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It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page!
26,457 backers pledged $2,344,134 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Stephen Holinaty on

      Amanda - cleared up in the last update, but I know they were also doing October. i was curious due to the claim that they will ship in early to mid November, and it wont be until the final week of november.

      still though, late Nov. is still nov., so cant really complain. was just curious.

    2. Amanda Abbott on

      @Megen - On the right side of this page, there should be a green box that says which thing you backed (it looks like you have found it). There's a link that says "Your response" - That's where you would have filled it out.

      Alternatively, just shoot an email to - send them your name, address, and phone number (do it from the email address linked with your kickstarter, or include the email address too).

    3. Missing avatar

      Megen Leigh on

      Ok so I'm super new to kickstarter and have never backed anything before this project. I'm seriously confused as to what, if anything, I need to do to ensure that I receive my pen. I'm in the November group, and don't see a survey link or anything to give my shipping info to. Did I mis it? How does this work.

    4. Amanda Abbott on

      @Stephen/Benjamin - On the regular comments wall, they've said that they are currently shipping October, and that November would follow shortly afterwards.

    5. Stephen Holinaty on

      >November pens are scheduled to ship within the first half of November

      Annnnnd? its the 19th. have they shipped?

    6. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lovell on

      I have received no information about my November release order when will I find something out?

    7. Amanda Abbott on

      @Vaughn - No, but it sounds like they are on track to ship by the end of the month, despite the October delay.

    8. Missing avatar

      Vaughn on

      Have the November pens shipped out yet

    9. Amanda Abbott on

      @Eric - Check the comments wall :D There have been a few updates there, and a most excellent one this morning.

    10. Eric Harvey on

      we had one update saying october backers should get theirs shipped a week after originally plan and now it is mid november and still no word on it? could we get an estimate on where this whole process is at? I really wanted to try using it for a project in class this quarter

    11. Missing avatar

      James Riordon on

      Are the December color-tastic orders on schedule, or are they expected to ship a bit late as well? What with XMas coming up and all.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nicklas Wandel on

      @Joseph: The tracking ID is very helpful in that it tells me the package was sent from Singapore on October 24 and is on its way to the UK, and absolutely nothing else.

    13. Amanda Abbott on

      @Bruce - Sometime this week. There's been delays and whatnot, but they should be shipping soon, and then presumably we get tracking numbers a bit after they ship.

    14. D Bruce Stevens on

      How’s it coming for shipping the rest of the October orders? It’s mid-November and I was one of the second wave October backers, but no tracking number yet.

    15. Amanda Abbott on

      @Austin: The comments wall.

    16. Missing avatar

      Austin J. Austin on

      @Amanda A, thanks for letting me know where that update was, yay, I appreciate it. May I ask how you learned that the late-October backer bunch might be shipping this week? Thank you again!

    17. Joseph Serrano on

      @Nicklas - since you got your tracking ID...why not use that to see when you will get it?

    18. Missing avatar

      Nicklas Wandel on

      I got my tracking ID on Oct 25th, apparently my 3Doodler was sent out on the 24th, but I still haven't gotten it (I'm in the UK). Any idea on how long the delivery times will be?

    19. Amanda Abbott on

      @Henry/Scott/Daphne - October backers that haven't already been shipped should be shipping sometime this week, followed soon after by November backers.

    20. Daphne Browne on

      I would like an update on shipping.

    21. Scott Barrett on

      Any updates for October backers? I understand delays, as I work in manufacturing as well, but a status update would be nice.

    22. Henry Moon on

      I was one of the early supporters. Haven't heard when I might expect my 3d..
      Would like an update on when I might receive the 3D?

    23. Joseph Serrano on

      November was said to be in the middle of the month. Unless the November people get pushed back...i believe they will get them around the same time

    24. Amanda Abbott on

      @Marketmama, they say they are still on track to deliver on time.

      @Austin, I am also a late October backer. The update was in our kick starter messages, and they said there was a processing delay. It sounds like they are working hard to fix it, and so haven't had time for an update. I think they still plan on shipping ours before the November backers, though it may be a much smaller gap now.

    25. Missing avatar

      Austin J. Austin on

      I can't find the update about the October 28th batch snafu, so I'm posting here. I was/am one of the Earlybird #2/October 28th shipping date folks. What's happening with our 3Doodlers? Are you going to lump us in with the later/November folks? Looking forward to an update, or a tracking number. :)

    26. Missing avatar

      marketmama on

      Hello I am a December backer from India. Any idea when I will get my doodler? Cant wait any longer! :)

    27. Joseph Serrano on

      wake me when the mailman delivers my pen

    28. Anthony Norris on

      Can't wait to get started.

    29. Missing avatar

      Harald Schroeder on

      Yes... please help not to spend too much money for nothing while sending them to us...:))
      "hup"country sounds good!!
      Thanks Vagelis

    30. Vagelis Fragkos on

      What will be the method of shipping in Europe?Are you sending it by USPS or by UPS?
      Please try to ship all the European 3Doodlers in a European "hub" country and then ship them internally in the Europe Union.By doing that you will have no complaints from us for paying about €50-60 more or less for a product that is $85.I paid for OUYA €70 (UPS+customs)and the most of them (abt €50) to UPS for doing nothing.The same logistics operation with central hub was done for the Kickstarter project:UDOO and I didn't pay anything to UPS cause it was shipped from within EU.I am pretty sure that Australian backers would want that "hub" thing too.

    31. Emily Cakes on

      Looking forward to getting mine!

    32. Missing avatar

      Jason Powell on

      Sorry to hear about the processing delays, I had really hoped to get 3Doodling soon but I can wait a bit. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    33. Andrew Markov on

      S Mohammed A Shah, no.

      "For the remaining 3,000 October backers (who have not been sent tracking numbers yet), we had intended to send your pens this Monday, but we have had some unforeseen processing delays and are now targeting next week for sending. We are very sorry for this delay and will have your 3Doodler with you as soon as possible.

      The 3Doodler Team"

    34. S Mohammed A Shah on

      Are all of the october backer pens shipped? I haven't received any info on it yet. in the uk.

    35. carter627 on

      Got mine today in St. Paul. Works great! Had a ton of fun playing around last night. Can't wait to put it through the paces later this week.

    36. Missing avatar

      Laura Siegel on

      Mine arrived today in NYC, so excited! Thanks guys! (October group 1)

    37. Joseph Serrano on

      @Skippy awesome! well good for you man. Looks like I will not be getting mine before I leave on a little vacation. oh well fun starts when I get back! thx for the reply.

    38. Skippy Nelson on

      @Joseph Serrano - I am in group 1. Just got it from my mail box and opened the package I held the pen in my hand and am amazed at how light it is. Sadly though I will not be able to try it until later today

    39. Joseph Serrano on

      @skippy - are you in group 1 or 2?

    40. Skippy Nelson on

      Lucky me .........Your item arrived at the Post Office at 5:54 am on October 28, 2013 in SAINT PAUL, MN . The Postal Service expects to deliver the item on Monday, October 28, 2013....

    41. Stephen Holinaty on

      I am excited and happy

      in hopes of providing insight in to why people are asking about when theirs is shipping, 'look at the sidebar' is not a valid answer. the pledge levels list estimated *Delivery*, not shipping. so many people assume that October backers should receive theirs by october 31.

      I know that you have been very obvious in posting that they will likely ship by the end of the month, but hopefully you can see why people are assuming 'estimated delivery Nov' would ship in early Nov.

    42. Colin Ewen on

      Nicely done on the update of the site, I should it to a guy at work and he pre-ordered one for his kids :-D
      Also I'm an Oct backer and I have my tracking number so it's on its way. Thanks guys.

    43. Missing avatar

      sam coupland on

      @vignesh I'd suggest checking your spam folder, at least a few have ended up in there

      @nikita It wouldn't surprise me, somewhere in the small print it does say that the recipient is liable for customs fees, in the UK that will be in the region of £20-25 ($33-40) I think.

    44. Nikita Dudnik on

      Hi guys!

      My 3doodler is shipping to Hua Hin, Thailand.

      I was called by some stuff from the delivering company and was told that I had to pay 513 THB more (approximately 16$).

      Is it normal?

    45. Missing avatar

      vignesh on

      Guys, I am an October backer and I don't even remember being asked for my address. Have you guys shipped my 3Doodler? Haven't received any transit details too...

    46. Karl Lee Soule on

      Hi Guys,

      I just wanted to say thanks! The way this Kickstart was run should be a model for anyone to consider in the future for product launches. Despite getting a TON more money than you asked for, you kept your fulfillment within reach, and are delivering on your promises. Very impressed, and can't wait to get my 3Doodler in the November shipment.

    47. Joseph Serrano on

      when will i get my pen? jkjk :P

      Wow that ferris wheel stencil is tricky...cannot wait to start building my castle

    48. WobbleWorks LLC. 3-time creator on

      @Marie-Andree Poisson, thank you!
      @MJP, John, Jared - thanks for providing pointers to everyone.

      Have a good weekend all!

    49. Missing avatar

      John C on

      Also worth pointing out for anybody who hasn't spotted it, if you look about three inches to the right, there's the column of pledge tiers. If you're waiting for something to be shipped, one of them says "You selected," which is what you chose when you pledged. At the bottom of that box, there's an "Estimated delivery" date (the most likely answer to "when are you shipping," until/unless we get an update saying it's late) and your response to the survey so you can double-check your address.