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It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page!
26,457 backers pledged $2,344,134 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Daniel Martin on

      Ah, just saw the message you sent out about delays (I don't have a tracking number) so assume that's it. I'll keep coming back for updates.

    2. Daniel Martin on

      I was wondering if I should be worried. My edge stated an expected October delivery but my shipping status seems to say N/A. Am I just waiting through the extra time added by the transatlantic shipping or has there been a delay? I am very keen/excited to get making.

      Thanks in advance.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason Powell on

      Any word on the October processing delay?

    4. NialP

      @Andrew - Somehow I doupt a 1 week delay will mean waiting 3 months till "January at best" for it to be delivered.

      If there are delays then there is nothing they can do about it, you cant tell them "Do not delay these any-more" as its likely a fulfilment issue or backlog of shipping. If they don't have all 3000 yet then they cant ship what they dont have and if there is a slowdown caused by shipping problems then its out of their control.
      Please dont be so over dramatic!

    5. Andrew Markov on

      @Lee Cronin, I really do hope so. Well, was hoping, anyway.

      "For the remaining 3,000 October backers (who have not been sent tracking numbers yet), we had intended to send your pens this Monday, but we have had some unforeseen processing delays and are now targeting next week for sending. We are very sorry for this delay and will have your 3Doodler with you as soon as possible.

      The 3Doodler Team"

      Dear WW, please, do not delay these anymore, any delay would cause a backers with a sluggish post-import service to receive their package by January at best.

    6. Lee Cronin on

      I'm an October backer. Haven't heard anything yet. Hopefully wont be too late as its an Xmas present :-)

    7. NialP

      As Amanda has said, based on updates and comments from WobbleWorks and backers who have received theirs and where they live it looks like this :

      Asia : Pens from the first 2000 Pens are arriving via DHL as we speak (as they are closest to the factory and being shipped by courier (DHL).

      AUS/NZ : These also seem to be starting to surface as again it is via DHL and 2nd Closest (Shipping Routes Wise) to the Origin.

      USA : Some have arrived I believe. These are being shipped using DHL Global Express so the first half of the journey is done via DHL then when they hit the US they get added to the regular USPS postal system. (If they are coming in from Asia then they will most likely come into the US via L.A. (main import/export hub for Pacific shipping) but could arrive else where as they travel mostly by passenger jet (Shipping companies buy or have contracts for X amount of weight on different airlines & flights) and could easily arrive East Coast in some cases (where you live often has nothing to do with which US airport it lands at).

      Europe and Canada : Pens have left Asia and are en-route. Info on customs and EU/CAN entry points are sketchy but they look like they will be here in the next 7 days (providing there is no customs drama!). Delivery will be by your countries internal mail system.

      Rest of World : I would guess (as I haven't seen any info on arrivals or tracking yet) that Pens are inbound in the same way as Europe and will be with you soon. This of course depends partly on your countries postal service as they are who will deliver them to you on the last leg.

      As far as I know the 2nd Batch which consists of the last 3000 October backers is due for dispatch any day and im sure WW will put an anouncment up when they dispatch.

      It is a mammoth task as WW are only a small company and even working with a shipping partner, it is still a massive amount of work. Likely the most work for them of the entire project!

    8. Glen Saville on

      Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these babies :)

    9. Amanda Abbott on

      @Pat - The option to add any add-ins to ship with your 3-doodler has closed. If you are an October backer, you should have received an email recently outlining when your pen will (or did) ship. It depends on a few factors, most related to your country that it is shipping to, but also which batch you are in. Based on when the first batch shipped, I would venture to guess that most (90%) of those will be received by October 31st. The second batch will depend on the quality of the postal service used in your country. I would imagine that some of them will make it by October 31st, but only about half.

      I would recommend (if the pen does not get to you in time) that a printout of the hall of fame photo in a card that explains what she is getting, and that because you got it on kickstarter, you are getting one of the first 5,000(ish) pens, and that the delay is unfortunate and out of your control. I'm not sure how old your daughter is, but for 12+ that should be sufficient; younger than that, you may want to get a small gift in addition.

    10. Missing avatar

      Pat Hadnagy on

      I was lead to believe and hoped to be receiving mine this month. I bought it for my daughter's birthday and now I have no clue when to expect it. I recognize managing fulfillment is a challenge but I've hesitated buying the add-ins out if fear of delaying delivery even more. Please advise.

    11. Lai Zit Seng on

      I just received my tracking number... it came on the DHL delivery package. YES! I got my 3Doodler! Thank you WobbleWorks. Excitedly tearing apart the box to doodle something now! :)

    12. Amanda Abbott on

      My responses are all based off of what has been publicly posted. I used to cite all of my answers from things that they have said, but no one seemed to care about citations, so I stopped doing that. Sometimes my answers are directed at certain people, and edited for their sake (the USA shipping comment earlier for example), rather than going in lots of detail. Other times answers are pulled from previous comments, their website, old updates, etc. Being that I'm not any more privy to answers than others on here, if they change their plans, my information will be out-of-date. I just really like this project, and am basically glued to this page whenever I can be, so I sometimes have answers for people (especially for common questions).

    13. Missing avatar

      Joseph Serrano on

      Does Amanda work with or close to the 3doodler people or are some of your answers guesses? Some people have messaged them directly and have gotten nothing back because of how busy they are. I just want to make sure that what you say is not misleading.

      Just have no idea where you are getting your info from

    14. Amanda Abbott on

      @Matthew - They have shipped the first 2000 October units, and are working on getting tracking numbers out to folks. However, it's a lot of work sorting all of the tracking numbers and getting them matched up with the appropriate backer, so you may receive your pen before you get a tracking number. I wish you the best of luck on receiving your pen before Saturday!

    15. Matthew kent on

      Is there anyway I can check when this is going to be delivered. My family moved my nieces birthday party up on me to Saturday. I thought I still had another 3 weeks

    16. Mike Morrison on

      @stephen. I dont mind customs fees. But these are different. More like a handling charge! Untill I see the detailed breakdown saying anything more at this time is conjecture

    17. Mike Morrison on

      I waz in the 2500 oct 13 batch. I have prepaid the fees & await delivery. Expected tomorrow. But due to a family funeral & travel I cannot confirm details for a few days. The team behind the scenes have asked to see these too as they were surprised.

    18. Stephen Holinaty on

      @Nial: It sucks yes, but 95% of the kickstarter projects I've backed have been hit with customs fees. Such is life.

    19. NialP

      @WobbleWorks - can you please confirm how our rewards are being shipped. You did say that you were going to keep us "heavily updated" this month about all these kinds of things but you haven't so far and we are all still flying blind.
      Please answer some of these questions so that we know what to expect,

    20. NialP

      @Mike - Are you a 1st 100 or 1st 2000 backer?

      I really hope they haven't shipped from the US as its going to add a fortune to the cost..

      The 1st 100 backers had theirs sent via good courier services and had localised distribution, its not really fair if those of us that have already paid more for the units end up having to pay a further $40 each for VAT and Handling charges.

    21. Missing avatar

      Joseph Serrano on

      @Amanda - they are not shipping from the US...but Mike's got shipped from the US?

    22. Mike Morrison on

      Shipped from US
      No tracking number yet, but a letter from Parcelforce requiring £25.22 ($40) for customs handling! so much for local distribution
      That is almost 40% when extra was paid for shipping - not the most effective shipping method, and I have to wait another 2 days for delivery

    23. Amanda Abbott on

      @Joseph - They are shipping from the US. There is at least a small chance you could get it by the 30th. It's not great, but there is a chance.

    24. Missing avatar

      Joseph Serrano on

      did not even notice the email till now. I am part of the 2nd group. Wishful thinking that I get it by the 30th so I can take it out of town with me. If not...then oh well. I live in Cali.

      Amazing that this is moving so fast

    25. NialP

      @Ben - You would of been sent an email in the last 3 weeks from WobbleWorks to confirm your Address and add a Phone Number (some couriers require phone numbers for deliverys), it would of had one of two dispatch dates on it in October.
      If you are not an October backer then you wont have had any email yet.

      @Sam and Calvin - I dont think anyone has been sent their tracking numbers yet.
      The first 2000 doodlers were dispatched on Friday (18th October).
      Judging by responses by first 100 backers, it takes a few days for the Bulk Shipments to reach their destination Europe/USA/Asia etc.. and then get split into the individual shipments which (if they are sticking to the same plan) will be carried by various companies and post offices to get to backers.
      I think it is when the Bulk shipments have been split up and forwarded to the correct carrier that tracking numbers will get emailed out either by WobbleWorks or the Carrier directly.

      I have emailed the guys to try and find out how it is supposed to work but no reply yet (they are pretty darn busy I imagine).

      The main thing is that the first 2000 are moving and the next 3000 will follow in a week or so.

    26. Ben Isak Green on

      Silly question, but how do I know what batch of shipments I'm in? I don't remember if I filled out the survey.

    27. Missing avatar

      sam coupland on

      @calvin they're not being dispatched until tomorrow if you're in the first batch, until the monday after if you're in the second. If you're outside the USA it may take a couple of days after that to get a tracking number, my tracking number didn't arrive until it had already arrived in the UK

    28. Missing avatar

      Calvin Lau on

      Hmm, I was asked to check my address, but I didn't get a tracking numbering sent to me.. :( I guess I'll just have to wait.

    29. Dynamic Adventures Inc. on

      Amazing!!! Can't wait and before Christmas too!

    30. NialP

      @Roger - If you haven't received an email to confirm your address and add your phone number that also lists your dispatch date then its not ikely to be in the first 5000.
      The reward you have pledged on in the Sellers on Etsy special tier which also contains a one off 3D creation by an seller/artist. Its not a standard reward.
      I'm guessing these will be slightly behind the first 5000 and shipped as each of the the 85 3D Creations arrive with them and then packed (im guessing packing will be very different to protect the 3D model) and shipped.

      Once your reward is ready you get sent the email and that has your dispatch by date on it. They mentioned there was an update coming briefly in update #26

    31. Roger W Turner on

      I hope that adds up to 5085 rather than 5000 as I'm one of the 85 :-) [That's 2500 3DOODLERS, 2500 COLOR-TASTIC and 85 COLOR-TASTIC PLUS ...]

    32. Missing avatar

      sam coupland on

      @Nial mine arrived in the UK via DPD, but it took a few days for the tracking number to arrive (it wasn't trackable until it had arrived in Europe).

    33. Laird Popkin

      Kris, I use 3mm filament in the 3Doodler. It works great with two minor caveats: you need to cut it into 'sticks' because pulling from a spool is unwieldy. And you need to straighten the filament, by bending it the reverse direction briefly, because it comes off the spool curled, and it has to feed straight through the 3Doodler.

    34. Missing avatar


      Myles Shannon-Thank You for your answer.

    35. Myles Shannon on

      Mine is coming from "TRENTON, NJ"

    36. Missing avatar


      Does anyone know if, (for US orders)
      these are being shipped from the East coast.

    37. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      @WobbleWorks I would like to know if the plastic prices include international shipping

    38. NialP

      I think this is top 5 for backer numbers and in top 10 for money raised.

      Was hoping for some news about how units will be shipped but I guess will find out tomorrow if/when they send us our tracking numbers. Looks like they are using localized distribution so no customs hold ups or charges (except maybe Germany where EU customs are the worst, at least judging by the problems Pebble and other tech projects have had there).

      Super excited to get my hands on my 3Doodler and in time for Halloween to make lots of glow in the dark decorations!

    39. Amanda Abbott on

      The Pebble, for one, had 68k backers. The Veronica Mars campaign had 91k. While big, the 3doodler is not the biggest (though it's incredible in many ways).

    40. Matthew Muir on

      At 26,000+ backers, is this the highest backed KS campaign? I can't find one with more backers...

    41. Missing avatar

      Andrew Laffin on

      Attempted to buy plastic and got the following error:

      The webpage at has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.

    42. Amanda Abbott on

      @Rob - It'll depend on which email you got. One email said "update by the 15th, ship by the 21st" - these are shipping tomorrow. One email said "update by the 21st, ship by the 28th" - these are shipping in the next batch.

    43. Missing avatar

      Andrew Laffin on

      @Kris The 3Doodler uses 3mm filament

    44. Kris Struble on

      Hi, I was wondering what the diameter of the filament would be. I use a 3d printer with 3mm filament and I was hoping to use it with my 3Doodler. Will they be compatible?

    45. Yiannis M. Michalopoulos on

      Is gonna be the day
      3Doodler gonna board
      To me!!
      sooner or later all backers will find theirs on time and start create

    46. Rob Gullo on

      Is there any way to know if my pen will be shipping tomorrow or in the next batch?

    47. Missing avatar


      Why all the Flashy stuff?
      The few times I got the site to load, it took ages...