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Infiltration, combat and sabotage! Team up with friends and perform daring raids behind the enemy lines.
Infiltration, combat and sabotage! Team up with friends and perform stealthy raids behind the enemy lines.
Infiltration, combat and sabotage! Team up with friends and perform stealthy raids behind the enemy lines.
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    1. David Kerr

      Thanks for the confirmation.... and can I say... this is such a fantastic game.

    2. Triton Noir Creator on

      You found the answer: the correct number is 66 (the error is in the rulebook, all tokens are in the box). Allied weapons are printed on cards, no tokens.

    3. David Kerr

      Ok... just read a BGG post... seems to be 66 equipment tokens... so i think it's all good

    4. David Kerr

      I have only just noticed that I may be missing some equipment tokens... i have 64.... the rules say there is 76 and the box says there is 124 tokens?
      I don't seem to have any basic weapons as tokens. Is that right?

    5. Triton Noir Creator on

      @The Irishman: As far as I know, you are the only one. Sorry about that. We are working to solve this issue.

    6. SFG_Dooley on

      I appear to be missing my dice. I just sent you a PM. Anyone else have this problem?

    7. Triton Noir Creator on

      @JKP: I just answered this post on BGG: "I printed only 60 pairs of these bags to give them to people playing the game during conventions (UKGE, Paris est Ludique and Gen Con in 2016).
      It was not a stretch goal. But I also plan to create bags for V-Commandos in the future."

    8. JKP

      Someone on BGG just posted pics of bags for this game. I remember seeing those pics before. Were those bags add-ons or canceled or what? I did not get any.

    9. Missing avatar

      SpookyStuff on

      Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Got mine today!! So excited for this game!! Was worth the wait! Christmas came early this year!!

    10. Nostradunwhich

      I got my package a couple of days ago. I got it unpacked and sleeved. That is a massive box of goodness :)

    11. Triton Noir Creator on

      I updated the V-Commandos FAQ link (and added other answers):

    12. Missing avatar

      John Breckenridge

      I got my package today in RI, USA. I will inventory the boxes tonight.

    13. Andy Z on

      Thank you :)
      The same for the "captured hero" token.

      ( The FAQ made some other questions clear.)

    14. Triton Noir Creator on

      @Andy Z: Hum, I was too fast... there are no more keys or exit tokens (replaced by crowbars and trap doors). Everything is OK.

    15. Triton Noir Creator on

      @Andy Z: I contact you by eamil to check that.

    16. Andy Z on

      i ve sorted all boxes and compared it with kickstarter. No key token, no exit token (I haven t played the game so far) so I think, key and exit were first planned, but in the endversion this changed ... no need for this. Right?

    17. Missing avatar

      Craig H on

      Can confirm getting mine today. Apparently Canada Post works Sundays this time of year !

      Well, my afternoon is booked... :-)

    18. Fritz the Cat on

      Hi all!
      Triton! Hold your horses! Idid NOT do a full inventory of all three boxes, I will do that and get back to you. I found some of the items so it was probably me doing a sloppy check! :)

    19. Triton Noir Creator on

      @Claude: thanks for this feedback!
      @Fritz the Cat: I will contact you in private to solve this.

    20. Fritz the Cat on

      Game arrived to Sweden, nice!
      But I checked the core box and there are some tokens that looks like playable characters (3 of them) but no character cards that corresponds to them. Have I missed something?
      But I did get double of the mission cards and character cards...why? :-0

    21. Missing avatar

      Claude on

      Hi Thibaud. Yesterday I played my first games. Congrats! Very nice game; the mechanics, the looks, etc!

    22. Triton Noir Creator on

      @J. S. : yes they did. A few backers got their game yesterday (Friday). Sorry about that, the reason is that the boat for Canada was the last one to reach its destination.

    23. Triton Noir Creator on

      @Antony Spencer: I started an FAQ on our site: . About your question: you MUST move onto another tile to become stealthy again. The only other option, is to use a German Uniform.

    24. Missing avatar

      J. S.

      Just curious if all the Canadian games were shipped out this week?

    25. Thupamart

      found the guar dog i. the resistance box ;-)

    26. Thupamart

      got the game today. looks amazing.
      one qustion about components: there was a strech goal "Additinal SS Troops, Guard Dogs, Reiforcement Cards"
      I can't find the "Guard Dogs". Are they missing?

    27. Antony Spencer on

      @Thibaud - will there be a forum where we can ask questions/seek rules clarifications or do we use the comments section here or BGG? Which will be the long term option?


    28. Antony Spencer on

      @Thibaud - played our first game to night to learn the rules using the Bridges scenario, managed to diffuse the bombs but the commandos were taken out before they could make it to the trapdoor. We were impressed with how the game played.

      A question came up - the Medic was visible in a small tile with two German soldiers. During the Commando phase he used two actions to take them out so he is now alone does he become stealthy automatically as he is in a small square? The rules appears to indicate that he would have to move to another small tile to become stealthy.

      Please could help with our question. Thanks

    29. Missing avatar

      Denis on

      Thanks Thibaud, between here and TT I came to that conclusion.
      Tonight training n3 and 1st operation.
      Tomorrow, teach the game to 2 friends -> busy weekend ahead ;-))

    30. Triton Noir Creator on

      @Denis: The SS ennemy units do not have special rules. When you modify the enemy pool, you always replace those from the base game by the new ones (the number of enemies in the pool always remains the same).

    31. Sibowitz on

      And got home from work and a big heavy game box was waiting!! Beautifully packed and an equisite game and components. Can't wait to play it.

    32. Son Do

      Anyone here interested in swapping ALL their English language items for ALL my French language items?
      I have the full complete SNIPER pledge :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Alex Skayne on

      Got my boxes yesterday, and, as the others, very pleased by the quality of the components !
      Can't wait to play this weekend :)

    34. Sibowitz on

      @Greg Love - I think 1 copy is mine 8-). Still haven't got my copy yet I'm down in Perth tomorrow to. Bring the game into Tactics and I will have a game with you !!

    35. Missing avatar

      Toni Ahonen on

      I don't get to say this nearly as often as I'd like to but whoever packed the games for Europe did an amazing job. Simple but so effective.

      Stunning game too, visually and the quality of components. Maybe I have time to actually play it too in the near future! :)

    36. Greg Love on

      Opened up the big box which arrived yesterday, and found TWO base games, and TWO secret weapons expansions. 2 sets of 2 games, for the price of 1! Hooray! Anybody else get double up games?
      Good luck, Sibowitz, can't be too far away...

    37. Triton Noir Creator on

      @ALL: thanks a lot for all your messages about the game. It is so nice to read them everyday!

    38. Triton Noir Creator on

      @J-F Audy: le colis devrait arriver en tout début de semaine prochaine d'après moi.

    39. cgenov on

      Mon colis a été livré en France, et je le dis en bon Français, le jeu, les boites, la qualité du matériel, le, est magnifique est de belle qualité, franchement bravo, et encore une fois disons le. Rarement vu un livret de régle aussi beau sur du beau papier (je suis sensisble à ce genre de détail, j'aime les livres et l'écriture), la qualité des tuiles et des pions est parfaite etc... Merci
      Nul doute que votre prochain jeu sera de qualité, en attendant je me réjouis de faire les nombreuses missions que comprend ma participation en Sniper (ou Tireur d'élite..hé hé)

    40. JF Audy

      @Triton Noir:

      Si je suis tout près de Montréal, mais que je ne pouvais me rendre au Randolph, y-a-t-il une date approximative pour la livraison des jeux?

    41. Missing avatar

      Denis on

      my pledge arrived in Lyon (France) today.
      Perfect protection for a perfect material game. Even the box feels (and is?) very heavy.
      really awesome components.

      About the 40 ennemy units exclu KS, they have no special rules by themselves right?
      When we create the ennemy pool, with the base game it is 32 standard units (minus some already on the terrain) + 5 regular with sledgehammer + 7 zeros + 3 special units.
      The exclusive new ones are here to replace some of the base game ones or make a bigger ennemy pool?

    42. Raging Robot

      Received mine in California! Looks incredible and we'll worth the wait! Thanks guys

    43. Triton Noir Creator on

      @ ALL: thanks from the bottom of my heart for all your mesages!
      @Antony Spencer: about removing the reinforcement cards system and potentially lose unpredictability, the current system kept almost the same level of unpredictability as before, but it is much much faster to play. In fact, it is impossible to predict if this will be: a "no enemy" token, an enemy shooting with 1, 2 or 3 dice, or an enemy with a sledge hammer (better at breaking down locked doors).

    44. steall on

      Reçus aujourd'hui, super matos.
      Il me tarde ce soir pour commencer une partie solo.
      Encoure merci pour ce KS

    45. Sibowitz on

      Wow Greg hopefully get mine tomorrow then up here in Geraldton!!

    46. Greg Love on

      Arrived today in Perth WA, a BIG thanks from me!

    47. Joshua Chastain on

      Just got mine right now. Well worth the wait. Also this was my first Kickstarter and up too 32 backed projects, so glad to finally get it. Everything looks really great.

    48. Antony Spencer on

      @Triton Noir - received the game today and wanted to congratulate you on a quality product. Read through the rules in preparation for a game or tow on Friday and like most of the changes you have made.

      My one small regret is that the card mechanism for variable German reinforcements did not make it as I like unpredictability as against knowing how many counters will arrive.

    49. Rubén Bermejo on

      Got mine today at Spain, everything looks fine at first glance :-) Looking forward to have our first game!

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