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It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page!
26,457 backers pledged $2,344,134 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Your project is what Pebble should have been! Excellent execution, except maybe for the lack of commenting. Overal one of the best I pledged on.

    2. MJP on

      Everyone asking about shipping status updates - check the last two updates (#27, #26) as all the information you need is on those. If you don't know what month you backed for, look at the right side, find where your pledge is, and read the "Estimated Delivery" to find out.

    3. Missing avatar

      Calvin Lau on

      Well, I guess I won't be sleeping when I get my pen..

    4. Skippy Nelson on

      Just got my tracking info (in first 2k of oct) and mine is in Kentucky......So I should receive it by Monday if I am lucky. Preparing a workspace and will be taking the phone of the hook....

    5. John Iovine on

      When will my pen be shipping?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jared Sobel on

      People read the comments below first before posting. Your pen will be shipping to you by the END of the month that you backed in. For example, I am an October backer, my pen may or may not have shipped yet, but I know it will be sent out by October 31st. Luckily, WobbleWorks is on-time/ahead of schedule and is shipping them out in installments throughout the month rather than just at the end. Please stop asking when it will be shipping or arriving; if you actually cared this much, you may have looked at previous updates where WobbleWorks stated the shipping times rather now where you just are jealous of those who backed before you and thus received their pens before you.

    7. Missing avatar

      Anthony Slusser on

      I cannot wait to use this for my architecture work =D

    8. Missing avatar

      patty Chow Dewey on

      When will the pens be shipping? We have not received any info as of yet. Thanks!

    9. WobbleWorks LLC. 3-time creator on

      @Henrique - if you haven't got a tracking number yet we'll get you one in the coming days. It should not take more than a week or two from shipping.

    10. Henrique Alexandre Espindola on

      My delivery was estimated for October and I haven't received it yet... Any prediction when it should arrive? Thanks

    11. WobbleWorks LLC. 3-time creator on

      @svalrani - it should be on almost all the confirmation emails you get from KS regarding your backing. I have you down as a February backer. i.e. February shipment at the latest.

    12. svalrani on

      I am not sure when I backed and when I am getting my shipment. How do I find out?

    13. WobbleWorks LLC. 3-time creator on

      @Stephen, @Janna - we outlined shipping estimates in our last update. Hope that helps. I just checked and your are both November backers. We'll be in touch soon.

    14. Janna S Levitt on

      I have not received my 3Doodler and it appears that they are out. Can someone contact me?

    15. Stephen Holinaty on

      No mention of shipping status, the thing that I assume most people wanted to know more about??