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Cassils creates an endurance based performance, resulting in 2 new works, treating the body as a sculptural material

My past performances present my body as a spectacle and explore the boundaries between theater, photography and cinema. The event’s transparent structure allows the audience to experience both the image of the body, and the production of that body as image. Kickstarter funds will support the development and exhibition of a new project in which I continue this exploration of the body as social sculpture, and the material conditions for the formation of the body as image and spectacle.

Cuts: A traditional Sculpture
Antin’s 1972 performance (in which the artist photographed herself while dieting) responded to notion that Greek sculptors found their ideal form by discarding unnecessary material from their marbled blocks. Rather than crash diet, over three months I will build my body by injecting myself with testosterone, adhering to a strict body building regime (in nutrition and exercise). I will document my body as it changes, taking 4 photos a day, from 4 vantage points. Working with a software designer, I will create digital flip book application for mobile devices (iPad,iPhone) inspired by Antin’s photographic grid. Using a touch-based interface, the viewer will be able to turn my body as a sculpture would turn on a pedestal.

Insertion Exertion
The second work I will make is based on Lynda Benglis’ "Advertisement". This work was placed in Artforum (editors would not accept the work as an art project, but offered to print it as an ad). I will re stage the Benglis image when my body is at its peak of its transformation for Cuts. Like Cuts, this work will be produced for the exhibit Los Angeles Goes Live. Once the photo is created the appearance of this image in Artforum will identify me to readers as a gender variant artist, disrupting the presumed heterosexual dynamics of viewship (as did Benglis) while signaling shifts in the cultural landscape, and the role of artists like Benglis is bringing about those changes.

Accompanying these two works will be a blog where I post the details (photos, workouts, anecdotes) on this performative sculpture in process. This performance will feature in the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) show Los Angeles Goes Live.


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