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The story driven cooperative miniatures board game in the Assassin's Creed® universe
The story driven cooperative miniatures board game in the Assassin's Creed® universe
6,762 backers pledged CA$ 1,391,215 to help bring this project to life.


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      I'm a little confused by this. I dont mind it. Cool tower is cool and all.

      But was there a lot of complaining about 'not enough stuff in the box'? Most of my concerns that I still had were about gameplay and not miniature count.

      I'm really more interested in extra gameplay videos to sell me on the dice check based stealth mechanic.

    2. Crabby on

      Wow, I wasn't sure if I was going to pledge (I'm in for a dollar) but this changes everything! Awesome update, this is amazing. Upping my pledge right now. :)

    3. Jack

      Wow that tower! And a free add too! Loving the alt crossbowmen! That's a lot of firepower

    4. Dyne1319

      ok, you just sold me 100% on this. A box that holds all the components is the best thing I have heard even the stretch goals is the best thing I have heard in a KS. As long as it has a good org this is gonna be one of the best upgrades we could ask for. Last thing I want is a bunch of extra boxes taken up space.

      Well played, you have my money and my sword

    5. Missing avatar

      Filip Block

      Wow, I'm impressed!

    6. Marcel C.

      HOLY GUACAMOLE BATMAN!! This is hands down the most generous and exciting mid-campaign adjustment I have ever seen! And well played, sirs, well played. I was about to cut short my pledge, not for financial reasons, but simply because I don't have the literal space anymore in our small house to put another miniature box in, but you drew me back in (oddly enough, cuz now we're getting an even bigger box....sigh) ^_^

    7. Alfonso Madruga on

      Simply fantastic. Well worth the wait.

    8. Missing avatar

      Brad S on

      Strong move. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work with community engagement. I also like the transparency with regard to dates and timeline - I am more than willing to wait for top quality as long as the information and updates flow.

    9. stevelabny

      The tower will probably get me to keep my pledge rather than go down to $1 so good move.


      Am I the only one who thinks the haycart look a little small compared to the people? Its sized for the tower but I think Id like it a little bigger? Is it just me?

    10. TigerNineThree

      I heard tower. Then I saw tower. I was thinking "DICE TOWER!" ... I did not see dice tower..:(

      Would be sweet to make it so.

    11. Missing avatar

      Captneckbeard on

      I'm jumping in with the "don't blow the budget crowd." I don't know who was complaining but I thought this campaign was great! I'm confident Triton Noir can deliver, but I get nervous we won't see the game for 2 years. All the bits take time to make and I want to play more than I want "stuff"

    12. Missing avatar

      David Brittain

      @ Fabrice Triton Noir: Sorry I just realised I probably sounded very condescending questioning the inclusion of the big tower for free. It's just I've seen other projects go down this route of offering big stretch goals for free and then not delivering anything or destroying themselves trying to deliver on their promise. Good to know you guys have a head for business and creativity.

    13. Fabrice Triton Noir Collaborator on

      @David Brittain @Felix
      We make very sound financial decisions. We will never jeopardize the future of our company with promises we cannot keep.

    14. Fabrice Triton Noir Collaborator on

      @EiS Superbacker
      Yes you will. One tower per Assassin pledge before the end of the campaign.

    15. Kuzcau on

      Whaaaaat !? Holy Cheesy Macaroni! Je suis complètement renversé par tout ça wow!

    16. Jonny Stets on

      thanks for listening to feedback and adjusting your plans. You guys have been running a great campaign!

    17. Missing avatar

      David Brittain

      @Felix: I agree for only $158CAD that is a hell of a lot of game, please Triton don't dig yourselves into a financial hole you can't get out of. I know you have produced a game before, but that game didn't have miniatures and I've seen other campaigns get into massive trouble by underestimating how expensive the miniatures can be to produce.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Hauss

      When I backed this campaign, I figured i would likely cancel my pledge before it ended since it was fairly expensive and I wasn’t sure the game would be worth the price. Now I can honestly say that my hopes for the game are high, and I’m all in through the end. I believe the developers and publisher really have our best interest in mind and really are trying to make this an amazing game. Great job guys, and thank you!

    19. Missing avatar

      David Brittain

      Wow thanks Triton, that is super generous. That tower is wicked and can be used for a heap of other miniature games as well.

    20. Felix on

      @Triton Noir: First this is examplary how you listen to the community. If this tower is really added to the rest it would hold me onboard since I was about to cancel my pledge (financial question+no other languages available yet). However, I am worried since I am asking myself if it is really added to the rest without change of quality (this would be 'fantastique'), or if there is more material and all quality is downgraded (cheaper plastic so that everything is bending or cheaper cardboard). In my opinion AC deserves a good quality boardgame and should the miniatures be excellent (good material and high detail grade for paint jobs), than they should even attract non boardgamers due to their collector aspect.
      Best regards.

    21. Thomas M

      Sweet and Many Thanks!

    22. EiS

      If I pledge multiple Assasin Pledges (one now, rest in PM) will I get the Tower as many times as I pledge for Assassin Pledges? :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Bruce J. Eike

      Thank you for the very generous bonus- the tower is a wonderful game piece. I started at the Assassin pledge level- may have to rethink adding the Roma expansion now....

    24. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      I am impressed. Never experienced such a huge improvement in a campaign before!

    25. 7Z7 on

      Wow. Je ne trouvais pas que vous aviez manqué, à ce point, le commencement de votre campagne (bien au contraire, le succès a été rapide). Toutefois, je ne dis pas non à tous ces cadeaux.

      Merci beaucoup pour votre générosité. Désormais, je pense même ajouter l'extension Roma pour vous remercier de votre travail et votre gentillesse envers vos contributeurs.

      Je vous souhaite encore plus de succès.

    26. José Luis on

      awesome, I just upgraded my pledge. I want that tower! Great update.

    27. Fabrice Triton Noir Collaborator on

      @Tomasz Rospondek
      Thank you!
      We will talk about that in a gameplay update.

    28. Missing avatar

      Leboucher on

      Excellent! Merci!!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Tigroo on

      Merci Triton Noir pour tous les ajouts de la news, c'est une super update que vous faites la, maintenant à tous les backers à 1 dollars hop on y va on augmente son pledge, et on obtient un super jeu en les soutenant dans leurs projets

    30. Tomasz Rospondek

      Damn. That was something...
      Really something!

      Anyone know how Animus Glitch and da Vinci naval cannon and tank works in game?

    31. Missing avatar

      Iceeagle85 on

      Awesome, so I'm not dropping my pledge down to 1.

    32. RomyCat

      Love the tower. From the moment my sister saw this campaign (I backed this because she is a fan of AC), she has been wanting a 3D tower. I can't wait to paint it. Cool design.

    33. Asafox on

      Bravo les gars ! J’espère sincèrement que vous ne rogner pas trop la rémunération de votre incroyable travail. Mais quel geste! Je suis scotché. Vous nous offrez là le meilleur ! Une communication au top, une écoute incroyable, un jeu de dingue ! Vous êtes une équipe hyper sympathique ça ne peut que donner envie de vous soutenir.

    34. Sebastien Boisvert on

      Super, là on voit un groupe de producteur qui ont a coeur leur projet. Je suis fière de vous avoir fait confiance et je peux maintenant dire

    35. Akryphjel on

      +1 Jason - same idea here, he was just faster. This tower would be a very nice dice tower.

      Unbelievable update! This campaign is a must pledge now. Don't forget to update your campaign picture with the great new content, so that everyone outside will see what happened.

    36. Missing avatar

      Derick Dancer

      Definitely a cool surprise to say the least.

    37. Etienne Colin on

      ça c'est du revirement de situation comme on les aime !
      bien joué @Triton Noir, continuez comme ça on est à fond avec vous =)

    38. John L Vogt


    39. Jason Ung

      Make the tower multiple parts where you can take the top off and it becomes a dice tower.

    40. Missing avatar

      ANZAHRA on

      La tour est magnifique ! Merci. C'est pas à chaque fois qu'une team offre des compléments. Ça prouve qu'il n'y a pas que les pledgers qui prennent le projet à coeur !

    41. chris perez

      one heck of an update!!!

    42. Fabrice Triton Noir Collaborator on

      @Maël Frébet
      Il n'y a pas d'offre dédiée de pledge groupés. Vous bénéficierez de réduction sur les frais de port en revanche. Donc un pledge = une tour si pendant la campagne. Si vous êtes éligible pour la figurine Ezio, vos autres pledges Assassins y seront éligibles.

    43. Mateusz on

      Ok guys, now I literally love you!

    44. Brent Hillier on

      Craziest update ever.

      Had lots of faith already on for this project, hopefully this gets you guys a bunch more backers.

    45. Missing avatar

      David Carroll on

      I'm not sure what the drama was, but this looks great.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jannik Seibel on

      Wait, what did I miss, why were people leaving? I thought it was a pretty decent price before, now I feel like ripping you off, looking at other campaigns with the same amount of minis for a much higher price... Well, I like the Idea of 3D environment, hope, that there will be more of it.

    47. Nico on

      Amazing! This is how to do it! And now the 1 dollar ppl need to think twice..