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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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Exciting, Amazing Things: Post-Kickstarter week 35

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Oh, hello there, residents of Gloomhaven!

I hope everyone's week went well. Mine was very busy as we get close to finishing editing things and organizing everything for the printers. There is a lot to organize, but I am still confident that be should be send files to the printer next week. It might be late next week, but, still, we're getting close.

Editing the scenario book is still proving to be a horrible beast of many heads, but with the help of Jim, Mathew and Marcel, it is looking pretty good at this point. Honestly, I don't know where I would be without them, but with their help, the beast should be slain soon, and I for one am excited at the prospect of not having to look at that thing anymore.

But anyway, let's get on to more exciting things. As some of you may have seen on BoardGameGeek, the new box looks like it is going to be 11.5"x16"x7.5", quite a bit bigger than initially expected. What I can show you now is the new 3D box image Josh has made.

I'll be putting this up on BoardGameGeek soon so that you can get a better view. Beautiful!

Josh has also been busy fielding my never-ending edits to the rule book, so I'd like to share the latest version of that with you, as well. This is more-or-less final, outside of a couple updates to the contents page. Let us know if you spot anything wrong!

And if that wasn't enough, Josh has also sent me the world map, complete with all 95 images of the scenarios in their proper place. Obviously I'm not going to show you that spoiler-laden image, but I can tell you that it is amazing! My wife thinks the map is amazing, too, in case you wanted a third-party opinion.

Oh, and lastly I wanted to apologize if I have been slow in getting back to you regarding any messages you may have sent me. I've just been keeping my head down and getting done as much as possible, but I've reserved some time tomorrow to address your pressing inquiries.

I think that's it! We're getting close! See you next week!

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    1. DZero

      Well, I finally just finished reading all the way through the rulebook, and now I'm all revved up to play again! (And I REALLY want to play "Black Barrow" and "Barrow Lair" since I've seen/read so much about them) A few more typos to add to the list:
      1) Page 25-Shield
      A “Shield X” bonus ability give the target a defender's bonus that reduces any incoming attack value by X.
      It should say " the target a defense bonus that..." (Grammatically speaking that better, unless "Defender's" is a thing).
      2) Page 34-Right above Campaign Overview
      Continuing from @msmith83's note, the term "C" is used again in """...and “C” is used to denote the number of characters."""
      3) Page 42-Second to last sentence
      Not actually a typo, but the sentence says "gold equal to 15x(L+1), where L is their starting level."; the use of the mathematical formula feels awkward, perhaps say "30 gold plus 15 gold per level after the first." or something along those lines.
      4) Page 46-Elemental enhancement Stickers
      In the descriptive text the universal element symbol is slightly offset so it partially covers the following word "the". It's possible that this is reader-specific (I'm using Goodreader on my iPad) but I thought I'd mention it.

      A couple other notes and questions on things I noticed while reading through:
      A) Page 39-City and Road Event Cards
      In the images of the example cards used, the thematic text [C] is aligned justified; based solely on these two examples it seems kind of awkward (looking back on it, it appears to just be the City card and not the Road card). If possible, I believe they would look better if the text was left-aligned (but still indented). I don't know why, but justified text always bugs me (especially when you see it abused in newspaper articles with narrow columns).
      Also on the same page, the back of the City card (#05) says "repuation" instead of "reputation" in the bottom half.
      B) From a design point of view I'm curiose: why does the game feel like it's trying to force the players to compete? For example: concealing battle goals and personal quests (this I can partly understand from the example on pg 38, though rereading it I'm not sure if they are concealed), or from pg 27 "Money tokens are kept in a player's personal supply and are not shared with the other players." and pg 43 "Players cannot trade money or items." They seem like aodd and arbitrary restrictions, since the game is supposed to be cooperative, and it could force players to play non-optimally (e.g. in situations where a characters hand has been whittled down, or when they're low on health, they may prefer to stand back and pick up loot for the party, but then they can't split it with the other players, so everyone has to waste time going around picking stuff up if everyone wants some).
      C) An idea I had from looking at pg 43: a check-off sheet for cards that have been unlocked, as well as for cards that are owned by a given character (e.g. If you have two parties playing with the same game, the item cards are shared between them, as are the unlocked items in the store, so check-off sheets would make tracking of the available card choices (and owned card tracking) easier). Having a "World Check-Off Sheet" where things like the unlocked item cards (or any other permanent unlockable that's not tracked on the map) would be convenient, should be straightforward to make (just a list of "__##" for each item card number, just place a mark in the lines before; or alternatively it could be a box), and since it's purely optional it could be provided as a downloadable pdf.
      D) As an extension of (C), have you come up with a solution to the "permanence" problem? I.E. The issue of replayability of the game once the map is filled. Will you be providing an optional replacement map w/ sticker sheets, a guide to repacking the envelopes & other hidden containers, not to mention replacement cards for any that had been upgraded (I didn't even know that was a thing until I saw it in the rules, sounds awesome but potentially complex)?
      E) On pg 49 you have a check-off list "Special Conditions for Opening Envelopes". This would also be useful to have in the World Check-Off Sheet mentioned in (C) above.

      A couple final requests from reading through it over the last week:
      -Any chance you can do something about the file size? The pages take forever to load (sometimes upwards of 10 seconds, which is frustrating when your looking for something since it compounds with each page you flip). I could be wrong, but I believe there are compression settings that should speed things up (depending on what tool you're using to generate the PDFs, and how well it optimizes).
      -I know it's not a finished file or anything, but any chance you'll be adding a PDF Outline and/or links? Those greatly speed up file browsing (and make the TOC & Index much more useful in the PDF).

      Sorry I couldn't get this to you sooner, but I hope it helps.

    2. Missing avatar


      page 32,"Bosses’ stats are often based on the number of characters, which is signified by the letter “C” on the boss stat card." But in the picture of the Bandit Commander, his hp is 10 x "P"

    3. Leonardo Villela on

      Hello Isaac,

      Are you desing the insert to hold the cards with sleeve?

    4. Missing avatar

      Neva Kee on

      Ah, I see with the random scenario cards - the confusion was because I was searching the document for the phrase "random scenario" and not "random side scenario", as they are called in the according chapter you mentioned.

    5. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Travis, the back page functions as an index, with page references for all the icons and cards.

      Neva, random scenario cards are discussed on page 38.

    6. Missing avatar

      Neva Kee on

      I could scroll through that rulebook all day to bathe in it's glory!!
      And to think that this only scratches the surface of all the content and possibilities that are in that box...
      Every time I read about Gloomhaven, I am as speechless and in awe as I was the first time I read about it....
      Reading through the components list, I have wondered, what the "random scenario cards" are for? They are not mentioned anywhere else in the rulebook, so I can only imagine that they will be triggered by some event or scenario throughout the campaign, yes?

    7. Travis on

      Please consider including an index; this is nearly essential with a 50+ page rulebook!

    8. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Matthew, the sealed character stuff is accounted for under "character tuck boxes." The sealed envelopes is other stuff.

      Ionas, thanks for the help!

    9. ionas on

      The item card icons have the same issue on the very last page of the rule book.

    10. Strogar on

      wow big box, now I need more shelf space...

    11. ionas on

      Page 48 “new city and road events” … is there twice in one paragraph

    12. ionas on

      Page 18 overlapping text (Shield Bash) on Character turn paragraph

    13. ionas on

      Found an issue with the book (a small): Page 8…
      Some of the item card icons have white “transparency” instead of true transparency

    14. Eric Hallows on

      The box looks great.......well done and keep it up .It will be an awesome game.

    15. ionas on

      If shipping hits you I can promise I’d back 2nd-edition-upgrade-kit + endless-replay-kit.
      Just make sure the gameplay rocks and you don’t get burnout!

    16. ionas on

      I really like the box.

      The front cover could be used on the back end the title moved to the bottom above whatever you like.

      Don’t forget to add list of all bakers to the last pages of the book.

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew Kameron on

      I am confused... in the components section of the rule book it says '3 sealed envelopes'... but don't you need bucketloads... 1 per secret character class + all the other secret objectives/things you have planned?

    18. Lindon Paxton on

      I absolutely hate the front cover of the rule book. The box is full of colour. Also do not make it look like I have spilt things over it. You have plenty of images that you could include. You probably should have a copyright symbol, the name of the company and 2016 (probably bottom of the front cover).

    19. Missing avatar

      Charlotte on

      The box looks amazing, but I'm not sure I'll actually be able to store it... :D

    20. Pietro Esposti on

      The box looks truly AWESOME!

    21. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      The box is beautiful. As good as if not better than a lot of boxes by big companies. Really awesome.
      Looking at the rules, I think this will be an immense game.
      Add to that that the creator keeps us well-informed and I think this here is a model Kickstarter project.

    22. rashktah

      The image of the game box is nothing less than awesome. And I'll be getting two of those monsters... :D :D :D

    23. Michael Paal on

      awesome : )

      is it still possible to add additional copies to the pledge? If my friends see all this, I am sure they also want a copy ;)

    24. Dimitar on

      Every time I look at the rulebook I am amazed at the scope of this game. Really amazing work!

    25. Missing avatar

      Joshua Aaron Martin on

      Thanks Isaac! You have been incredibly upfront about everything so far so I cannot see a need for you to apologize. Your weekly updates have kept us informed and excited for your work to finally hit the presses and I am glad to have contributed to bring your dream to fruition. Just the fact that everything you have done that you wanted to keep safe for a sense of wonder and excitement had spoiler tags makes me appreciate these updates all the more. Thanks for the dedication! Hope this game finds as much success as it deserves and more. The box looks beastly, cannot wait to have it fashioned proudly on my shelves (though I might need bigger shelves).

    26. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Yay! Sorry about that.

    27. DZero

      Both links seem to work now.

    28. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Okay, I think I turned link sharing on now, but in case that link still doesn't work, you can try this one:…

    29. Josh McDowell on

      Hey. Tell Josh he forgot to change out some of the elemental status boards...

    30. Peter Cox on

      Awesome! You're not taking a hit on shipping I hope?!

    31. Edward


    32. Rich

      Clicking on the link for the latest version of the rules just gets me:
      "You need permission
      Want in? Ask the owner for access, or switch to an account with permission."