I'll assume you know what you're doing) and it tells me "No tracking information exists for this consignment."
      Should I just wait?

    17. Missing avatar

      Tom Paridaens on

      @klaas same here. In germany and uk people are already using them. Belgium is in the slow lane apparently...

    18. Missing avatar

      RDO on

      3DDoodler, has the date shifted for November backers? Have yet to receive any acknowledgment.

    19. Lonny Szneiberg on

      Looking forward to get it!

    20. Klaas Chielens on

      october backer; shipment tracking started in hong-kong on nov. 20, last signoff there is nov27, still in hong-kong... is it me or is this a very slow shipping?

    21. Wilfred on

      Hey guys, your choice of Toll Group as a shipping agent is a bloody joke. I know it's not your fault, I just think you should know that their customer service is appalling. They wanted to charge me SGD15 for a re-direct so I opted to stay home on a Saturday morning when their delivery window's from 9am-1pm. It's almost 1 and I've yet to receive the package. I called up their call center twice and was told they'll get back to me. I just called for a third time and they're closed for day. (They close at 1 and it's not even 1pm yet)

    22. Missing avatar

      Stanislav Ossovsky on

      Ok, so I got the tracking number, the USPS one, I just wonder, is it only me that unlucky that when I try to track it the system says "not found", or there are some other instances here of that sort?

    23. Eric Harvey on

      well I got the tracking number finally.. yay... just that the tracking number cannot be found :( so I don't actually know where it is but at least I got the email

      I don't mind too much that I can't view the tracking number but it'd still be nice, guess my 3doodler is on it's way at least

    24. Stephen Holinaty on

      well... its the end of the month. still nothing. any word for the November backers?

    25. Missing avatar

      Tracy Martin on

      Hello 3D Doodle people!
      I have not received an email with a tracking number. How can I find out when my Doodler will arrive?
      Thank you!

    26. Ian Lee on

      1. Got my 2nd 3doodle from yesterday 11/28 sent from HK to Taiwan , nice !

      2. My Extrusion button ❹ (slow ) often cannot release normally after pushing it , and made the 3Doodle pen keeping plastic out from tip . And it needs me click button ❹ more hard few times to make it turn off . Is it just mine a flaw ?

      3. Harder than expect to control the 3doodle , but it's fun by all means !

    27. Andrew Fowler on

      Alright so this shipping update says October backers are supposed to get their tracking information this week some time (As it was posted last week). It is coming to a close of the week, today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday. I'm beginning to worry, considering my package is a month late and I have been receiving literally no information to update me on my package, if it's even coming. Hopefully I get it at the beginning of next month. I understand that this is a startup, and that it can be difficult shipping things out, but don't set a standard and then fail to meet it, it just looks bad. I would have rather been told when I backed it that it would be coming in November, that way I haven't taken a whole month (from October) to get all built up and excited for it, only to be met with the disappointment that my package is continuing to be late and there's little to no communication as to where it is as far as processing stages are concerned.

      I am pretty confident I'm not the only backer that feels this way, it's kind of aggravating to see other October backers getting their pens, and then reading these comments of other October backers that aren't getting them. I'm not an impatient person and I don't mind waiting for the package, I just want an ACCURATE timeframe of when it's going to arrive. I'm tired of hearing "Oh it's comin' next week we promise" and then nothing happens. I just want truthful and accurate information because all this vagueness isn't exactly making me feel confident. So yeah, that's just how I feel, I'm sure the pens are great I just want to get it in my hands and use it.

    28. Dean L on

      Same as many of you, no pen and no tracking number. I emailed them two days ago (November 26th) and was told all October pens shipped and I would get a tracking number in 24hrs. Well, I didn't get the tracking number. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt since due to the Holidays. I hope it gets here before Santa does.

    29. Scott Barrett on

      I understand shipping thousands of products around the world is complex. I'm sure it's trying you all especially at the holidays. I hope the trial go improve things and allow better communications. (October backer, no tracking, no info, no product) happy thanksgiving tho!

    30. Missing avatar

      Stanislav Ossovsky on

      The same story. Neither the pen, nor the number.

    31. Missing avatar

      Adam Jakus on

      Hello. Same comment as Gozer below. I'm an October backer and haven't received any communications regarding the shipment.

    32. Gozer Games on

      Hello. I am an October backer. I have not received my 3Doodler nor received any shipping confirmation or tracking number. When should I expect to receive it?

    33. WobbleWorks LLC. 3-time creator on

      Dear October backers,
      For those of you getting error messages on your tracking information: try this url - this applies if you have a "B-post" tracking number and your 3Doodler is going to the UK, Spain or Germany. If you've got one you'll know it from the tracking number.
      Sorry about the mix up!

    34. Dan Chall on

      November backer. I haven't heard anything yet. Not concerned at the moment.

    35. Stephen Holinaty on

      >November backers, your pens will be heading out starting from the start of next week. At the pace we are now moving at, almost all November pens will be sent by the end of the month.

      Any word on this? has ANY november backer heard anything yet? the month's almost up and havent heard anything,

    36. Andrew Markov on

      Tracking number (2nd OCT batch) received. Quantium Shipment Tracker gives "System Warning" but otherwise working as intended.

    37. Janardan Nathan on


    38. Stuart Boutell on

      I'm an am getting a tiny bit worried now - received "update shipping" mail on 9th Oct (with stated shipping by 21st Oct) - and am still waiting - no tracking emails, no 3doodler either;

      Should I have received by now (26th Nov)?

    39. Huan on

      Hello! I'm a January backer, and just received the email to update my shipping address. I was wondering when those might be shipped? I'm a college student and will be going home for winter break from mid-December to the beginning of January, and will have a different shipping address during that time. Thank you!

    40. Missing avatar

      sam coupland on

      @mark. One of the previous updates explained this. For simplicity of packing 10 bags of 10 strands, became four packets of 25 (in two different sets of five colours) to give the same total of 100 stands and ten colours. There was then a bonus pack of 25 strands as a reward for the high level of funding.

    41. Mark smith on

      Hi i am a oct $99 backer and I was suppose to get 10 bags of dif colour abs plastic. But got 5 of assorted instead. Please adivise?

    42. Wilfred on

      October backer in Singapore. No tracking number thus far but I've been seeing my friends who are backers post up pictures of their creations already.

    43. Ziv Kitaro on

      October backer. No tracking number yet.

    44. Stephen Holinaty on

      any word on when November backers might ship?

    45. Scott Kirby on

      Didn't get a tracking number....... but do have the Pen!! Arrived in Malaysia today!! Many thanks.
      Had a quick test, everything seems ok except the extruded plastic just seems to want to wrap itself around the nozzle flowing up towards my finger at the moment. Gonna need some practise with this methinks!

    46. Andrew Markov on

      //Tracking numbers will follow around the start of next week by email

      Do they also being processed on a FCFS basis? When the last of tracking numbers for 2nd OCT will be sent out?

    47. Zane Lee on

      Thanks guys, Daniel's got me sorted out. It's the power adapter that's dead, so will be getting a new power adapter sent to me.

    48. WobbleWorks LLC. 3-time creator on

      @John. Your Hall Of Fame questionnaire responses were as follows:

      "Would you like to be in the Hall of Fame?
      > No"

      "If Yes, under what name?
      > not a famer".

      So we complied.

    49. WobbleWorks LLC. 3-time creator on

      @Zane. We'll get you sorted ASAP. Have you pushed the ABS switch to the very end?

    50. Zane Lee on

      October backer here, didn't get any email or tracking number but the package arrived last evening. Plugged it in and followed the instruction manual to turn it on to ABS, and no LED lighted up. I might be one of the most unlucky backer with a Dead-on-Arrival pen. Damn it. Emailed customer support, hope they get back to me soon.