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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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One Year Later: Production Update 5

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Happy anniversary, residents of Gloomhaven!

It is kind of crazy to think about, but It has been over a year now since we first started this adventure together. I could while away about how I'm frustrated it's taking so long, but you've all heard that song plenty of times before. Instead I'm here to rejoice that after one incredibly eventful year, the journey to getting the game to your doorstep is nearing completion!

The factory says they'll be finished with production by early next month, and then we're just a boat ride and a couple truck rides away from getting all your pledges fulfilled.

I really don't have much else to say this week other than that updated production schedule. Everything seems to be running smoothly over in China. Well, we did just sort of have a small thing where Josh realized a few of the scenario location stickers that go on the map board actually overlapped with the folds in the board, which is kinda bad, but we're dealing with it.

Oh, hey, one other thing I did want to share with you all is a finalized rule book. I should have made this available once it was finalized, but it got kinda crazy there when we were getting all the files uploaded and I forgot. We'll get it up on BGG shortly as well.

Okay, last thing is that I have decided to go to Essen this year, so I am looking forward to seeing some of you there! I will have one or two advance production copies to show off, but unfortunately I won't have copies to actually sell at that point. They'll be on a boat somewhere because it is too expensive to air-freight them over in time for the show. But if you're the kind to torture yourself, you should come by and see all the cool stuff you'll be getting in the box a month before you actually get it.

I haven't been given a booth number yet, but I'll let you know when I do. Anyway, that's all I have to say. See you all later!


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    1. Mathias Heilmann on

      Awesome, I'll see you in Essen!

    2. Midgar on

      @Chang, Initialy the attack modifier deck has 1 null card and one 2X card. Both these cards have a reshuffle symbol on them, which means that you must take your discard pill and reshuffle them back into the deck modifier deck (at the end of your turn current, I believe). So you will not necessarily go through your deck since there ( the null and 2X cards) position in the deck are random. You can get one early or late, it basically comes down to a race between the two. So if you are lucky you will get the 2X and not the null. If you are really lucky you will only reshuffle via the 2X card.

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam D. Smith on

      @Ian Can change address, behind the blue 'view pledge' button above and right.

    4. Eamon Burke on

      I'd rather have it good than fast, take your time, do it right.

      You should consider doing a weekly, informal YouTube video where you answer rules questions for the first month or two. There will be endless rules questions. You can just burn through them really fast.

    5. ionas on

      Can you double-sleeve the ability cards (if they are 100% MTG size you will be able to)?

    6. The Redheaded Pharmacist

      I'm really excited to get this in the mail and to try it out. The rulebook looks very well done. Thanks for the update!

    7. Ryan T.

      Woot Woot!

    8. Erich Cranor

      Looks great! Minor note on rules, page 13 monster type example, the colors of the tiny icons in the text match the explanation, but the big picture doesn't match at all.

    9. ionas on makes little sense for an URL only related to gloomhaven makes more of a sense.

    10. ionas on

      I think it would be cool if it didn't overlap, given that you can't undo the stickers.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Isaac--my wife and I just moved in a rather spur-of-the-moment decision. How do I update my shipping address with you?

    12. rashktah

      Awesome update, Isaac! I'm looking forward to visiting you at SPIEL this year!!! :D :D :D

    13. Tony Cotterill on

      I don't see a problem with the stickers overlapping board bends. Just get a scalpel and slice the sticker through the bend or join. It'll then fold away and rejoin when you play.

    14. Mathew G Somers on

      So many minor little changes, haha… Nothing too thorough here, since it is final, but I do have a few questions, and I did notice a number of small problems that I figured I might as well call to the attention of future Isaac.

      1) In the Components section, why have the images of the starting character minis been replaced with their hex-shaped artwork -- Are they “hidden” away upon opening the game, as well?

      2) What are these 4 Player Reference cards?

      3) On page 7, the “Trample” card has a white box next to the Jump, where before there was a Jump symbol… Is this an error?

      4) The border around the Bosses’ stat cards seems larger, is this just to better offset them from the normal enemies in the game?

      5) Viewing page 13, I’d take a wild guess and say that the monster image in the hex on the right should have been brightened up, right?

      6) I noticed that on page 21, there appear to be words typed in white that partially obstruct the “b” text under Area Effects, though I think the text is still readable.

      7) For whatever reason, the “Boss” ability deck on page 32 has been changed to the ability deck for the “Spitting Drake”.

      8) Looking at the three different card types on page 38, it seems the “Boots” item should have been the larger image on the left, as opposed to the back of the card, just to follow suit with the other two card types, yeah?

      9) Hmm, I don’t know how big of a problem this one may be, but on page 40, the image of the “Achievements” section of the map board does not match those found on previous pages of the rule book, i.e. it does not say “Global Achievements” and all of the banners appear in place… I hope that doesn’t spoil anything for folks?

      And well, that about does it. All the minor aesthetic changes here and there are nice, with the exception of one, in my opinion, but it’s probably best I say nothing, haha… I especially liked the absence of the “dotted line” -- I would imagine things look a bit cleaner in certain places, now. And although the decision to make the Character and Party sheets black and white was more probably a financial choice, I really think it’s made the “Perks” section feel much tidier, so a big “Yay for savings!” And overall? I CAN’T WAIT!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Antonio on

      edit: sorry, but it is an artefact of the browser when I read from drive. After downloading and opening with acrobat the SHIELD BASH disappeared (do not know why)

    16. Missing avatar

      Antonio on

      on the pdf rules: at pag 18 where it's written initiative is no longer ... bla bla, the blue words SHIELD BASH are over the rules lines ... just to advice

    17. Missing avatar

      Antonio on

      I'm going crazy in excitement with this kickstarter ... never happen before but it seems to me the ideal DC I have ever waited for and it is so close arriving in my hands ... Only now I can understand Gollum feelings ;-)

      by the way thanks for updating us so clearly and frequently

      just a question ... what do you suggest to envelope other than the action cards? and which even lope format do we need (just to have them when the game arrive)

      thank you again!

    18. RavenMad on

      Thanks for the update, Isaac. The rule book looks brilliant! Really well laid out and soooo glad you put the handy reference on the back page. Job done well :)

    19. chang on

      @Isaac could you remind me something... attack modifier, how many null cards are they in the personal deck? I remember reading that it was just one, but can recall where..

      And I understand this right, if I get lucky and the null do not appear until the end of the deck then that means I can go a whole deck without missing... evil tempting thoughts :)

      I`m loving the rulebook so far, very well done

    20. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update! I hope you found out about that board/sticker issue before the manufacturer started printing them, or that you can find a decent workaround to avoid wasting stuff.

    21. chang on

      I want to go to essen more and more!!

      btw THANKS for update rulebook
      at glaze looks fancy...
      gonna read now :)

    22. Chantal Noordeloos

      Oh!! This goes on my 'must see at Essen' list! Will try to pop by! We're only there Thursday and there's so much to see