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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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Fulfillment Everywhere: Shipping Update 7

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Hello residents of Gloomhaven!

Wow, I cannot believe it has only been a week since I wrote the last update. It feels more like a month with so much stuff happening. Seriously, with world-wide fulfillment starting, all my issues with Amazon US, the massive retail shortages, and the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of emails I have responded to... I didn't know a week could be so action-packed. I almost feel like Jack Bauer or something.

So let's get onto our shipping updates by region for all the news!

China/Hong Kong/Taiwan: It looks like One Moment has gotten around to fulfilling the games (yay!). I've gotten lots of reports of packages arriving, so things are looking good. If you haven't received your game by next week, let me know and we'll figure it out.

Australia/New Zealand: Aetherworks has done a great job shipping everything out. They had everything out last week, and by now, I'm thinking all copies should have arrived at their destination. If you haven't received your game, or, at the very least, a shipping notification letting you know when your package will arrive, let me know and we'll figure it out.

Canada: The shipment to Canada rolled into the Amazon warehouse Tuesday evening, and everything so far seems to be going much more smoothly than Canada Amazon's neighbor to the south. Within two days, the container was fully received (in contrast, the U.S. shipment is still in receiving), I had uploaded all the orders, and games were being shipped out. If you haven't received your game in Canada or a shipping notification, though, please don't panic. They just started getting sent out on Wednesday, so it is still early in the process. I'm not going to tell you a specific date to expect it by, because I have definitely learned my lesson there, so all I will tell you is to have patience. The game will come.

US: I'm not sure what else to say here that wasn't said last week or in the specific updates I sent out during the week. Amazon is full of delays, and this is still an ongoing process to get these last games sent out. They have another week to get everything out of receiving and shipped, so we will just have to wait. The guy I talked to seemed confident that this will happen because of the obligations Amazon is under to turn things around within a month of receiving the shipment. If they don't, then there will be significant problems for them.

EU/Rest of the World: Happyshops is in the middle of turning around all of these orders and seems to be doing a great job so far. They only received the shipment on Wednesday, and already copies have been arriving around Europe. I'm really not sure how they did it. That said, much like in Canada, if you haven't received your game or a shipping notification, don't panic. They've only had the shipment for two days and there are a lot of games to get through. Just be patient and the game will come.

To all: Remember that if you are missing any pieces, send an email to with what you are missing and your address, and I will get it taken care of. One thing you shouldn't email me about, though - your number of envelopes. There was a typo in the rule book. If you have envelopes A, B, and X, you're good. If you're missing one of those three, however, I guess it would still be okay if you emailed me about it.

Phew, that was much less painful than last week! Delivering good news is so much more fun. And speaking of good news, Gloomhaven has been seriously rocketing up the BGG rankings and I couldn't be more proud. I am so happy that you are all loving your experiences with the game so far. It currently has the highest average rating of any game with more than 500 votes, which just blows me away. I'm pretty excited to see just how big of a splash it will make over the next few months.

In that vein, I also wanted to share a few great reviews that have come out over the last week. The first is a video from the McGuire Review:

And then we've got a humbling review from the Good the Board and the Ugly podcast. Board Game Buds also did a great written review here.

Oh, and Gloomhaven is already on Man vs. Meeple's list of top 10 board games of all time. WHAT?

Lastly, even though this may not concern you directly since you already have a copy of the game, plans for a reprint are in the works. There was a significant shortage of retail copies of the game compared to the number of orders we got from distributors, so I am now working on the best way to solve that. If your friends can't find a copy when it goes on sale in retail on Tuesday, console them with the fact that there will be more copies available later this year. I know that's not super-specific, but there will be more details soon.

It brings me great joy to think that soon, everyone will have entered their post-Gloomhaven lives and all the glory that entails. It makes me a little sad, though, to think that these updates will end soon afterward. Until next time, where hopefully more good news will abound!

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    1. Andy Lundell

      Awesome. I got mine. (In USA) It came in the world's heaviest box.

    2. Paul Stone on

      Got my copy today (Wednesday). Minis had come two weeks ago. (Iowa, USA) Sorted cards and pieces to great delight. So much built-in surprise content, to be discovered over the course of the game. Love the artwork - box, standees, and tiles. Just don't know how to store these pieces for "easy" setup. :-) Guess I'll have to check out BFG forum. Thanks again, Isaac! Well worth the wait!

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Received in Edmonton,AB today thank you so much for taking care to ship this properly everything is in great condition!

    4. Missing avatar

      Gordon Au on

      Received in Calgary, AB Canada, great condition, looks like they boxed the box, so it came with the foam packaging, no damaged corners.

    5. Bargain Matt

      Weeooo Received in Smalltown, BC Canada. Double packed box with thick styrofoam, no damage. Tomorrow is gameday#1!

    6. chang on

      glad everyone is getting their copies..slowly but getting them. Cant wait for you to have moer time in your hands so you can start with gloomhaven the days after.. whatever whatever... I cant come with a good tile only on scenario 8 LOL.. and even if done would be spoiler and mean of me lol

      but anyway... yea... hope you are already working on next gloomhaven story lol

    7. Eric Sjöberg on

      The box is UNREAL! So much stuff and much of it sealed. It's gonna be legendary to play through the campain. I'm so happy to have backed this game. THANK YOU for delivering such awesomeness!

    8. Paul Buehler on

      I also got my copy of the game this week in Germany.
      I just unpacked it once and we are very excited for the game!

    9. Kenneth Savage & Julia Bohle

      Arrival in Austria on Friday morning. Super packing, very excited to get stuck into this one! :)

    10. Peter Cox on

      Hi, in NZ, no sign of a game or shipping notice here.

    11. Erik Östlund on

      Happyshops have done an amazing job shipping, use them again!! I thought it would take another week, took 2 days

    12. Torsten Sawalies on

      Very happy Gloomhaven-time in Germany!

    13. Missing avatar

      Morgan on

      I was one of the standee only US people that hadn't gotten a copy yet, but it arrived today. Seems like Amazon is moving on those finally. Really looking forward to playing :)

    14. Missing avatar


      To steer towards a more positive note, Happyshops definitely didn't waste any time. Shipping notification was received Wednesday and it arrived on Thursday well before noon.

      Thinking about buying a dolly to move the game between shelf and table...

    15. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      I don't think this conversation is helpful to anyone. William, you are spoiling things for others, plain and simple. If you wish to discuss it further, I would implore you to message me privately and I will fully explain my intention with this situation.

    16. Luke Turner

      @William - >>>Spoilers for everyone else I suppose<<<
      No one would think to look there as it is intentionally hidden. So naturally everyone will assume they are missing something and bombard Isaac with missing items e-mails. Better leave it off the contents list, and the people that can solve the puzzle will find it and open it since they 'deserve it' for solving the puzzle or lucking out I suppose (It does say to only open when you feel you deserve it anyway). It's a fun puzzle that they didn't need to include at all except for the fun of it, so I really don't get your complaining.

      I'll give you the credit that MAYBE they should have listed 3 envelopes in the rulebook, and then put something like "A hidden surprise" or some such as one of the items.

    17. William Heyden

      @Luke - So basically your saying that they screwed up, and instead of doing the more logical thing of simply hinting that maybe people should look a little more carefully in their box in response, so that people actually might find and enjoy the little surprise. They decided to completely mislead people and make it so probably half the people who got it won't find the surprise at all, possibly ever, at the least when it might actually matter for them to enjoy, because they aren't even looking for it.
      Did I get that about right or am I missing something?

    18. Luke Turner

      @William - First off, I was trying to avoid spoiling the fun for everyone else, but since you've blown it in the open: It is a typo. When people open their box they look at the contents and say "Oh, why am I missing an envelope?" then they e-mail Isaac about it missing. It SHOULDN'T be listed in the list of contents. It is listed in the handy Kickstarter secret decoder thing that all of us get, albeit indirectly. Happy now?

    19. William Heyden

      @Luke - No it isn't. There is a fourth envelope in the box. And if you continue perpetuating this lie not only will I tell everyone exactly where it is, but I will also happily show photographic proof of exactly where it is, what it looks like, and even what is inside the envelope from my own copy.

    20. Luke Turner

      @William - It is legit a typo and should have never been printed that way from the beginning. There's been no lying here.

    21. Ryan Elkins

      I was one of the US backers that was delayed - my copy was here when I got home from work today.

    22. Jonahdel on

      Vancouver Canada here, I got the game today and holy shit, this game is massive!

    23. Missing avatar

      Charlotte on

      Yes, Isaac, you are an action hero! :D
      Again, I hope all the trouble with Amazon sorts itself out and you get to enjoy the success of the game, in particular when the reprint is under way.

    24. William Heyden

      I'm ok with you wanting to keep some things a surprise for people, and I'm ok if you don't want to tell people exactly where some of those surprises are, however I am not ok with you straight up LYING to people just to stroke your own ego and seem mysterious. A surprise is completely pointless if people don't ever discover it, and they won't if they don't look for it.

    25. Gem Abed on

      One moment didn't send a shipping notification email. So if you're in Asia, you might not receive an email from the company. Secondly, they sent it to the address that was on file previously and didn't use the updated address I provided after the email was sent out in early January. Thankfully the address it went to was my old office, and they called me about it. So those of you in Taiwan maybe check previous addresses you had associated with this order. Mine could have been an isolated incident. However, I want to share this info to reduce any email burden to Isaac, if you lack shipping notifications.