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It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page!
26,457 backers pledged $2,344,134 to help bring this project to life.

3Doodler is shipping!

Posted by WobbleWorks LLC. (Creator)

We're thrilled to announce that we shipped the first 100 3Doodlers today! The team was out in force making sure the pens were packed and that your boxes were loaded with stunning 3Doodler plastic. We've attached a few photos from the packing floor to give you a sense of what's going on and what you can expect in the mail!

To reiterate our earlier update regarding delivery times:

September backers: Your pens are on their way and will be with you soon! You will receive tracking numbers in the next day or so.

October backers: We expect to start shipping October pens from the middle of October through to the end of the month.

November backers onwards: We'll keep you posted as production ramps up, but rest assured we're going to get your pens to you on time, if not earlier!

Note: Please do not send us address updates. We'll be messaging you for these before we ship.

This will be a fairly update heavy week or two, and we'll be posting in the coming days in relation to the following:

1. Our very first Sellers on Etsy Artist creations!

2. The finer details of 3Doodler shipping, the methods we are using and expected delivery times.

3. The launch of our entirely revamped website and the long awaited 3Doodler plastic store!

Although not necessarily in that order...

The 3Doodler Team

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    1. Amanda Abbott on

      @Susan: what month of backer are you? (It should say on the right in a green box) Only September and part of October has been shipped yet.

    2. Missing avatar

      Susan Murtaugh on

      Have NOT received ??? I Am concerned???? ???
      My reply was filled out in April.

      Thank You

    3. Andrew Markov on

      @Farah Mawlawi, perhaps you're just in a second batch. My condolences.

    4. Farah Mawlawi on

      Hi, I put a wrong number on my shipping address and since im an october backer and havent received my package yet, im wondering if that was the reason... ?

    5. Evan Schwartz on

      @Franklin Daniel Talbott
      You were listed on the 3 Doodler Hall of Fame as Franklin Daniel Talbott.

    6. Missing avatar

      Franklin Daniel Talbott on

      I do not see the name I selected for the Hall of Fame on the Hall of Fame.

      Would you like to be in the 3Doodler Hall of Fame?

      If Yes, under what name?
      Zuri Talbott

    7. Stephen Holinaty on

      any chance of an update for those of us who werent in the first shipping slot?

      Whats shipping? anything? nothing? is the factory producing?

    8. Missing avatar

      Vsevolod Rodionov on

      Superb! Guys, btw, will you give us a tracking numbers?

    9. Ian Wellock on

      What happened to the "update heavy" couple of weeks since this update was sent out...?

    10. Amanda Abbott on

      @Khaleb - There are a LOT of clones on the market.

    11. Stephen Holinaty on

      Farah: do you not have a trash box on your email account? Gmail has a deleted / trash can for this very reason.

    12. Farah Mawlawi on

      please try sending me the address update again! i deleted it by mistake. my email is

    13. Glen Saville on

      Wow can't wait :)

    14. Stephen Holinaty on

      any chance of an update for those of us who werent in the first shipping slot?

    15. Missing avatar

      sam coupland on

      ABS does stick to paper, but it peels off very cleanly (sometimes too easily too).

    16. Amanda Abbott on

      @Roger - I'm not sure about the teflon knife, nor am I sure that there would be enough time to shape it after it leaves the pen, as it cools quite quickly. ABS is recommended for use with paper, as it easily peels off. PLA is harder to peel off, and sometimes does stick. In those situations, peeling off as much as you can and then washing the finished product should remove any stuck paper.

    17. Missing avatar

      roger lamm on

      also if you draw on paper does it stick to the paper and you cant remove it?

    18. Missing avatar

      roger lamm on

      Will a teflon knife work for pushing against the softened plastic for support and delicate work or will it stick to it?

    19. Tan Min Kwang on

      U guys just plain rock! Can't wait for the 3Doodler Awesomeness!

    20. Missing avatar

      Craig Lewis & Carrie Newbold on

      Great work guys! I hope you have taken a minute to step back and be pleased with this success!

    21. Vincent D'Amico on

      Cant wait to show you what my fiancee creates with your amazing tool! Once it gets to us. I dont get ours till November.

    22. Amanda Abbott on

      That's so awesome Mike! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for theirs.

    23. Mike Cochrane on

      Three of use down here in New Zealand had ours arrive at work today :-) Of course we had to fire them up straight away in the office.

      They live up to expectations! They're pretty fun to use, learning curve is minimal.

      Construction quality is good. It is possible to get the "slow" button to get stuck in the on position if you push it a weird angle (like one colleague did often - the rest of us didn't), and we had a couple of filament feed issues.

      That said, no complaints from me - it's as expected and on time! That beats most Kickstarter projects.

    24. NialP

      The Egg-Bot has just jumped into my head... Replace the Sharpie Marker Pen with an adapter for the 3Doodler, create a really cool Faberge egg pattern, then carefully break the egg inside (leave an opening at the base) wash all the shell and egg out and bingo! One VERY cool printed Egg that would look like it had come off of a decent 3D Printer!
      MMmm Ideas...

      Egg-Bot if you have never seen it :

    25. NialP

      @Stephen - Agreed, its a nice option to play with, especially for the younger audience or for simply drawing (like a 2D X.Y Plotter but with plastic) but if you want a 3D printer or are going to do something like that then a person would be nuts to use this over a full extruder and hot end ($60) along with a dedicated driver board (I use a pair (3x extruder setup) of Melzi boards and they are about $100 each) with extruder feed and retract on it and infinite speed settings (overlap, ooze and keeping a steady flow of plastic would be the big problems). The rest is all motors, drive and frame so its down to the maker about how much they want to put into that based on the results they want.

      It WOULD be pretty cool for doing 1-5 layers on a cheaply built platform for some fun and experimenting with something that will have a +/-5mm (lack of) precision (Xmas decorations come to mind... Cool snow flakes or stars etc!!!) and you could easily set that up to accept pens, pencils, paintbrushes etc.. for all kinds of stepper powered art work!

    26. Amanda Abbott on

      @Roger - the screw-holes are for 3mm bolts, and you can either build a 3d printer, or use LEGO Mindstorms to create a basic printer. People are doing incredible things with both. You could also mount it to anything that moves, to see what the pattern is. Or simply mount it to the edge of something that rotates to make a perfect circle. I would love to see it used to track foot motion by attaching it to a shoe. A billion possibilities.

    27. Stephen Holinaty on

      @roger: for hardware and software: basically buy or build an entire 3d printer. then replace the extruder and heater with the 3doodler. its not going to be the most effective. its nice, and cool, but this tool really isnt a good replacement for a hot-end, extruder, and heating element.

    28. Missing avatar

      roger lamm on

      I am so stoked! love the mount for making it into a 3d printer, anyone have leads on the necessary hardware and software?

    29. Janardan Nathan on

      The 3Doodler Team must be comprised of ALIENS :P God bless yeah~
      No human run kickstarter tech project delivers on schdeule :D

    30. Missing avatar

      Sam Cheung on

      Wonderful news!!!!!! Your team do it mission: impossible!!!

    31. Amanda Abbott on

      Eagerly, I wait for the first person to receive their 3doodler...

    32. Stephen Holinaty on

      a kickstarter that is pretty much going to deliver on time? What is this madness?!

    33. James Chu on

      My daughter (and me :)) can't wait to get this great product! Cheers!

    34. Missing avatar

      marcel lundberg on

      Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! Heeeee! Hee!

    35. NialP

      @Josep - Shh now! Don't Jinx it!

      @Cedric - Since February backers were the very last to pledge they will be the last out. They have ~25,000 units to ship before they get to the Feb backers.
      As Amanda said, it may be that they have got some insanely good shipping option in place to make things move a little faster which mean they may be able to ship batches quicker then originally planned but they are also limited by supply of the units off the production line.
      They certainly wont be braking shipping order for your "Friend". If they do it even once then whats the point in there being a shipping schedule?

      Cant wait to hear what the scheduales are looking like and to get my October reward. This has to be one of the most anticipated KS projects ever as it appeals to just about anyone!
      Its great to hear 100 have shipped but my goodness do they still have a long way to go! 5000 units (2500x $75 rewards and 2500x $99) to produce, QC, box, pick and pack then ship in 31 days to get all October rewards out during October. November is even more at 7000 units to move 12,000 in 62 days! Will be seriously impressed if they pull this off and it will be a Kickstarter first I believe!

    36. Josep M. Pons on

      It.. It cannot be... Really... i don't believe it... A hardware kickstarter that follows the schedule... It is not possible... It is as seeing a cow fly...

    37. Mike Cochrane on

      Yay! Mine's in there somewhere :-) Out of interest, how many of that first 100 are coming to New Zealand? I know of 3 already.

    38. Rick Mann on

      Oh, nevermind. I should've searched for "Sep."

    39. Rick Mann on

      What do you mean by "September" backers? I backed it in February. I can't find any "September" in the pledge level descriptions.

    40. Amanda Abbott on

      @Cedric - They're shipping them as fast as they can. From the sounds of it, they will be shipping before the months they are scheduled to by that point, but I don't think you'll have any luck getting one by November (only us October backers and the September 100 will be getting ours by the start of November). That being said, I'm gonna guess that there's a 25% chance that all KS backers will have theirs by Christmas, just from how smoothly all shipping things have gone til now. BUT, that's just my guess, it's nothing confirmed at all.

    41. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      I remember being a december backer, refreshing the page, seeing a october spot free, and getting it. I remember wondering weather or not I should've backed this project. I can not be more satisfied with my decision. Waiting patiently for my 3Doodler to ship in the next few weeks :)

    42. Laird Popkin

      Super psyched! Hopefully it'll arrive in time for the Orlando Mini Maker Faire!

    43. Missing avatar

      Austin J. Austin on

      This is already the best news I've heard all day, BUT THEN it turns out I am an October 3Doodler! I didn't realize!! Thanks for the little boost, Past Self!

    44. Missing avatar

      Cedric Honnet on

      You guys rock, seriously.
      Anyway, I have desperate question: I backed the 3doodler for a friends birthday in early November but I'm a "February backer ".
      Is there a way to get the package earlier?
      Thanks a lot ;)

    45. NialP

      Looks like they are using DHL which is good news!
      If they have secured an account with DHL Global Express then customs shouldn't be too painful as the individual backer rewards will technically ship from within the EU/US etc.. and its likely they will not incur individual charges at country boarders.

      If it is standard DHL shipping from Asia or USA or any other standard courier service then there will be VAT/Import Tax to pay which is 17%-22% of the value of the package over £15GBP/$25USD/13Euro + the carrier's handling charge (normally £8-£12 for UK imports)

      For a small(ish) company like this to be shipping 26,000 units to 26,000 people then its likely they are using DHL G.E or a similar service as they then take care of alot of the hard work.

    46. Amanda Abbott on

      Nina - There will be an email/message sent to you requesting your address change before your pen ships.

    47. Nina Marie Barbuto on

      Hi there, I need to change my shipping address, Who should I send that too?