by Isaac Childres

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    1. aron aka jello on

      You could the 1st sentence of the final update over 6 different updates and hit 100 that way... just a thought. ;)

    2. Jonas Vanschooren

      Thank you Isaac, we love the new massive box on our shelf and what it contains.
      Awesome game you made.
      Is it my favorite game of al time, still to early to tell but atm it's certainly a big contender.

    3. gatherer818

      I was so excited when I saw solo scenarios because my friends have been too busy to play with me.

      Requires Prosperity 3, two required characters, and the class doing the solo scenario at level 5 or higher. Oh well.

      Gloomhaven will continue to be the game I most wish I had time to play :)

    4. Gutris

      All accolades are well deserved!

    5. Jacob Jorvang on

      I still want to know if you're going to replace the boxes with torn corners. Yes, I did write an email too.

    6. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      I will discuss the issue with you in email then.