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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
4,904 backers pledged $386,104 to help bring this project to life.

Everything is Away: Post-Kickstarter week 37

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

A belated greetings to all you residents of Gloomhaven,

I have just now gotten back from an amazing time at Origins and now have the capacity to bring you the update you deserve.

The big news that we were all waiting for is that we have uploaded all files to the printer to begin the printing process. And when I say all the files, I actually mean, like, 99.9% of the files, since we were working with the manufacturer on the ideal sizes for the individual boxes for the minis, and then I got distracted by Origins and didn't get back to Josh until about an hour ago. Everything else is good though, and that last 0.1% is totally my fault.

So, be sure that if you wanted to add anything to your pledge, and you haven't done it yet, to do it now because the next step is to determine how many of each version to make. After that, I will unfortunately have to refuse your requests to add stuff.

Oh, also, here's the back of the box. I think it's pretty great!

So, the other big news I want to share with you before I collapse from exhaustion is that I received the second batch of minis from the manufacturer and, holy crap, they are really, really great. Compared to the first batch, it is like night and day. They took all our fixes and delivered a quality that I can truly be proud of.

I showed them to a lot of people at Origins, some of them hard-core minis gamers, and everyone was really impressed with them. I could not be happier right now.

Here are some pictures for you:

Mindthief, Scoundrel and Brute front
Mindthief, Scoundrel and Brute front


Mindthief, Scoundrel and Brute back
Mindthief, Scoundrel and Brute back


Mindthief close-up
Mindthief close-up


Tinkerer close-up
Tinkerer close-up


Brute first batch and second batch comparison. Also Crystal Steve in the background.
Brute first batch and second batch comparison. Also Crystal Steve in the background.

So I also just want to apologize if I haven't gotten back to a message you sent me in the last few days. Conventions are a chaotic time, but I will be getting to all my emails tomorrow.

Thanks a lot for being patient, and have a great week!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Damon on

      @Drake - Scroll down to the start of these comments and read the 4th one up from Isaac explaining how to update your pledge :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Drake Coker

      Anyone remember where the pledge manager is? Now that the miniatures aren't lame, I'd like to increase my pledge.

    3. Josh McDowell on

      I do have the standees as different sizes.

    4. Kjetil Kvale Sørenssen on

      What I love most about the minis are how much bigger the different races are in size, compared to the prototypes we saw in the Kickstarter campaign. The Brute looks MASSIVE compared to even the Scoundrel, not to mention the little Vermling.

      Will this size difference also be pronounced in the standees, or will the Standees just look like they did on the kickstarter page? Kinda tempted to upgrade for the size difference alone.

    5. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Them being board game miniatures and looking at the price point, I did not expect great miniatures, but decent ones. Happy to say, they are a lot better than I expected ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Johannes Bartosch on

      Wow the new version of the miniatures looks great, better than I ever expected. What manufacturer do you use for this?

      I also like the boxdesign, however I think the picture of the game needs to show a more complex/more exciting encounter, if it's supposed to spark buyer-interest on shelves, but imo that should be a PR choice.
      In any case, right now, imo it really looks steril compared to the game-pictures of other dungeon crawlers on back of their game boxes.

      In any case, good luck with production, I'm really looking forward to play this game.

    7. Dominik Kanzian on

      what a massive box :-D....
      i like big boxes and i cannot lie ;-)

      well done sir!!!!

    8. Ravendas on

      Think I'm going to have to increase my amount later today for the minis...
      Sorry for the procrastinating!

    9. Jedra7609

      @Neva - my eyes are not good enough to see that! Missing a CE mark when you should have one or having a CE mark without the certification has held up many a game I have Kickstarted!

    10. Missing avatar

      Damon on

      After this update, I just had to increase my pledge to include the minis :)
      Nice work!

    11. Mark Rintjema on

      @ Isaac Fantastic job and phenomenal communication throughout.
      @ Josh Thank you for all the long hours and creativity you've put into this project.
      You guys have created something very special here!

      I cannot wait to drop this massive box on my gaming table and listen to the "thump"! :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Well Done. Cannot wait to play but like someone else mentioned "the map tiles on the back of the box look really, really bland." I would have thought you would have some more pieces on there like gold tokens some traps, maybe even show off a non-rectangle tile or two. I have to say, it won't stop me ordering it because i already have :-)

    13. Blodhemn on

      Very contrasting difference between bottom of the box and the lid. Only thing I am not a fan of are the top third sides of the lid, too colorful. Other than that I love the whole box.
      The big difference with the mini's seems to be the use of different plastics and what a difference it is! Awesome

    14. Missing avatar

      Charlotte on

      I'm not getting any minis, but these new ones do look really good! Congrats! :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Neva Kee on

      If you look closely, 14+ is exactly what it says on the box.
      Cool stuff!!

      Sadly this also means that the intense time of this campaign is finally over and now the real "waiting" begins.

      Thanks for this enjoyable and informative experience up until this point - it was really a joy!

    16. Jedra7609

      Isaac - I don't see a CE mark on the back of the box - are you planning on making the game 14+ so you don't need CE testing in the EU?

    17. Felix on

      First off: Congrats on getting it all done :) Can't wait to hold this in my hands. Just have to ask: To what extent do thos minis represent the quality of what we will actualy get? I don't really know alot about the mini-making process but should we expect some loss of detail when the go to mass-production?

    18. Christian Wolff on

      Wow! The Box Looks Massive. also the new Miniatures are looking Really good.
      can't Wait to get Gloomhaven into my hands and play it with my friends.

    19. Chantal Noordeloos

      Wow!! What a difference!!! The new minis look fantastic! Great detail! Can't wait to paint them

    20. Josh McDowell on

      Files uploaded to the printer now total 100%! Over a year of night and weekend work has come to an end. Now what to do with my time?

    21. rashktah

      Everything is looking really good, but the map tiles on the back of the box look really, really bland. Weren't these redone by the new gameboard tiles artist? Maybe you'd like to change this bit of the printing files to make it 'pop' more?

    22. Missing avatar

      Christopher McDonough

      Now just the waiting... the worst part!

    23. Eamon Burke on

      Hype level increased!

    24. Pedro Rama da Silva on

      Wow, congrats on reaching the final steps :) Everything looks amazing hehe :) I think the back of the cover does not even begin to convey the massive amount of content and the epicness the game has. It just has so much that the photos can't tell. cannot wait to play this :)

    25. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Aron, just send the difference in the pledge amount via Paypal to, including your Kickstarter ID and specific info about what it is for in the notes. You should be able to figure out the difference by looking at the pledge amounts on the main page or the survey.

    26. Jonette on

      Thumbs up!
      Thanks Isaac.

    27. aron aka jello on

      So, if we did want to add the minis (for example) what would the process be and what's our cut-off date looking like? I'm still all about full standees for the game, but the minis are looking both pretty enough and a good enough value that I might want to toss them in just to paint.. particularly to let the 8 year old give a it a shot as I'm not risking a game-piece doing so. =)

    28. Josh N. on

      Those minis look a LOT better! Awesome!

      Congrats on getting (almost) everything done, looking forward to the game!