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The Mr. Roboto Project, a DIY venue in Pittsburgh, has moved into a new space and needs help turning it into the best damn venue ever. Read more

Pittsburgh, PA Music
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This project was successfully funded on September 9, 2011.

The Mr. Roboto Project, a DIY venue in Pittsburgh, has moved into a new space and needs help turning it into the best damn venue ever.

Pittsburgh, PA Music
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Even though we have already reached our initial goal of $4000, we realize that every dollar we make past that goal means additional resources for making Roboto a great space.  We would love to double that initial goal and get to at least $8000.

After some discussion, the Roboto Interim Board of Directors have identified the following four items as the priorities for the additional money received:

  • air conditioning 

  • additional upgrades to the sound system

  • bike racks

  • furniture and accessories to make the Roboto zine library more comfortable and accessible

* * * * * 

TheMr. Roboto Project is set to open up its new all-ages performance venue in Fall of 2011.  With help from the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation (BGC), Roboto is turning this old bar into a wonderful new spot to experience music, art and other forms of independently-produced DIY culture.

The work that the BGC is doing on our behalf includes fixing the roof, building new ADA-compliant bathrooms, putting in new electrical service, installing a new furnace, and other general building improvements.  This work will give us a wonderful new space in excellent condition, but we’ll still need to do a bit more to make the new Roboto become the best damn DIY venue it can be.  

Here’s what we want to do:


When Roboto first started, we had hoped to do things "by the book" as much as possible, so we incorporated the business and engaged an accountant.  Looking back on the work we did over a decade ago, we realize we didn't necessarily do everything right and didn't do everything we should have, such as writing proper bylaws.  

We've talked with a lawyer and believe it would be in our best interest to re-incorporate as a cooperative corporation and to finally properly complete our bylaws.  To make sure that we do this correctly, we want to hire this lawyer to help with the process.  

Also, after realizing we weren't getting the best deal from our old accountant, we are hoping to engage a new accountant.  We plan to do a full review of our financial records to ensure we are adequately keeping track of them and hope to work with the accountant to learn how we can become more proactive regarding our finances.


At our old space, our sound system was a vocals-only affair.  While this was acceptable for most of the shows we did, we want to upgrade our system to allow us a greater range of options to ensure our facilities are adequate for a greater number of bands and musicians.  We have several local live-music professionals helping us determine the needs for our new space.


When construction is done on our new space, we'll have a really nice space, but unfortunately it’ll be mostly empty.  In order to ensure that Roboto isn’t just a great place to hear a band rock out, we want to invest in a small stage for bands to play on and raised benches around the perimeter of the show space to allow people to actually SEE the band as well.  We also want to invest in good tables, chairs and other amenities for the front room rather than dragging the broken remnants of our old furniture into our new space.  Much of these amenities will be built by local craftspeople involved with Roboto, but we will be buying the materials to make this happen.


Our overhead at the new space is almost double of what we paid at our old space.  Since we haven't done shows for the last year and a half, and because we don't know exactly when we'll be able to start doing shows at the new space (early October if all goes well with construction), revenue during our first couple months is likely to be a bit lean.   Your contribution will go towards a "rainy day fund" to help our cash flow during these early days at our new space.

For more information on The Mr. Roboto Project, visit our website at


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    Those who donate at least $10 will receive a Kickstarter-only 1" Roboto pin that you can wear with pride, as well as a special hand-screened "domo arigato" aka "thank you" screenprint designed and printed by Roboto members.

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    With a contribution of at least $30, you will get the pin and the print, as well as a stainless steel Roboto water bottle to help you stay hydrated at those steamy hot punk rock shows.

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    With a contribution of at least $60, you will get the pin and the print, as well as a copy of the forthcoming book "Building A Better Robot: Ten Years of the Mr. Roboto Project". This book is a narrative of Roboto's first ten years including photographs and stories from members of the community. The book is scheduled to be published in the fall of 2011.

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    Donate at least $100 to the cause and you will get the "thank you" print and the book...and you'll also get invited to a special pre-opening party. This party will be planned for before our first official show (date to be determined based on construction progress, likely sometime in the 2nd half of September) and will include food, live music and a chance to mingle with Roboto members and other Kickstarter backers.

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    At this level you will definitely get a "thank you" print and a copy of the book. We'll also be inviting you to the pre-opening party. But we really need to do something special for those of you who donate at this level. If you donate $500 or more, the collective members of the Roboto Interim Board of Directors will write and record a song for you. You get to choose the song title or topic (we reserve the right to reject inappropriate titles/topics). We would love nothing more than to be forced into writing an entire album's worth of material, so please consider donating at this level.

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