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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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The End!

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Farewell residents of Gloomhaven!

That's right - we've reached the end of our journey! It was a long road, but it was enjoyable, and I hope you enjoyed it too. Sure, I hope you are enjoying the game that now sits before you, too, but I would like the think that the road to get there was nice, as well. There weren't any riots, so it couldn't have been too bad.

Anyway, I just want to let you know that it has been a pleasure writing to you this past year and a half. Time-consuming, sure, but I think it is important to be open and communicative about what is going on, especially given all the delays we suffered from. And remember that if you want to keep hearing from me about upcoming projects, you can always sign up for my newsletter.

And speaking of the newsletter, I should probably stop reminiscing and get to some final orders of business. I just sent out a newsletter yesterday, actually, announcing the upcoming reprint of Gloomhaven combined with my new game Founders of Gloomhaven. That may not be of particular interest you, but perhaps there are some things in the new Kickstarter you could use. You can read the letter here.

I also talk about that announcement, Gloomhaven, and design in general in a podcast that Tabletop Game Talk just dropped today, so could listen to that too. I might be getting better at this whole talking on podcasts thing. Maybe.

I also just want to throw it out there one last time that you should go support the No Pun Included Kickstarter running right now. You can get a nifty new Gloomhaven scenario, and I believe they will also have a review of Gloomhavenup on their YouTube channel next week. Really, I just selfishly want their campaign to hit £12000 so that I can hang out with Efka and Elaine at Gen Con.

Let's see, I am also happy to announce that the Meeple Realty insert for Gloomhaven will be available very soon. And also I've partnered with Sinister Fish Games, who will soon be selling sheets of removable Gloomhaven stickers. This was something I was unable to do during the campaign, but I am happy it will soon be an option for people who are afraid of permanence.

Is that enough links to stuff? Yeah, it probably is. Here I will give my usual declaration that if you haven't received your game or at least a tracking notice for your game, let me know, and I will sort it out.

I guess that's it. I feel like we need a parade or something.

Yeah, that should do it. As I said above, delivering this project to you has been a joy. I hope to see you again in a month for the Founders of Gloomhaven Kickstarter. Or, if that's not your thing, maybe a year or so down the road for the inevitable Gloomhaven expansion, after you have had enough to time to play through the stupid amount of content you already have.

Until next time!

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    1. Iconography on

      Doesn't the next Gloomhaven KS project start on March 30 (tomorrow)?

    2. Gary Kressner on

      Thanks so much for the most excellent KickStarter / Boardgaming experience. Gloomhaven is a stellar victory. I've painted some of the mini's, am well into my first campaign, and having the time of my boardgaming life. Thanks again for a top quality product, and one of the most amazing games I've ever seen - I'm really enjoying it way too much!

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt Mason on

      Thank you Isaac for a great KS and a fantastic game. It has been a fun ride, but I must sign out now to go direct Malas the Brute and Amethyst the Spellweaver towards victory.

    4. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      a 236 mini add-on? Count me in ...

      Joking aside, Reaper Bones is a relatively cheap line of miniatures that offers (almost) all of the miniatures needed for Gloomhaven.

      Maybe Isaac should partner with Reaper?

    5. ionas on

      For the 2nd Print run - aside 1st to 2nd component upgrade addons, can we REALLY have:

      - 236 MINIATURES ADDON - yes for 250-300 USD? (e.g. all the standees)

      That would be so good!

    6. Leonce on

      This last update lets me stay with a crying and a laughing eye. I am celebrating because Gloomhaven finally arrived and I love playing it, but it also makes me already miss your updates which I so thoroughly enjoyed the past one and a half years. This was my first big Kickstarter project and it was more than a great game I backed for, I now know I got a whole experience, an epic journey.
      You built and gathered an outstanding community and managed to spread your love and excitement for your work. My deepest thanks to you Isaac!

    7. Kevin Dexter on

      This is, hands down, my favorite game in my library now, and I have been accruing dozens over the years. Even beats out my old favorites such as Descent! Not only is it my favorite, but it is my brothers and sisters too, and she HATES most games that get much more complicated then the bare bones! We eagerly look forward to the next game, and we have even started making a companion app for ourselves so we can do away with needing to use paper and pencil with the game. If it is highly efficient I may even make so it allows for "reset" of the game, who knows? I don't think we will manage to finish everything, since we can only get together once every few weeks, and you just released those solo scenarios that I am pretty sure we will be doing co-op by all discussing the best actions XD

      Not only that, but my eyes shot towards Gloomhaven Expansion, and I got super freaking excited at the prospect. If this happens, you have my money. I intend to pledge extra for the first time during whatever future Gloomhaven expansion you make on KS simply to donate some more to you to make things easier on your wallet. You've earned it!

      Last note, since I feel it also deserves respect and praise. I hope every Kickstarter looks to you for how to host a successful project. Despite this game arriving over a half year from the original promised date (at least according to KS), I never minded it one bit, because week after week you reached out to us and gave us an update on how things were going, whether it was a greatly successful week or you literally got nothing done. We were all a part of the journey you took, and those six months felt worth it because we could see in the moment what we were getting.

      Alright, I'm done spewing thoughtfeelings. This is way too long as is.

      TL:DR - Thank you for all your wonderful work on this magnificent game!

    8. Ravendas on

      Following Isaac so I can be sure to see what this Founders of Gloomhaven is all about. I love euros, and Gloomhaven is an interesting setting, and Isaac obviously knows what he's doing with these games. Some kind of '1st printing upgrade kit' would be nice to have available too. My group loves this game, it's all we've been playing for the past few weeks.

    9. RavenMad on

      Like so many others, I'm seriously impressed and grateful for how you ran the campaign and the incredible amount of open communication you provided during and after. It's been a slog at times but absolutely worth it. We all wish you the very best for all future endeavours - I'll be here in a month's time when Founders drops! Cheers

    10. ionas on

      > I bet if they were bundled together into an upgrade kit, the new rulebook, the solo scenarios, and the new trackers would be doable.


      - Pledge Level Upgrade Kit
      - Pledge Level Base Game
      - Addon First Expansion (17 scenarios, scenarios of No Pun intended etc)

    11. gatherer818

      I bet if they were bundled together into an upgrade kit, the new rulebook, the solo scenarios, and the new trackers would be doable.

    12. Missing avatar

      Charlotte on

      Hi Isaac,
      when you do the reprint Kickstarter, would you please consider a pledge level with an upgrade kit for us 1st edition backer containing JUST the new health and experience trackers?
      I'm not in the US, so getting them otherwise would be a lot more difficult, and if you offer the standees as an add-on, a health and experience tracker add-on seems doable, too.

      I totally understand that you can't offer us the updated books and cards, but I think you'll do a lot of us original backers a big favour by making the dials available to us for a fair price.

      Thanks for your consideration!

    13. Steve Bagnall

      Oh boy. I hope you're prepared for the next KS Issac. I'm sure it will be huge. You've made a fan here for life and I'll be backing anything you bring out. Looking forward to another great KS and more from the world of Gloomhaven. Which incidentally has become my new number one game of all time. Awesome, awesome game. Congratulations and good luck ;o)

    14. Thomas on

      Thank you for the great campaign and communication. The game is great, and already the best boardgame I have at home (Though I don't have that many). I will definitely get Founders of Gloomhaven, and maybe even another copy of Gloomhaven while I am at it.

    15. Brian C on

      I hope other designers were out there watching you do your thing this whole time. Yes your communication was outstanding, but I'm only talking about your dedication to your game, and whether it ended up good or bad -- you can tell you poured your heart into this thing.

      That's all I can ask for as a gamer. I just want to play a game built by a passionate someone... who just wanted to build an amazing board game.

      Thank you, sir, for bringing that passion.

    16. Ruben van der Zee

      You've nailed it Isaac! Very good campaign, lots of useful updates and what a game! my #1 favorite.

    17. Steven Bond

      Thanks so much for this magnificent eater of tables that lies here in front of me. No other board game has encapsulated as much as this one has since receiving it about a month ago. You sir, deserve all the praise and recognition that this has brought you. Forge War impressed me, and I made a note to myself that you would be a designer to watch down the road. Little did I know that you would pump out something so grandiose just a short time later. So on behalf of all that chose to take this adventure with you, I raise my cup to you, congratulations on a job well done and see you again in a month.

    18. Katsue on

      Congratulations. Haven't had many games so far, but it looks like a hit.

    19. Missing avatar



      That said. With the wild ride Gloomhaven has gone through getting to my house, and the other wold ride of trying to organize the components because they wouldn't fit in the box after separating the pegboards: I'll probably go for a copy of Founders, a physical print of the solo scenarios, and an erratta sheet.

    20. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Gloomhaven is a beast of a game. I love it and I'm deeply impressed by it (and what you achieved).
      I think the highest praise comes from my son. When playing games he does not really want to put in effort, he likes the easy way. He plays the "not-talking-much" barbarian in all our pen&paper RPGs, not thinking strategy, but running ahead.
      In our first game of Gloomhaven he was thinking intensely about which cards to play. After the game my wife and daughter said that this game required a bit too much effort / thinking in order to be a nice "Saturday afternoon pastime". And my son said: "I love how you have to think ahead and decide which cards to play, which cards to keep and which ones to lose ...".

    21. Reynolt de Vos van Steenwijk on

      Thank you Isaac, I have always looked forward to your fun and informative updates. I have loved the journey you've taken us on and am sad in a way that it is ending... but now we have Gloomhaven! Yay! We love the game and I look forward to seeing what comes next!

    22. rashktah

      Gloomhaven rocketed to my #1 best boardgame of all times and made my non-Dungeon Crawler linking girlfriend into a hardcore Dungeon-Delver! Isaac, you've created a masterpiece and I thank you for that. :)

    23. Calvin Nelson on

      Amazing game, thank you sir!

    24. Jonette on

      Thank you, Isaac.
      You made the long journey to Gloomhaven a delightful one.
      I look forward to the next one.

    25. David Tsang

      Congrats Isaac! You've built something truly special and I will be glad to chip in for whatever crazy ride you'll take us on next!