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The story driven cooperative miniatures board game in the Assassin's Creed® universe
The story driven cooperative miniatures board game in the Assassin's Creed® universe
6,762 backers pledged CA$ 1,391,215 to help bring this project to life.
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Assassin's Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice

CA$ 1,391,215


The game and expansions (Optional Buys) will be available in English or French. You will be able to choose your language in the pledge manager (after the Kickstarter campaign). In addition, we will offer free pdf files for German, Spanish and Italian languages with the rules, the campaign book and the cards' text. A German language Optional Buy pack is available.

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Assassin’s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice is a tabletop board game with miniatures aiming to capture the essence of Assassin's Creed® and turn it into a fun, fully cooperative game for 1 to 4 players. 

It is played in a campaign spanning several months in 1509 in which you play a small team of Assassins in charge of developing the Headquarters of the Brotherhood of Assassins in Venice, after Ezio Auditore has defeated Cesare Borgia and his allies, between the events of Assassin’s Creed®: Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed®: Revelations.

Players will use their Assassin's skills, equipment and their own sense of tactics to complete various objectives while evading detection from the Guards.

The campaign will pit you against Templars, let you explore unknown events of the Brotherhood in Venice, and determine the fate of the Brotherhood in the famous City of Masks.

Assassin’s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice is a Triton Noir game under license by Ubisoft Entertainment.

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The Stretch Goals System

If you've never used Kickstarter before, it is sometimes hard to understand the Stretch Goals system. As more people pledge, the costs of production for the game go down. Instead of just pocketing the difference as in a traditional retail distribution, Kickstarter creators choose to share it with the backers. More people means more stretch goals unlocked, in turn meaning more people interested in the game because everyone gets more content for the same pledge amount.  

This works also because people like you help us share the project with their friends, drawing in new backers. We know this is only possible because of you so we'd like to give a huge thank you!

EN: The game box and expansions will come in English.

FR : La boîte de jeu et les extensions seront disponibles en Français.

Spanish, Italian, German: a free pdf will contain all texts from the game (including optional buys). If there are 700 backers in one language we will add a $20 CAD ($15 USD) optional buy for a printed language pack.

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To score a successful Memory, the Assassins must complete the Objectives listed in the Campaign Book (some are optional) and then exit the Memory map. The game plays in Game Turns:

1. Assassins draw an event card

2. Assassins take their actions

Move Attack with a weapon Assassinate with the Hidden Blade Use their character Special Ability Use an equipment (Smoke Bomb, Medicine, etc) Remove a dead enemy’s body and draw an equipment card Climb a Synchronization Tower Keep an action in reserve 3. Guards take their actions

Reinforcements (more and stronger if the Alarm is triggered) Movement (Towards an Exposed Assassin if there is one) Attack within range (same tile or one tile away for ranged weapons) Assassins must remain stealthy to avoid triggering the Alert or be prepared to face the consequences. After the Memory, the Assassins go back to their HQ where they can exchange loot, heal the wounded, train their Apprentices and so on.



You can find more info about Roma in this Update

Why optional buys?  

Our optional buys are really optional. You can play the complete core box game and fully enjoy the campaign without any optional buy. Optional buys will add to your experience, with new optional miniatures and new optional gameplay. But when you pledge for an addon, you both get new material for the game AND you contribute to unlock new stretch goals, adding new components along the core box for every pledger.

For this project, we work with some of the best sculptors in the world. Miniatures will be 32 mm from eye to foot and all come unpainted. They will be a combination of PVC and ABS (when needed). All bases will come textured.

Alessandra, Ezio and Bastiano Miniatures sculpted by Edgar Skomorowski and painted by Studio Mathieu Fontaine

Brute hand sculpted by Stéphane Simon.


We will be using a pledge management platform after the campaign to manage pledges and charge shipping. All pledgers will have access to the pledge manager. The Pledge Manager will not be open for non pledgers. IMPORTANT: you will NOT receive the free Tower if you pledge less than 158 CAD (Assassin pledge) during the Kickstarter campaign.

Non pledgers will be able to preorder the game (without Kickstarter exclusives) for a higher price.

Shipping will be charged on the pledge manager platform once we have final estimates for weight. We will do our best to get pledgers the best possible rates for shipping. 

The games will ship from the warehouse closest to your delivery address. 

Current estimates are as follow for the Game (based on a total weight of
18 lbs / 8 kg) (updated nov. 21st). This includes the Assassin pledge with the free tower offer and all stretch goals. We continue to update this as we get better quotes.

Please consider the shipping costs can increase when you add Optional Buys.

If your country is not listed in the table above please contact us.

We are sadly not able to deliver to the following countries: Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.


As the United Kingdom is on course to exit the common market and customs union in 2019, there are risks that import duties and tariffs are imposed on goods imported from outside the UK. We will do all possible efforts to minimize the costs, including trying to have a dedicated warehouse in the UK. Despite these precautions, those potential import tariffs and duties are completely out of our hands and UK pledgers might have to pay for these at time of delivery.


We have a no-question-asked refund policy. 

If you cancel within 14 days after the Kickstarter campaign end, we will refund 100% of your pledge. 

If you cancel 14 days after the end of the campaign or later, we will refund 85% of the the amount you pledged (to cover the irreversible payment processing and Kickstarter fees that are imposed on us).


All USD pricing conversions have been made using the market exchange rate on November 11th 2018 ($1 CAD = $.757 USD). Pledgers need to be aware that exchange rates vary daily. Creators cannot update the reward descriptions to reflect changes in exchange rates. We thus recommend that pledgers check the current rate at the end of the campaign. Remember that all pledges are in Canadian Dollars. Your card will be billed in Canadian Dollars at the end of the campaign.

© 2018 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft, and the Ubisoft logo are registered trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Music from the Assassin’s Creed II (Original Game Soundtrack) Music by Jesper Kyd | Label : Ubisoft Music (Ubiloud) Download or Stream: Listen to the full soundtrack on YouTube → *** Follow Ubisoft Music Ubiloud Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Spotify: Deezer:

Risks and challenges

There's always a chance for delays in manufacturing, customs or shipping. Rest assured we'll do our best to react as fast as possible whenever such issues occur. Thus, we commit to maintain a timely, open communication channel with our backers.
V-Commandos was our first Kickstarter campaign and we had very positive feedbacks from the backers about both the Kickstarter campaign and the final game quality. We've been managing creative teams and game projects since 20+ years. The great majority of such projects were delivered on time and within budget.

Manufacturing a board game is associated with inherent risks, such as insufficient quality as compared to demanded standards, delays in manufacturing and out-of-specs components.
We've spent the last 18 months establishing a relationship with various top quality board games and miniatures manufacturers. We also have an ongoing trust based relationship with the manufacturer of V-Commandos.
Although we have taken into account many factors that can impact a production schedule, risks still exist.
We seek to optimize costs, obtain the best possible quality and ensure that all components meet design specifications. We've settled on established manufacturers with offices in Canada or Europe in order to ensure timely and effective communications and resolve any potential issues.

Given the complexity of component handling during the manufacturing process, it might happen that some components are either missing or damaged.
After receiving your game(s), if you find out that some items are missing or damaged, please contact us and we will send you a replacement for the the missing or damaged items as fast as possible free of charge.

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    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice game box
    + ALL unlocked stretch goals.
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    Game box + Ezio Miniature (Kickstarter Exclusive) + Roma Expansion + Creed vs Crows Expansion + Tokyo XXI Expansion + Deluxe Assassins Dice Set + Crow's Nest Tower + Free Tower (KS exclusive, free during KS only) + All unlocked Stretch Goals (Save $50 CAD)

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