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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
4,904 backers pledged $386,104 to help bring this project to life.

The Next Leg of Our Journey: Shipping Update 1

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

A wonderful day to you residents of Gloomhaven!

Production has officially ended on the Gloomhaven project and now we are in the process of getting all those pallets of games onto boats and off into your merry hands. There's still some scheduling to be done, I think, so the games aren't quite on the boats yet, but I fully expect by next update I will have call signs for the boats so that you can follow them in real time! That's always fun.

What I'd like to do now, as we begin the shipping phase, is let you know how everything is going to go down, so that we can all have clear expectations and remain calm as we patiently wait out the final step of this venture. Like adults.

So first off that I will say that I want to get people their games as soon as possible. I know some Kickstarter creators try and make sure everyone gets their games around the same time, but, well, the trip to get games delivered in China is a lot shorter than the trip to get games delivered in Europe, and I don't see any point in delaying that.

So deliveries will be broken up into 5 areas of the world:

  • 1. China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan: This is a very small section, but it will be the first, and it will be the fastest, given that it requires no freight shipping. There is also a bit of a story here. Initially, I was planning on shipping all games in Asia and the Pacific islands out through China very quickly after production, but then the game grew to 10 kg and, for some reason unknown to me, shipping out of China explodes with increased weight. I talked with a friend from One Moment Games, and he was able to get me cheap enough shipping rates to these three countries, but for everywhere else, the cheapest thing to do was to go through a fulfillment center in Germany. So, I am sincerely sorry to everyone else in Asia who has to wait for their games to circumnavigate the globe. It is supremely silly, and I am still losing a lot of money on those shipments, but it was the cheapest way to go.
  • 2. Australia and New Zealand: This is a pretty short boat ride, so I expect the games will arrive comfortably in January, ideally closer to the beginning of the month. I'm going through Aetherworks, who are great to work with, and I hoping everything goes well with this!
  • 3. Canada and 4. US: Both of these shipments should arrive around the same time (maybe a little earlier in Canada), and they will both be handled by Amazon Fulfillment. I expect these to be delivered by the end of January, but there is always the chance of delays.
  • 5. Europe and everywhere else: So the fulfillment center in Germany, Happyshops, is the stop for everything else. They gave me the best prices on rest-of-the-world shipping, even with having to pay freight shipping and VAT taxes to get everything into the country. I've heard pretty much nothing but good things about Happyshops, except for a couple instances where they were contracted out by Ship Naked, and then there was a problem with communication, mainly because they were communicating through the middleman, Ship Naked. No need for that, so I expect everything will go fine here. It's just a shame that this will be the longest boat ride, so the games probably won't arrive for Europe and the rest of the world until February.

One very important thing to note here is that you don't need to worry about Amazon or other companies skimping on packing materials. Because of the size of the box, each one is in its own separate, thick-walled carton packed by the factory, and includes a very good amount of foam padding. This should speed up and uncomplicate fulfillment significantly, and greatly reduce the chances of your package showing up damaged.

So, onto other news! Paul Grogan has completed his wonderful, comprehensive rules videos for Gloomhaven, and I am happy to share them with you now:


If you hate rule books, you should be able to watch these videos and get everything you need to be able to sit down and start playing the game.

And speaking of videos, I posted a new unboxing video a week or so ago using the final production copy the factory sent me to double-check the exact construction of the box as you will see it when you open your own copy. Sorry the sound quality isn't very good, but hopefully the visuals are exciting!

So, yeah, the factory actually sent me three copies, one for each of the different versions being produced (the Kickstarter version with minis, the version with standees, and the retail version that is only missing the "thank you" card). And if you are wondering if you can have one of those final factory copies, well, umm, no you can't.

These copies have been sent off into the wild, where you may have noticed some people talking about them on social media. They are in the hands of Drive Thru Review, Man Vs. Meeple, and the Brawling Brothers. This wasn't done to make you crazy and jealous, of course. I just wanted to give a few reviewers that I respect and admire a head start on reviewing this beast of a game before its retail release in February.

The worst part is that I don't have more copies to send to all the reviewers I respect and admire. It breaks my heart that I couldn't send advanced copies to Blue Peg, Pink Peg and No Pun Included.

You may also be interested to hear that I sent the one extra earlier production copy I had (without the insert) to Meeple Realty, who, as we speak, are wracking their brains to try and figure out how to make a truly epic insert for the box to match the epic number of components. I for one am interested to see what they come up with.

All right, do you think I've talked enough for one update? Well, sorry, because I have two more things to say.

First of all, edit your address if you need to. The window on this is closing quickly, so look at last update if you need to know how.

Second of all, I'll just throw out one more link, because clearly I haven't linked to enough things yet. It's kind of embarrassing to be on the BGG most anticipated list for 2016 and 2017, but your post-Gloomhaven lives have almost begun, and if you're excited about that, I would appreciate a thumb.

Third of all, have a merry Christmas and I'll see you in two weeks!


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    1. Charley Heuertz on

      I just now watched all videos. My passion for gloomhaven has been rekindled! I (again) want the game so bad now...

    2. Charley Heuertz on

      I just now watched all videos. My passion for gloomhaven has been rekindled! I (again) want the game so bad now...

    3. AKASlaphappy

      So look forward to getting this game in my hand.

    4. Ravendas on

      Izlude, backers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan actually get theirs first! It's just shipping from China to other countries in Asia apparently have extra costs attached. This game has already grown in size and weight so much, I understand that Isaac has to take the cheapest method to get it into your hands. Even then, you're getting the game for less than it cost to make/ship to you, so don't be too hard on him.

      I have a friend or two in Taiwan that backed this, I'm excited to see how quick they get it :)

    5. Missing avatar

      NeonJuggler on

      It's probably a personality flaw of mine. When people post passive-aggressive things like that I tend to call them out on it.
      Things like "But that's ok, Asian backers must be a minority as usual, so nobody gives a damn." really get me going. Especially when it's clear you've done everything that's humanly possible to keep everyone satisfied.

    6. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Also, NeonJuggler, man, there is no need to be combative.

    7. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Izlude, where are you getting 4-5 months? You should have it in around 2 months along with the European backers.

    8. Missing avatar

      NeonJuggler on

      Yeah! Poor Asian minorities! In fact I'm pretty sure Isaac did his best to make your experience as bad as possible. Probably put chopped-up baby parts in your boxes instead of standees just to annoy you. He's just cruel like that, you know.

    9. Izlude on

      "I am sincerely sorry to everyone else in Asia who has to wait for their games to circumnavigate the globe. It is supremely silly, and I am still losing a lot of money on those shipments, but it was the cheapest way to go."
      This really put a damper on my enthusiasm towards this game. I can't say I'm looking forward to it anymore. As a backer in Japan, it means that I won't receive anything for another 4-5 months from now when everybody else will be playing it in a month or two. But that's ok, Asian backers must be a minority as usual, so nobody gives a damn.

    10. ionas on

      Thumb-Up on BGG and Gloomhaven will for sure become THE #1 ANTICIPATED GAME of 2017.
      Gogo Guys!
      VOTE HERE:
      Standing here:

    11. Paul Bryant on

      That's March, April and Mays weekend gaming taken care of :)

    12. Missing avatar

      NeonJuggler on

      Be patient like adults? Ha! I live in Europe, you insensitive clods! I have to wait until february to get gaming while you all happily chug away on one mission after the other, you bastards!
      I'll curse and curse and curse until my game arrives. That should teach you a lesson or two about being luckier than me! Patient like an adult, pfah!

    13. rashktah

      I'm not entirely thrilled about Happyshops at the moment. As it stands, they already have all the copies of Santorini for the german backers in their hands but won't start delivering before the 3th of January. Bummer. Nice to know that the last leg of the journey has started though. I'm really looking forward to the next update in two weeks. Hopefully al games will be on the big wide sea by then.

    14. Numbat on

      Excellent! Thanks Issac.

    15. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      None of you need to worry, Rahdo is getting a copy of the game!

      Also, Numbat, there will be five clear plastic stands included in the standee version.

    16. Missing avatar

      Charlotte on

      I've had very good experiences with Happy Shops so far, so I'm happy you chose them, Isaac! Let's hope this one goes smoothly, too.

      For what it's worth, I also know about the project only because of Rahdo.

      Merry Christmas and happy new year, Gloomhavenists!

    17. ionas on

      38x Thumb-Up on BGG and Gloomhaven becomes THE #1 ANTICIPATED GAME of 2017.
      Gogo Guys!

      VOTE HERE:
      Standing here:

    18. Missing avatar

      Spoof on

      Happy days! Here's to smooth sailing.

      As a Japan guy I am extremely envious of you right now. And it blows my mind that it is cheaper to ship this beast around the world once than it is to ship it across the East China sea.

      Does anyone have any idea how Happyshops does their off continent fulfillment? If they use air freight then I suppose I might see the game in late February or eary March. If they rail it to through Russia then late March. But if it goes back on a boat in Europe then that will push it into April or May (yikes!). It's silly but I'd like to adjust my expectations.

      And thanks, Issac, for all of your hard work. 乾杯�

    19. ionas on

      Ship Naked sucks, But Happyshops is really really good. Spiral Galaxy Games also did good fulfilment. Looking forward

    20. ionas on

      ROFL @:

      > So, I am sincerely sorry to everyone else in Asia who has to wait for their games to circumnavigate the globe. It is supremely silly, ... but it was the cheapest way to go.

    21. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I am in Australia and Aetherworks have never missed a beat on the kickstarter games delivered to me.

    22. Numbat on

      Issac, that looks great – can hardly wait!

      I have a question about the hero standee version.
      Will there be an individually coloured stand for each hero?
      Or four extra stands in a third colour?
      Or something else?

    23. eclipse on

      Awesome news Issac !!! Can't believe we are almost there I am pretty excited about this and have started combing through the ability deck to choose my starting Hero . The rules videos are awesome as well �� definitely something to keep me busy to understand the rules while waiting for the game to arrive

    24. Gutris

      Also, your boy Rahdo should get a final copy too, he's the entire reason I knew about your projects.

      Also also, thanks for shipping everything out and not worrying about who gets what first. As a China guy, that's awesome and I can't wait to start adventuring with my group! Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

    25. Rigel Anderson

      Very excited for this. Even more excited for Gloomhaven 1.5 to generate $15 million next November...what? Too soon?

    26. Missing avatar


      What will the standee version look like? I got this one with separate minis.

    27. Locclo on

      It's happening!

      Man, I am super excited for this. Game looks awesome. And for as much as these delays have been a real bummer, if the game gets here around the end of January, it'll get here right around the time of my birthday.

      Can't wait!

    28. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Yes, the book has everything you need. And if you have questions, I've already posted a FAQ on BGG:

    29. Edward


      For those of us who do like reading the rule books and not having to rely on YouTube to learn how to play the game...the books is good right?

    30. Missing avatar

      Antonio on

      great news!
      great game!
      Thank you very much for all your (and of other people involved) work on this great project

    31. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Words fail me ... I cannot express how impressed I am with what I'm seeing of the game and with how you managed this Kickstarter. Thank you.

    32. glang on

      I hope gets their hands on a copy too. I loved what they did for Scythe.