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It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page!
It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page!
26,457 backers pledged $2,344,134 to help bring this project to life.

To Stretch or not to Stretch? That is the question.

We originally set a Stretch Goal threshold at around $75,000. We hadn't expected to hit it so quickly, let alone in just a few hours! The intense demand for 3Doodler meant that all hands were on deck answering your questions and making sure we were keeping up with your needs.

But now it's finally time to talk about stretching:

We thought about putting a bunch of stretch goals out there. Ambitious. Lofty. And very very cool. But at the same time we are super committed to nailing the execution of the 3Doodler and getting it into your hands this Fall. 

So here's what we are going to do. We're going to lay it all out there. Instead of stretch goals, we're going to tell you what we had in mind, get your feedback, work up designs, and when we are happy with the result and we know for sure that we can execute, we'll press go and make it happen. That may be during the KS period or after. But either way you'll be getting products you love, and which we know we can deliver.

The most popular requests to date have been for a holder and for different 3Doodler Pen Tips. See the image below for what we have in mind...

A holder designed to carry your tips and keep everything in one place.

Here are some key data points:

The Holder

- The holder is made of a single piece of high temp ABS plastic.
- This means that the 3Doodler's metal tip will not melt the inside of the holder.
- The holder will be black, the same color as the current model of the 3Doodler.
- The approximate size of the unit will be 100mm (l) x 60mm (w) x 40-50mm (h).
- The holder is currently designed to carry four separate pen tips (see below).

The Tips

- The Thin Tip - this will be a 0.1mm extrude, producing a thin wispy line.
- The Medium Tip - this will be a 0.8mm extrude, twice the size of the current tip.
- The Super Tip - this will be a 1.2mm extrude for super chunky 3Doodling.
- The Ribbon - a wide, thin extrude, for a flat line of plastic. Like linguine. Yum.

The tips are removable and unscrew from the 3Doodler using a small wrench (which we will provide with the kit).

Obviously we need to fine tune these tips to provide the best outputs. But rest assured we will be providing you with four separate tips for four different functions.

So let's do this, tell us what you think? 

Please hashtag any Comments with #3DoodlerHolder so that we can easily find them and collate them later on.

The 3Doodler Team

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    1. John Hetherington on

      Why not make the holder for the tips your wrench? Tips stored other way around and you insert the pen into the back of the tip, turn, it locks on or off and extract. No burnt fingers no lost wrench.

    2. WobbleWorks LLC. 3-time creator on

      Hi all,

      We want to clear up any confusion that arose from our referring to the holder and tips as “stretch goals,” as we certainly don't want you to think that we are anything other than incredibly grateful for your support and eager to get a 3Doodler into your hands as quickly as possible.

      We thought that our update "To Stretch or not to Stretch" made it clear that the stretch was us fast tracking the R&D and production for these add-ons if people showed an interest in them, not that we would be able to provide them to our backers as a part of the original backing levels -- which is something we just aren't able to do if we want to deliver what we've promised. Our number one goal is to get all our backers their 3Doodlers on time, and we don't want to overreach and take on extra risks, either schedule or financial risks, that would ultimately end up hurting the project and our backers.

      We truly apologize if anyone was confused by our message or intentions when we wrote "To Stretch or not to Stretch". And sorry for any ambiguity in our update or if we misunderstood the definition of “stretch goals.”

      To avoid the possibility of any more confusion going forward, we will stop referring to to the holder and tips as “Stretch Goals” from now on.

    3. Missing avatar

      Eric Olson on

      Today's update makes clear that the holder and tips are not stretch rewards for backers or general product improvements that will ship with the 3Doodlers. They are planned as separate accessories for sale at some undetermined later date. Thus, there currently do not appear to be any stretch goals in the works. Boo.

    4. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      #3doodlerholder. Yes to holder and extra tips. And keep thinking of more stretch goals.

    5. Jonathan Rankin on

      I think including the tips with the 3Doodler for everyone is much better than stretch goals. That is really all we need. But, maybe you could include the tips and have stretch goals that include extra bags of plastic. I think that would be the best thing for everyone, bc we get more plastic and it'll be inexpensive for you as well!

    6. Mark A. Stewart on

      I am assuming that the #3doodlerholder has an opening in the back so that it can be on while docked? that way we could place it in the base to warm up.
      Also, perhaps power could be routed through the holder such that the transformer is contained in the holder, and the holder-3doodler cord is retractable into it like many vacuum cleaners? that way those of us who are artists or hobbyists could set up a workstation for our 3doodlers that has a clean, professional look to it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Nicholls on

      I'm more interested in the extra tips than the #3DoodlerHolder, but it's still a great idea (and I wouldn't say no to it!). Before I scrolled down to the image, I was expecting an enclosed case, though - which might be a good idea from a storage perspective (and might also be better for fitting lots of tips in, since they could clip into the lid and the base in order to maximise space utilisation).

      As others have mentioned, it'd also be a VERY good idea to have a secure spot for the wrench in the #3DoodlerHolder (or storage case, if you go that route) - and if the screw/nut/bolt/whatever that fixes the tip to the 3Doodler can be completely removed, PLEASE provide at least one (preferably more) spare, as they're sure to get lost!

    8. Missing avatar

      J. Boskowicz on

      Will the 3Doodle come with a high temp cap in case a user does not want the 3Doodle Holder? It would be beneficial to add additional holes/slots in the holder for the tip changing wrench as well as scissors to trim plastic as you draw/create.

      Andrew Troutt had a similar recommendation in this thread.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sovay McGalliard on


      Hi! I really like the idea of the extra tips, but would that mean that you wouldn't provide the current sized tip? The 0.4mm one that you have right now is a really great size, please keep that one!

    10. DvDL41 on

      #3zDoodlerHolder - I'd rather have a larger range/variety of tips than the holder. +1 to Daniel Patchen's idea of the I beam, triangle, and square tips. I'm an architecture student so having a construction/architect tip pack would be awesome.

    11. Lance Park on

      Is it possible to make a 0.05mm tip?

    12. Missing avatar

      Marcus Menghini on

      I like the design of the holder, except for one part. There is no space (that I can see from the isometric view you provided anyway) to store the wrench. I always hate getting a cool toy, and then having a special tool that makes it all come together, and no convenient place to store it.

      Also, is the wrench going to be any standard size/shape? Or is it going to be 'custom' to the 3Doodler?

      Thanks for giving us this product!

    13. Mitch Lustig on

      Sounds cool, except for the wrench part, needs a simpler way to change tips, cus im gonna break whatever that wrench touches, and im pretty good with hardware stuff.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alain Culos on

      Oops, spelling:

      #3DoodlerHolder: yes please - great idea.
      The more tips the better - maybe you can add a wide selection of tips as an add-on to the pledge.
      I also like the idea of the holder being a charger as well - though I appreciate this may change costs.
      To manage add-ons, ask the guys @GUSTIN, they seemed to be handling this very well (seemingly by hand) - or maybe the smartduino project (automated, with a helping hand).

    15. Missing avatar

      Alain Culos on

      #3DoodlerHolder: yes please - great idea.
      The ore tips the better - maybe you can add a wide selection of tips as an add-on to the pledge.
      I also like the idea of the holder being a charger as well - though I appreciate this may change costs.
      To manage add-ons, ask the guys @GUSTIN, they seemed to be handling this very well (seemingly by hand) - or maybe the smartduino project (automated, with a helping hand).

    16. Missing avatar

      Kyle Handlen on

      #3DoodlerHolder Linked is a quick CAD sketch of a possibly better dock alternative. If you would like to suggest improvements, reply to me and I will do my best to make them happen! My design incorporates a timer (in case you leave it plugged in on accident), an indicator light, and a different storage alternative. It reminds me of a soldering iron station. Take a look!

    17. Missing avatar

      mubot on

      #3DoodlerHolder = YES PLEASE!!!

    18. Stephan Reitz

      Pure genious guys !

    19. Kara A Kearns on

      Why not add a cord storage to the bottom side of the holder. Something like ]-----[ to wrap the cord around underneath with a place for the plug. This way the #3DoodlerHolder can act as a storing place for the 3Doodler as well.

      One problem I have with changing tips out on my hot glue gun is that unless the glue gun is hot, the glue solidifies and makes it nearly impossible to change tips out before starting on a job (specifically referring to Alene's Glue gun that uses a wrench to change tips out). Trying to change out a hot tip is no fun. Will this be the same issue with the ABS since it hardens when cool?

    20. Daniel Patchen on

      Love the tips. I second the +, triangle, square, and I-beam shapes for future tip ideas, but most importantly they must be easily switchable. If the tool is lost or broken, I'd be locked into using one tip forever! We shouldn't be dependant on a tiny tool to use this wonderful product.

      Also, the tips should snap/screw into the #3DoodlerHolder. I would most likely mount the holder on a wall and I don't want them falling out. And since new tip shapes are definitely in your future, we need a way to hold more than 4 - either make them stackable or provide room for many more than the initial shipment.

      Just my suggestions. So excited for november! Keep up the great work!

    21. Missing avatar

      Frank Timmers on

      I like the idea of the holder like a solder iron. Perhaps the power adapter can be build in there as well.
      Also, I don't know to which regions you are going to deliver, but a good localized powerplug (US/UK/EU/..) would be nice (not jus a plug adapter).

    22. lawgiver on

      The possibility to form mini structures as well as just doodling appeals to me. Why not (if poss) make tips that form beams. A star shape or a steel beam shape would work to form sturdy beams using less plastic. (plus they would look really cool) I imagine that you would put the doodler on a stand and let the beam form absolutely straight with the help of gravity.

    23. Missing avatar

      Nishant Jalgaonkar on

      I like the idea to provide a holder, it sorta works like a soldering machine now. Since you guys are considering a holder have you given any thought to making the pen wireless??

      currently the pen gets its power from the cable but if you can put a rechargeable battery in the pen you make it easier to use and more mobile. Also, the holder can double up as the battery charger plus cooler. the holder can then be connected via cables to the power socket.

      Also, will the backers be getting the new tips?? if not, any idea when and where we can buy them from :)

    24. Anton Abela

      Love this idea of having multiple tips. Being an artist it is always convenient to have such a versatile tool at hand.

      The feedback I can provide is:
      a) The concept design is fantastic;
      b) Great idea of having a holder that accomodates both 3Doodler and a variety of tips - but sometimes, tip/accessories holders could turn out to be useless, especially if more pen-tips would be created in the future;
      c) Personally, for space-saving and "proper" cooling after use, I would prefer if the holder would rest vertically (free-standing), or could be hung (possibly with a bracket), or could have a clamp to affix it to an edge

      How does this affect the original pledge? Could one modify it then?
      Looking forward for more feedback and information about this stretch :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Jacob on

      #3DoodlerHolder can also have a sort of cable wrap hook as it would be somewhat pointless to have the 3Doodler neatly stowed away in the holder and then have a bundle of cable hanging from it- just and idea

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris russo on

      Since it looks like u r going to top out well over $1 mill, and we're going to do stretch goals, that means that any new products will be included in the original price bid, correct? After all, that's how stretch goals usually work.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris russo on

      Architectural shaped stencils. You could use them as basic "building blocks". Sort of how you made the Eiffel tower but with molds which the plastic could fill, then the resulting created forms could be removed and stuck together to form larger structures.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jiang Yanni on

      It's really a good idea to create a holder for the pens. However I thought it would be better for the pen to rest on the table at an angle. Somewhat like a chopstick holder but more secure and sturdy of course.
      However like what Benjamin Jacob mention, it would be good to look into the excess melted glue.

    29. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Jacob on

      #3DoodlerHolder - I don't know if the 3doodler will have this problem as it is already semi - cooled when it comes out, but one thing i have experienced in the past with hot glue guns is that after I finish using it, some of the glue that has been melted trickles out and ends up on the worktop etc.

      I am wondering, if the pen were to be placed into the holder, could this be a possible problem?

    30. Missing avatar

      bel bosck on

      I think the #3DoodlerHolder would be more easy to use if the holder zone was open on the top, and instead to put 3Doodler in a hole we can put on/in a kind of tray with a safe ending to avoid of sliping

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael Richmond on

      Some way of securing the spare tips in the holder would be useful to avoid having the tips loose and easy to drop when moving the doodler/holder around. Some backers have suggested a cover over the tips which isn't a bad idea. But a cover does add to the complexity of the holder and is another thing that can break. Instead, if the holes for the tips had a small threaded extrusion inside then the tips could have a 1/4 turn to lock them into the holder.

    32. Missing avatar

      Vicki Ostler on

      Keep going strong! I love this idea and concept. I am a crafter and I can see many many uses for this tool!

    33. Missing avatar

      James Spencer Clarke on

      By the way I love the idea!

    34. Missing avatar

      James Spencer Clarke on

      Will these be included in the original $75 payment or will we have to pay extra for these?

    35. Missing avatar

      Jose Munoz-Nieves on

      So many great ideas and possibilities, has a web site been considered where possible designs can be illustrated and suggestions posted. This could include a side bar with the cost factors. My concern would be around size and weight, If you take the size of the pen into consideration some of the suggestions become more practical than others especially if you factor in the cost of materials and production..

    36. Andrew troutt on

      slots in the front face for the tip wrench as well as a small pair of scissors to cut off "hairs"

    37. Kevin Lampo on

      Love it sign me up. The idea of having a hot tip rolling on the table while it warms is a little unsettling, this solves it. The tips are the icing on the cake allowing for more creative ways to use the device. As for the tips falling out, depending on the tip design they could snap into the holder for some positive tension. This would prevent them from falling out.

    38. Missing avatar

      henk Loorbach on

      to be honest i couldnt care less than for a holder. it seems like a clunky piece of plastic that takes more space than that it's handy. the tips however seem like a real good addition. BNC style connection as someone mentioned makes absolute sense. and i read some other person suggesting a + type tip for extra strength. both really good options. as far as tip storage goes; they seem to be stackable, or, maybe should be stackable so that minimum space is required to store them in for example a cigar tube.

    39. Missing avatar

      Matthew Bickley on

      How about a BNC-style connector instead, and a BNC tool for tip removal and installation? If the tool gets lost, no big deal...the tip (when cool enough) can be removed by hand.

    40. Kasey Hendrickson on

      #3DoodlerHolder - I like the holder and the tips, extrusion tips would be great as well, and a space to hold the wrench! I can't wait for this to come!

    41. Missing avatar

      Kristin Peers on

      #3DoodlerHolder I think this is a great idea! I love the idea of different diameters of plastic fun! I agree with a previous poster that a lid covering the extra pieces. What about including mounting holes for those who want to mount their case to a wall or other flat surface?

    42. Karen Darmer on

      #3DoodlerHolder Yes to holder and tips! Will definitely support this. It would be great if the holder had a nesting place for the wrench too.

    43. Lee Cook on

      How about an extrusion tip with a + shape, for strength?

    44. Remo Camerota on

      #3DoodlerHolder - Maybe the tips could have a lock over lid covering them so they dont get lost in a bag. Also i like the idea of a tube extruder. Also a Square and Triangle extruder would be great too.

    45. Missing avatar

      Milton D Ragsdale on

      How about a an extrusion tip for structural strength, such as one with an I-beam cross section?

    46. Missing avatar

      Judah Fish on

      I like both ideas.

    47. cptskippy on

      #3DoodlerHolder : Make sure the holder has a place to hold the wrench too! Ideally the wrench and tips would lock into the holder so that they don't get lost if it gets knocked over or tossed in a bag.

    48. Missing avatar

      Janal Kalis on

      #3DoodlerHolder I love the new concepts. Please consider manufacturing in the US so that there can be more winners in this venture.