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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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Fulfillment Moves Slowly Along: Shipping Update 6

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Greetings, residents of Gloomhaven!

All right, I just got back from delivering a bunch of replacement parts at the post office, and it is time for an update! Complications continue to arise with fulfillment in the US, and I have a lot to say about that, but first let's check in with other parts of the world.

China/Hong Kong/Taiwan: I have been informed that the games are actually at One Moment's warehouse, so that's progress. I'd like to say that shipping them out is imminent, but they've proven me wrong many times before. I will say that I haven't gotten a response to the numerous emails I sent them this week, but I am hoping that they will be fully back to work next week and we can get this fulfillment process finished.

Australia/New Zealand: Aetherworks has informed me that all packages have gone out at this point, which is great. If you live in New Zealand, you may not have received a shipping notification yet, though, because Aetherworks says that the email only gets sent out once the package arrives into the New Zealand system, which could take a few days. So if you live in Australia and haven't received a notification (or the notification was wrong), let me know. If you live in New Zealand, give it until Monday or Tuesday and then let me know.

Canada: The slow roll of customs is finally over. Last week I said that the shipment had been released, but apparently there were still some things that needed to be taken care of, which was aggravating, but it is all totally taken care of now. The shipment is scheduled to arrive at the Amazon fulfillment center on Tuesday (apparently Monday is a holiday?), so games should start getting sent out very soon after that. I'd say not to necessarily expect the game next week, but it shouldn't be too much past that.

EU/Rest of the World: Coincidentally, on the other side of the world, the shipment to Happyshops is also expected to arrive on Tuesday. They have the files and are ready to go, but remember that they are getting a lot of games and going through them isn't going to be instantaneous. It may take a week or two, so don't freak out on Wednesday when you don't have a shipping notification yet.

Oh, and speaking of notifications, Happyshops sent one out to everyone earlier in the week which had a lot of mistakes (most of which were my fault). They then sent out a second email on Wednesday that should have accurately reflected what you were receiving. If you didn't receive that second notification (again, I'm talking to EU/Rest of the World people right now) or information in it was wrong, let me know, and I will get it fixed.

US: Oh boy, where to begin? Well, if you are in the vast majority, you are happily enjoying your game at this point, and everything is great. There are a couple situations with Amazon however, that have put people in a bit of a delay, and I'll talk about each of those separately.

Standee Copy Delay

There was a small group of people (something around 50) who ordered the standee game (or a combination of standees and miniatures) are are currently sitting in Amazon limbo. In all cases, if I look at my order information, the game should have shipped out a week ago. I'm seeing estimate dates of delivery as today or yesterday, and typically those are reported as seven days after the estimated shipping date, which means the games should have shipped out a week ago and simply haven't. I've done my best to contact Amazon and ask them what the hell is going on with these orders, but they refuse to answer any questions about delayed orders until week after the estimated delivery date (i.e. two weeks after the game should have shipped). I'm banging my head against the wall in frustration over this.

Possible solutions:

  • 1. Thankfully, one order is listed as having an estimated delivery of 2/6, so I am hoping I can use that to get more information on the whole situation on Monday the 13th (seven days after the 6th).
  • 2. I also cancelled one order and re-uploaded it, and it is now showing a delivery date of 2/20, which means that it is expected to ship out on the 13th. So maybe we'll see some movement from others on the 13th?

Basically, either way, I am hoping to have more answers about this Monday. I will send an email to those affected on Monday or Tuesday with an update. 

Retail Copy Delay

This doesn't affect any actual Kickstarter backers, but pre-orders also read these updates for news, so I am going to talk about it here anyway. When we last left off in this saga of Amazon incompetence, I had gotten the retail copies released so they could be shipped out today, on Friday the 10th. For the most part, this has worked very well. Some actually started going out yesterday and a lot more have gone out today. Some still haven't gone out yet, but that is just the nature of the beast. Amazon's not going to get everything sent out all at the same time. It should be soon. Give it the weekend, maybe Monday as well.

At this point, I do feel like I should address the other side of this Amazon retail situation, though. Yes, we had to globally change the retail release date on the Amazon site to get the copies I was trying to send out released. So, yes, Amazon thinks the retail release date is today, and, unfortunately, they were apparently able to get a small amount of stock and have started shipping copies out to people who went in on the initial pre-order they did a month or so ago.

Does this mean people who ordered the game from Amazon are going to get their game before you? In some cases, yes. Should you be mad about it? Well, I guess that's up to you. I did the only thing I could do (after making the huge mistake of going through Amazon in the first place) to get you your games as quickly as possible. It is certainly not ideal. It is not what I wanted to happen, but if a small handful of people ended up miraculously get the game early in retail as a result of you getting your game faster, well, I hope you can accept that.

For the record, the retail release of Gloomhaven is February 21, and no one else who orders in retail will be getting their games before then.

Okay, I think that's all there is to say about that. Have you listened to the latest episode of the Brawling Brothers podcast yet? They did a lovely, spoiler-free review of Gloomhaven this week, and you should give it a spin.

All right, now I'm off to go update the official BGG FAQ. The day is never done! Until next time!


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    1. ionas on

      Did the mini boxes arrive at Happyshops, too?

    2. Missing avatar

      Patrick Vaillancourt on

      I'm in Canada and just received my shipment notice.
      I feel like I'm waking up on December 24th, so close I can smell it :)

    3. Tim on

      Awesome, got my game today but the notice there are tears and rips in the edges of the box itself . Given how heavy the box weighs I'm not surprised, but just wondering does anyone also have tears and rips at the edges of their boxes as well?

    4. Justin Moll on

      Got an email from Isaac. I'm sure you will get the mail soon. For those still waiting here are the key points.

      There are 94 outstanding orders of standee games that need to be fulfilled.

      60 of those copies will be arriving to a fulfillment center on the 15th (Wednesday).

      15 more will be arriving on the 17th (Friday).

      The rest will be arriving on the 21st (next Tuesday).

      In all cases, I'd give it a couple days for the order to process and actually get shipped out.

      Since these orders are extremely late, it is likely they will be tagged for 1-day or 2-day shipping, but I can't say that for certain.

    5. Daniel Solis

      This game is HUGE !!!

      Awesome, and packaging was perfect !! THANK YOU !

      Greetings from Costa Rica and can't wait to see your next project. =D

    6. Paul Stone on

      I got my minis last Wednesday, but still waiting on notice for the game itself. (Iowa) Isaac puts such value and care in his products that I am faithfully certain that he will get to the bottom of this Amazon issue. Can't say I'm happy, but that's just because I am camped by the front door waiting and wishing so hard. :-)

    7. Anthony Gambatese on

      Im from Ohio and im still waiting with no word yet so yes, an update post would be nice because as of yet I still have not received any email notice for my Standee version - I have received my miniatures a few weeks ago by the way !!

    8. rowe33 on

      @Isaac - For those of us still waiting in the US, will you post an update when you've emailed everyone affected? It seems like there might be a lot more than 50 still waiting and it would suck for any of us to be missed.

    9. RavenMad on

      Just got my copy (minis + standees) here in Australia. Packaging was excellent from Aetherworks. Pleasantly surprised at the quality of the minis - they look better IRL than the online images - yay!
      Thanks for everything, Isaac - see you in the Founders KS!! :D

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike Henn on

      EU Backer here.....

      I have to say, when I received my first email from happyshops with incorrect information, I was rather terse in my email to Isaac. I knew I shouldn't have been, because not only did he reply that he will sort it out, (with the amount of emails he must have received) but happyshops came back the next day with an updated email, blaming themselves for the incorrect details and giving me my correct information. Now that to me is fantastic service. Thank you Isaac and Happyshops. Can't wait to get this game in my hands. Conclusion...Be patient and good things will happen :)

    11. Wilco Lourens on

      Thanks for all your updates. Im in EU and havent recieved any mail from any shippingcompany. So im supposed to let it know, but what is the best way to let Isaac know? Kr

    12. Gutris

      Update: Got in Tianjin China, side of the box completely destroyed, but happy to have it!

    13. Missing avatar

      Charlotte on

      I'm really sorry you have to go through all this, Isaac!
      I hope everyone gets gets their copies soon, and then you can have a bit of a break and enjoy the fruit of your labours!

    14. Jason on

      Thanks for the update Isaac. Hopefully, the Amazon limbo will get resolved pretty soon. As excited as I am to play, it's OK if the game takes a little longer to get to me. Maybe it'll be a rare situation where I have the minis painted before I pay the first game.

    15. Missing avatar

      Christian Gindlesperger on

      Issac, thanks for the update. I Ann disappointed as a backer about the extra wait--but I can stomach it as long as it comes eventually.

      So, following up with that--is there any way to guarantee those of us backers in limbo will get a game?

    16. John Merkle

      Thanks for the update!!! Certainly frustrating but we have faith in you!

      I was listening to the brawling brothers podcast as this was posted. It was a great review and only makes me more excited.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Dickinson on

      Got my copy the other day. waiting for the weekend to delve into the awesome. So much stuff the box couldn't contain all of it. Two of the corners have split out. Do not care (a little bit of tape fixed the problem).

    18. Gutris

      China/Asia backer here. Got an email asking for address in Chinese, hopefully means next week. Logistics always sucks and it super sucks to be waiting for as long as we have, but it's just part of the process and I'd back you again in a heartbeat. Please don't let all of thst wear you down. If anything, just try some new distributors next go around :)

    19. John Espinoza on

      Looking like 1/50 over here. Los Angeles area if that matters.

    20. Caleb Kester on

      Anything for us backers who got their boxes mangled by Amazon? I heard you're looking at seeing if we can get some money back?

    21. Jorune

      *lost a few.

    22. Jorune

      For those of us in limbo, I think the question is is there a plan B should Amazon come back and say, "you know all that logistical moving around of games so that we could get them out better? Well, we list a few."

    23. Justin Moll on

      Sounds like my copy is in limbo, that's depressing.

    24. Jedra7609

      Sounds like you're having fun! Personally I don't care if retail get their copies before I do. As long as it is not YEARS ahead of me like with Shadows Of Brimstone! You have done all you can and the rest is just about timing - I doubt anyone can question your motives and efforts here. The other side of the coin is that the quicker it gets to retail, the quicker everyone can see what a great game you have made and they can also get a head start asking questions on BGG so I don't have to ask them when I get my copy!

    25. Calvin Nelson on

      Just got mine. Im in awe how you produced a game this size for only $79... Im afraid to open Nice job! Also, hope the rest get yours soon!

    26. rowe33 on

      I guess those of us with standee KS levels should assume we're one of the 50 if we're still waiting. Does the location matter? I'm in California.

    27. Missing avatar

      Gordon Au on

      Thanks for the update on Canadian shipments again Isaac, British Columbia has family day on Monday, looking forward to finally getting this in my hands!

    28. Ryan Elkins

      Hmm. I think I'm 1/50 in the US.