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The story driven cooperative miniatures board game in the Assassin's Creed® universe
The story driven cooperative miniatures board game in the Assassin's Creed® universe
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Roma Take 2

Posted by Fabrice Triton Noir (Collaborator)

Fellow Assassins,

We have listened and we are updating the content for the Roma Optional Buy. 

In Roma, you will be able to discover the hidden side of an event that takes place in the main campaign. While you can play the main campaign without digging into the mystery behind that particular event, Roma will allow your group of players to explore the reasons behind this event, and of course play them out! 

The Roma Optional Buy now comes with: 

- 4 Assassins Miniatures (each with a set of upgradable Special Capacities)

- 10 Papal Guards miniatures 

- 10 Followers of Romulus Miniatures

- A campaign booklet with 8 Memories

- 1 HQ with HQ event cards

- 8 envelopes 

- 16 Secret Cards

- 12 Equipment Cards

- 8 Event cards

- 8 Reward cards 

- 9 Trophy Tokens 

- 20 Tiles

For the 4 new Assassins, we have heard you and have spent time finding a solution to maintain balance. We are happy to announce that each of the 4 Assassins will have their own Special Ability set, different from the ones in the core box. You can use those Assassins in the main campaign in combination with the ones from the core box.

Each Assassin in Roma now comes with their own backstory, visual identity, card and miniature as well as a unique set of Special Abilities unlockable through progression. 

We hope you enjoy you stay in Rome :)



Chères et chers Assassins, 

Nous vous avons écouté et nous mettons à jour le contenu de l'extension Roma.

Dans Roma, vous pourrez découvrir les dessous d'un événement de la campagne principale. Bien que vous puissiez jouer celle-ci sans chercher à en savoir plus, Roma donne la possibilité à votre groupe de joueurs d'explorer - en les jouant - les causes de cet événement. 

Le contenu de l'extension est désormais :

- 4 figurines d'Assassins (chacun avec un ensemble de Capacités Spéciales améliorables)

- 10 figurines de gardes papaux

- 10 figurines d'adeptes de Romulus

- 1 livret de campagne avec 8 Mémoires indépendantes de la campagne principale.

- 1 Repaire et 1 set de cartes événement de Repaire

- 8 enveloppes

- 16 cartes secrètes

- 12 cartes équipement

- 8 cartes événement

- 8 cartes récompenses

- 9 pions trophées 

- 20 tuiles

Nous avons entendu vos demandes à propos des 4 nouveaux Assassins et nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer qu'après avoir étudié l'impact sur l'équilibre du jeu, nous vous proposons 4 Assassins avec chacun son propre ensemble de Capacités spéciales améliorables. Vous pourrez utiliser ces Assassins dans la campagne principale en combinaison avec les Assassins de la boîte de base.

Désormais, chaque Assassin de l'extension Roma possède sa propre histoire, son identité unique avec ses cartes et sa figurine, ainsi qu'un ensemble de Capacités spéciales déblocables qui lui sont propres.

Nous espérons que votre séjour à Rome vous plaira :)


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    1. Jan Turck on

      Is there any chance that just the four assassins can be released as an optional buy? I really like the figures, but not really enough to buy the whole expansion. You have already the work to let them be used in the main game, Call it an optional, optional buy....

    2. Hitchhiker on

      And is the HQ also useable in the main game as a substitute for mercenaries or courtesans? Or just the 4 assassins?

    3. Hitchhiker on

      Does the headquarter has a thematic focus like mercenaries or courtesans (or thieves)?

    4. Fabrice Triton Noir Collaborator on

      @Andrea Scattolin
      Yes you can.

    5. Andrea Scattolin

      Can I order this expansion directly on the PM?

    6. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Thx. Great improvement with special abilities. If there will be another optional buy for a new backstory of another part of the main story then i will buy it too.

    7. Dexter Frankenstein

      Thanks for putting in the extra work for unique abilities!

    8. Jonny Stets on

      Gotcha, thank you for the quick response!

    9. Fabrice Triton Noir Collaborator on

      @Jonny Stets
      No boss miniature in the expansion does not mean no surprise (or no boss) :)

    10. Jonny Stets on

      Not complaining, I think this looks great but what is the climax of this expansion? There is no "boss" mini listed so the final memory is just the same enemies arranged differently than the previous 7 memories? Is there some equipment or something that is the big pay off or do the enemies have some unexpected surprise for the final memory? I know there are reasons for not spoiling anything but it's just a little weird not seeing a boss type character for the expansion especially after update 25 kinda talked up how cool bosses are going to be.

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Rose on

      I'm ever more adding that now!

    12. Freddy

      Just when I was pretty much convinced that I could skip this add-on, you change things around and make it considerably more appealing... now I may have to buy it after all...

    13. RomyCat

      Now I want the expansion. Thanks for adding to it.

    14. Mark Dove on

      Great news. Thanks for listening

    15. Missing avatar

      Francois Renaud on

      C est quoi la modif?