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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
4,904 backers pledged $386,104 to help bring this project to life.

The Voyage Continues to Continue: Shipping Update 4

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Hello there, residents of Gloomhaven!

How are we all doing? I know that since the time of you getting your games is so close now, the anxiety is high. Just remember to breathe and stay patient. You've been waiting for over a year now, so I know you can wait just a little bit longer, safe in the knowledge that I'm doing my best to get through the process in a quick and organized way.

So here are the updates on the various fulfillment regions to give you a better idea on time frames.

China/Hong Kong/Taiwan: This has becomes something of a small black eye for the fulfillment, and I feel really bad about it. Every update I tell you that fulfillment is imminent, and then it never happens. I keep sending One Moment Games forceful emails encouraging them to pick up the games from the factory and do the fulfillment, and I keep thinking they will turn around and do it, but yet somehow they still haven't done it. I am at a loss. They now assure me that they will do it after the Chinese New Year, but haven't given me any more specifics. They are aware of how urgent it is, but guessing at what kind of schedule they will employ is not something I'm willing to do anymore. They also say they will send out an email to everyone receiving the game from them apologizing and explaining the situation, so maybe look forward to that? Once again, I just want to apologize personally if you are in this category for taking so long to do something that should have been fast and simple.

Australia/New Zealand: The shipment is at Aetherworks, after hitting a few small speed bumps at the port, and, as far as I know, they are finishing up processing the shipment this week and will begin shipping out the games next week. The processing took some time, but the games should arrive soon! They even sent me some pictures unloading the truck:

These are your games, waiting patiently to be united with you.
These are your games, waiting patiently to be united with you.

Canada: So more bad news here. Last update I said I would keep you informed in the comments about the customs inspection that is holding up the shipment, but...there haven't really been any updates. The shipment is still waiting to be inspected. What I know is that the container is being transported to a facility off-site for the inspection before going back to the port to resume its journey. My customs broker is trying to communicate with that site to see where they are in the process, but doesn't have any concrete info yet. Let's hope for the best, but there may still be many time-consuming steps in this process. Again, I will let you know in the comments as soon as I get any concrete information.

US: All right, we've got mostly good news here. The Amazon shipment safely arrived in Joliet, IL and they processed the boxes. As best as I can tell, though, the shipment was counted and then split into three parts. Two of those parts were then delivered to different Amazon facilities to reduce shipping costs. One of those two seems to have arrived late yesterday, but the other third is still listed as unfulfillable, meaning it's still in transit. So I have uploaded as many orders as I could to start sending out the boxes that are fulfillable, but roughly one third of you may have to wait an extra day or two before I can put in your order. Either way, you'll be getting your game next week, which is good news, I just can't give you an exact day.

Please don't freak out at me about this. It is just a day or two delay. Don't message me asking if your order was one of the ones delayed. I won't have time to answer it. If your order was one of the ones submitted, you'll get a shipping notification soon. If not, you'll get a notification in a day or two. I know you'll end up speculating anyway, so I can tell you that my spreadsheet, in general, is organized by order number, and I cut from the bottom, so the later you came in to the Kickstarter, the more likely your order will be delayed ever so slightly. I'm trying to be as open and upfront as possible about this, so, again, I implore you to stay calm and don't cause me to regret my forthrightness.

EU/Rest of the World: All right, let's take a look at good old CSCL Mercury and see where she's at. We've got a recent reading saying she's off the southwest coast of Spain, scheduled to be in Rotterdam by the 30th. As far as I know, the ETA in Hamburg is Feb. 3, with delivery to Happyshops happening a few days later, given we don't have any more customs delays. In other words, everything is still on schedule, and Happyshops is ready to receive the shipment and get going, though, again, processing always takes time.

So that's the news I have. I hate to sound like a broken record here, but once again I urge patience. If you are emailing me asking where your game is, or calling Aetherworks or Happyshops asking them, you are just delaying the process, sabotaging what you are trying to speed up. The best thing you can do is just wait and be happy that your post-Gloomhaven life will soon begin.

Also, since we are in a critical time with the project, I also want to let you know that I will be writing weekly updates from here on out until everyone receives their game, so I'll see you next week!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Truax on

      I'm supposed to get mine tomorrow! (Hope no package thief's are in the area!) Can't wait.

    2. Charley Heuertz on

      The CSCL Mercury has moored! It can't take too much longer until we get our packages (in Europe)!

      So excited! :D

    3. Shane on

      Still no shipping notice in Florida.

    4. Jarvis K Jensen on

      No shipping number in California yet. Feeling patient and unconcerned, but is there a date at which point I should contact somebody to check if there is a problem?

    5. Paul LoveKing

      Mine arrived on sunday, wow thats a big box!

    6. aron aka jello on

      Good news: Box arrive yesterday! Yay!
      Bad news: It's kinda beat-up. Amazon didn't put any packing material or wrap in there, just Gloomhaven inside a slightly bigger box. It's a scuffed and wrinkled, there's splits on two edges, and it feels like something may have come loose and gotten wedged weirdly inside (one spot where it's tight against the lid, but can push in a bit everywhere else). What should I do here Isaac?

    7. Brandon D. Scott on

      Interesting, @Michael. I'm also an Angelino and I'm still waiting (backer #676). I envy you.. what I mean is I will be over in a few minutes. :D

    8. Missing avatar

      Carlos Valdes

      A very hefty box arrived today in Atlanta. Impressive!

    9. Michael Lewis

      Got mine today in Los Angeles!

    10. Missing avatar

      Gordon Au on

      Thanks for keeping us updated about the status in Canada; really appreciate you trying to get information from the border agency, just wish they could actually provide us with some useful estimates.

    11. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Okay, so this isn't much of an update for Canada, but I just discovered that is more-or-less impossible to get information on how the customs inspection is doing. The site doing the inspection says you have to talk to the border agency, but the border agency says they can't release any information until the inspection is complete. So all we can do is wait.

    12. Kyle Schleich

      Got it yesterday in connecticut! was surprised it was a sunday delivery but im not going to complain a bit, didnt get a chance to dig into it yesterday but will do when i get home today!

    13. Brian Uhrig

      @Daniel - I'm only a little jealous. I'm also in Minnesota but did get a tracking ticket for delivery on Wednesday. Mine's coming from NJ which I was surprised at as I thought mine would come from the Joliet, IL fulfillment center

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Calderman

      Mine was on my doorstep when I got home about an hour ago! Shocked to see a delivery there on a Sunday, and I almost would have missed it since I came into the house through the garage, but then saw this update in my email! ...time to go open it! (Minnesota, USA for anyone wondering area/region.

      Seriously, THANK YOU Isaac on a masterfully run campaign. Your communication with backers has been exemplary and this is one of the best-run Kickstarter campaigns I have ever been involved with!

    15. Littell on

      Just got my tracking number email!!!

    16. Adam Sergison on

      I'm skipping the part joking about wondering where my package is. Just pretend I put it in here.

      Your Kickstarter has been near flawless, and if the game is anywhere near your commitment to communication and transparency, I will be buying games from you for a long time to come.

      Seriously. Where is your next Kickstarter? My wallet is ready.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jay Santos


    18. chang on

      @rashktah hey, u mind sharing why u r "dice to replace the damage chips"? thx

      like on the monster card/envelope?

    19. eclipse on

      Yay it's almost ther ! Last few miles in any race or wait is the most challenging

    20. Dimitar on

      Whaaat?! Just got the shipping notification (I am in Indiana, US). Supposed to be coming tomorrow, but I have to assume it's Monday.

    21. Melle Gerritsen on

      Can't I just pick up my copy in Rotterdam? No need to sail all the way to Hamburg now, is there?

    22. Missing avatar

      Antonio on

      you are great Isaac!!!!
      this project is amazing!!!!

    23. Eamon Burke on

      Dear everyone about to message Isaac:. Calm the fuck down! It's coming. Save your energy, much spare time is about to be lost!

      Isaac, I look forward to your Friday emails and will probably start to miss them.

    24. rashktah

      Yay, fly you fool, CSCL Mercury, make haste to bring us EU backers the delight that is supposed to be Gloomhaven! I have bought so many sleeves for your cards, I have containers for your tokens and dice to replace the damage chips. I - am - ready - for - you. February will be a gaming holiday of epic propotions. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Joseph Easterly on

      Thanks for the update, Isaac! I really appreciate how transparent you've been throughout this campaign. Can't wait to play!

    26. Arsonor

      Suddenly that Amazon shipping notification that isn't listed on my last order looks suspicious...

    27. John Dominguez on

      Woo excited!!! Well done Isaac.

    28. chang on

      DUDE you stress too much.. lol if anyone complain about 2 days extra in USA, point me in the right direction, I`ll hit those in the head :P

      and did check though.. I`m right in the middle LOL LOL
      so excited!

      to add to what others said, among ALL my KS project this is number one

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Roberts

      I'm in Japan so not sure if I'm in the China group or RoW but either way, I'm content to know the situation. These kinds of updates are always welcome as it shows that you are looking out for your backers!

      Keep it up, and I'm looking forward to getting my grubby mitts on the game :)

    30. Daniel McArdle

      Thanks for being so transparent about all this. I'd much rather have delays with lots of information than everything on time but never getting any updates. Even still, it's not much of a delay at all. Keep up the good work.

    31. Kirkstarter

      Great update and a VERY well run project! Thanks for keeping us up to date along the way. I can't believe this is going to be here next week!!! Since this is a delayed birthday present for a friend it could work into an awesome surprise when we get together next week.

    32. Kristian Törnkvist

      How are we looking on that potential Meeple Reality insert? Since i live in Sweden it's quite the shipment cost so i was planning on making a big order for other insert while I am at it.

    33. ionas on

      Yeah stuff is on its way. When everyone IN YOUR REGION seemed to have received the game, a week after that happend and you still have nothing in your hands THEN and only then maybe send a message, after 2 weeks I'd definitely.

    34. Benjamin Tieman

      Next week? Next week!!! Holy crap! I didn't expect it that early! Stooooooooked!

    35. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Okay, so I have an Amazon update. I realized I could upload orders even for those games still on the truck, so I did. Whatever area of the US that truck is going to might see a delay (I'd guess West Coast?), but the trip from Amazon to you will be shorter, so, really, I think everything should work out well. Minimal delays all around.

    36. Missing avatar

      Brian K.

      I wish other Kickstarted projects would take a lesson here and provide as much information as you do, especially when coupled with the obviously extensive advocacy you do on your backer's behalf (behalves?). Cheers.

    37. Locclo on

      Isaac, I just want to say that for all of the delays, I'm amazed that you've been able to keep it together and keep everyone posted on everything that's been happening. Rarely do I see so many updates, so frequently, on any Kickstarter. The only one that's come close to the number of updates was Shadowrun Returns - and there were a great many updates that came long after the orders were all fulfilled, just advertising for the Kickstater campaigns they did for the expansions/sequels. In spite of everything, this has been an amazing KS experience. Like I said, so few campaigns have so much communication throughout the entire process, even when there's not necessarily that much to report on from week to week.

      Can't wait to hold my copy in my hands, but after more than a year since the campaign ended, what's another week?

    38. Ravendas on

      Just ordered the sleeves for this game, which arrive Sunday, which sounds like just in time for those of us in America. Yeah!

      Reread the rules too, so I can be ready to teach it to a few friends when we finally get it prepped and ready to play.

    39. Matthew Simpson

      WHERE IS MY GAME, AHHHH! Jk lol, thanks for the update, very excited!

    40. DZero

      Sounds good to me. Perfect timing to get started on a Campaign, and I'll be able to add it to the schedule for two upcoming Cons!

    41. Sean Dugger on

      Thanks for the continued updates. Of all the kickstarters I have backed you also routinely provide updates which I really appreciate!!

      Thanks from Canada!

    42. Gutris

      Although I am chomping at the bit and ready to run over to One Moment Games and ransack the booty for myself, I will be busy with Chinese Spring Festival activities regardless, so it is OK.

      Maybe look at the other China distributors next go around, there have to be more out there :) That said, still got faith in you and your games!

    43. Missing avatar

      Paul Huttner on

      Thanks Isaac! Delays in a Kickstarter are to be expected, but your level of attentiveness and regular updates are a rarity much appreciated.

    44. Marty McFly on

      Don't worry, Isaac. I won't message you about my game.

      I did, however, send an email, a Facebook message, a Western Union telegram, and a Jimmy Johns delivery with a hand-written message to your wife, your neighbor, Josh McDowell, and the guys at Man vs. Meeple. So, you may get a call or a knock on your door any minute now...

    45. Missing avatar

      Bibious on

      Thanks for the details Isaac

    46. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Adam, oh, that's great! They hadn't updated me in a while, so I guess they were able to get started with the shipping early. Yay!

    47. Missing avatar

      adam howell on

      Aetherworks already sent my package in the post. According to Australia post ill have it Monday(usually Aus post very accurate about stuff arriving).

    48. Missing avatar

      Bart Larrenaga

      Being on the west coast, I'd bet mine's one one of the shipments that got split out. Oh well, just means it will get to me sooner once I get the notice.

    49. Brian C on

      Thanks for keeping us up to the minute.

      So next week the Gloomhaven adventure begins! How exciting.