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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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The Voyage Begins: Shipping Update 2

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Happy Holidays residents of Gloomhaven!

I come to you this evening with the happy news reflected in the title: the games are on boats! (Well, most of them.) My freight shipper just today sent me an updated chart of how all the shipments are doing and I'd like to share it all with you now.

Australia: The shipment is on the YM Seattle, which left the Shanghai port earlier this week and is en route to Sydney. I thought this one would be faster because it is closer, but it is listed as not getting through the terminal until January 17. I think maybe this is because it is making more stops along the way.

Canada: The shipment is on the YM Milestone, which is still at the Shanghai port, but is expected to depart shortly (ETD was yesterday). This is expected to get through the terminal at Vancouver January 15.

U.S.: The shipment is on the OOCL Luxembourg, which looks like it just left the Shanghai port. Expected arrival in Chicago is January 24.

Europe/Rest of the World: The shipment is on the CSCL Mercury, which hasn't made it to Shanghai to be loaded yet, but is expected to depart from Shanghai on January 3. Expected arrival in Hamburg is February 7.

All of these terminals are very close to the fulfillment centers, so we shouldn't have to add much more truck time before fulfillment can begin.

China/Hong Kong/Taiwan: I'm hoping the shipping process on your games will start next week!

That is all the major information I have to relay at this point. I hope you can gain some comfort in watching your game move slowly across the ocean.

Address edits are still open at this point, but I will be closing them in about two weeks after the next update. So you can still edit your addresses following these instructions, so please do that if you need to and haven't yet.

Also if you live in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, I hope your address is up-to-date, since the games will be shipping soon. One Moment (the company doing fulfillment) said they would be confirming everyone's address by email just in case (again, I'm talking about China/Hong Kong/Taiwan right now).

Some people have been asking for the reset files that we promised to put on BGG so they can start printing stuff off, and I can tell you that we should have them ready very soon. Hopefully you should see them in the next week or so. We do have a comprehensive FAQ for the game up on BGG, though, along with an important request regarding spoilers.

Everything is coming along - it's only a matter of time. I'm sorry you didn't get Gloomhaven for Christmas this year, but I promise you it will be worth the wait!

Until next time!

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    1. Pete Thane on

      I just clicked on Ionas link from Marinetraffic and this took me to a location in the middle of the Western Sahara desert!
      Panic not, the Mercury is just west of Singapore heading towards the Suez canal (incidentally a few days behind its sister ship the CSCL Globe which should hve my copy of Quests of Varleria aboard and that has just emerged from the Canal into the Med).
      Row you scurvy dogs, get those oars moving faster I want my games now

    2. Missing avatar

      Wesley Holland Jr on

      Congratulations, Isaac... I've just looked up the status of a shipping container for the first time.

      I hope you're proud of yourself. ;)

    3. ionas on

      Make sure to vote at least for Legacy/Campaign, Dungeon Crawl and Fantasy.

    4. ionas on

      Vote Gloomhaven HERE now:
      CTRL+F "Gloomhaven" hit the checkboxes for all those categores and VOTE

    5. Michael Lam

      Can't wait for it to get to Hong Kong! Thanks

    6. Gem Abed on

      I can't wait for this to arrive in Taiwan.

    7. Frank Branham

      Just checked and the US shipment's ship is showing Long Beach, CA as its current destination---arriving on 1/13. So probably rail to a central hub in Chicago for mass distribution from there.

    8. ionas on

      CSCL Mercury still at port...

      I hope it is on its way tomorrow.

    9. GhostWolf69 on

      Time to start prepping those Monster Minis... ;-)

    10. Gutris


    11. chang on

      yay!! i'll be opening this in feb :) cant wait!

    12. Missing avatar

      Con on

      4-6 business days after arriving in port would be over-optimistic. They have to be unloaded and clear customs before they are shipped to the fulfilment centre. Probably more like 2 weeks all going well before the fulfillment centre starts shipping the individual packages out. Maybe a shade less in Europe where it is likely the fulfilment centre would be within a few hours drive of Hamburg.

    13. Brandon D. Scott on

      Neat! Thanks for the info.

      So if the games are already packed up and ready to roll, should we expect them 4-6 business days after arriving in port? If everything goes well?

    14. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Miranda, the Canadian fulfillment center is in Delta, BC.

      As for the US shipment going to Chicago, I'm pretty sure it's going by boat. Three weeks doesn't seem like enough time to do that, but those are the dates they gave me. I'll look into it more.

    15. Frank Branham

      @Brandon The US shipment has to be landing in Seattle/LA then going by rail/truck to Chicago. 3 weeks isn't enough time to make the longer canal run. In general, most large central distribution companies ship from the midwest because I think it is cheaper to ship from there.

    16. Strogar on

      fulfillment companies get a big container truck of stuff so it would not matter if you lived right next to the port as stuff was unloaded from the ship, it all goes on a truck to the shipping company before sending it out.
      almost all of my mail actually goes down to Florida before being sorted and driven back up to Georgia due to the way that the USPS sorts the mail now (a big sorting facility is in Jacksonville), so it takes an extra day to get anything if USPS has it.

    17. Miranda Folland on

      Great news!

      I'm curious about the Canada shipment. You say that the ports are close to the fulfillment centres? Isn't the fulfillment centre for Canada in Toronto? That's a 3-4 day truck drive from the port in Vancouver. I live in Vancouver. You surely couldn't be sending my game that arrives in Vancouver all the way to Toronto only to be sent back to me in Vancouver, are you?

    18. rashktah

      So we look at a mid-February release in Germany? Waiting is the hardest part... :-D

    19. Brandon D. Scott on

      Why is the US shipment going to Chicago? And how? Via Los Angeles? Just curious is all.

    20. Brian C on

      Now the real wait begins..

    21. Missing avatar

      Richard Trout on

      Ouch. Talk about a slow boat from China for us Aussies.

    22. Dave Thomas

      Yeah! Great to see things moving along nicely!