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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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Demos and Miniatures: Post-Kickstarter week 33

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Hello residents of Gloomhaven!

I guess I ended up a little late with the update. I thought I'd have time during Geekway to the West to write something up, but it was just too jam-packed with awesomeness. Basically 18 hours straight of demoing Gloomhaven and playing other games every single day.

I don't want to spend too much time talking about it - I'll probably write about it on my website on Tuesday - but I will say that it was definitely the best convention I've ever attended by myself. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, I had a blast making so many new friends.

I do want to give a brief shout-out to Tim and Todd, who ended up playing Gloomhaven three times over the course of the convention and helped test out some of the crazy advanced scenarios. And Kevin, who let me play his beautiful painted copy of Star War Rebellion with him.

Okay, but you're here for an update on Gloomhaven, so enough of that. I actually received the miniature samples from the factory the day before I left, so I got to show them off, which was cool. There were a lot of mistakes that needed correcting, so they are far from final, but they were definitely promising.

The plastic they used was a weird, almost translucent color that made some of the detail fuzzy, and they were too glossy, so we'll be changing that. There is some loss of detail between these and the harder plastic models I showed earlier, as expected, but overall I am happy with how the first iteration turned out.

Here are pictures of the Cragheart and Mindthief:

 Again, just to reiterate: these are not final. The color is not right, and we are working to reduce the gloss and make the bases flush, and those weird brown flecks will obviously not be there.

Other than that, editing and graphic design continues. I'm still hoping to get the files delivered in a couple weeks so we can start the proofing process. At that time, I will also reduce the frequency of these updates, since news will likely be coming in a little slower after that.

But, yeah, did I mention I was at a convention all weekend? I really need to get some sleep now. Good night!

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    1. chang on

      @Tim awesome! thanks... man I cant wait for this...

      @Isaac so already shipping? lol

    2. Bruce Monson on

      By modern standards, these minis are pretty sub-par. I guess I have become spoiled with all the minis-rich games I have purchased over the past few years. Personally, the standees were fine with me. But this is about THE GAME anyway!

    3. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Tim, I'm so glad to have met you and your brother, and it is great that we could make each other's convention experiences more awesome!

      Kevin, your confidence in the miniatures means a lot to me, especially given the painting work for Zombicide and Mice & Mystics that you showed me. And I'm happy you liked the game, too!

    4. Kevin Marema on

      I saw figures in person at Geekway and I'll concur that the quality is MUCH better than what the pictures show. Once Isaac and his manufacturer can agree on the final material, I think everyone will be happy with the results. I'm a long time miniature painter and I'm pretty excited to see what I can do with the minis.

      About the game itself, Isaac and I fiiiiinally got a chance to play it on Saturday evening (our epic game of Star Wars: Rebellion completely ate up Friday evening), and all I've been able to think about is when I can play it again. I'm a huge fan of dungeon crawlers and I've got quite a collection of them built up. I keep searching for one that gets everything right, but all the ones I have just seem to lack one element or another that prevents me from going back to them time and again. From what I've experienced with Gloomhaven so far, this game seems to get just about everything right. I love the AI for the monsters, the card based combat, the real feeling of character advancement, the deck building element, and the constant difficult decisions.

      Is this the game that finally makes me give all my other dungeon crawlers the boot? Time will tell, but I have to say I couldn't be more excited to get that heavy box delivered to me.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tim Thomas on

      Todd and I registered for the event without prior knowledge that Isaac would be there until a couple days before the convention when we found out through Kickstarter. Prior to this, we had privately discussed the prospect, but we weren't expecting anything. Then we found out he was going to be there. Shortly after we found out, we contacted him, he responded, and he showed up. We weren't expecting to play Gloomhaven, nor did we want to press the issue because we've done a little bit of game development/testing ourselves. It's a lot of work, and sometimes you just want a break, totally understandable. Still, the idea was exciting.

      Well, we played Gloomhaven. Isaac was more than gracious with allowing us the opportunities - Dream scenario: accomplished. Now, if you would have told us that we would have 3 of those day playing Gloomhaven and we'd play some other games outside Gloomhaven with Isaac on top of it, it was nothing short of the best possible scenario for the convention. I will say though, never play La Granja with him. He took us to the cleaners, or to the farm, or whatever expression you'd like to use. Either way, he clearly knows how to farm.

      @Isaac - Todd and I had just as much fun! Thanks for the kudos! If you ever need any help going forward keep us in the loop. As we were heading back to ol' farmlands of opportunity (not La Granja), Iowa, we couldn't help but reminisce over your game. I may have some board game friends going to Gen Con in August. If you're planning on being there, I can shoot them your way. They're a good group of guys.

      @Chang - It was everything we both had hoped it would be thus far. Reality matched closely to what we've read/seen. He's definitely keeping you in the loop if you've been keeping up with his posts. I played the Spellweaver and Todd played the Tinkerer. We focused on combat and leveling up some of the characters in between the scenarios with some items being used. I won't comment on what scenarios for a variety of reasons, but they were different, unique, and fun with cool battle goals for each combat. I found myself desiring more after each session. I wanted to know how the world was going to tie into the combat (even though we didn't get a chance to see it), more backstory, play more characters, etc. One of the things I also noticed, probaby moreso with the Spellweaver than other classes, is the tension between picking lower initiative cards that deal less damage but won't get lost (discarded instead) and higher imitative/lost after usage cards that are pretty awesome. After leveling, I focused on specializing in a couple of elements rather than spreading the elements out. That seemed to work nicely for my character. It was also nice to see that you could use some elements that other characters used, which came in handy on a couple occassions during different combat phases. There was this cool synergistic effect of using elements that your teammates had used. If it is this fun already, I'm definitely excited to see how he modifies and changes things going forward.

    6. Wes, Atalantes Ekdromoi Hoplite

      Specks are probably polymer degradation for not using the right stabilizer or thermal resistant additive against the high the gloss just too much mold release?

    7. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Chang, I am happy with the molds (outside of a few specific issues like bent or broken weapons that need to be fixed). The color and gloss is just an issue of the material going into the mold, which shouldn't cause any big delays.

    8. chang on

      ph btw @Tim and @Todd if you read this.. any pics? feedback?

    9. chang on

      The mini look ok, exc for weird white and gloss. THAT SAID, I didn't order the mini version, I care about the game no the minis. So I would ask ONE favor, if this become another "this mini need improving snowball" which I would understand where people are coming from, they pay for good mini.. BUT..

      @Isaac would it be at all possible to no delay the non-mini backers if the mini end up being the only thing that continue to need "improvement" and stopping production / deliver? would REALLY appreciated. Thanks

    10. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Those miniatures are probably better than they look. That type of white plastic is very difficult to photograph so you can see the details. Maybe a simple brown wash could do wonders here, grey color also will help.

    11. Dagda

      I picked up Project Elite in Essen and will not play it again until I get better miniatures. The game is good, but the minis are so ugly, they negate all the fun. In my opinion the delays are well justified for that game.

    12. GhostWolf69 on

      Yeah...Please don't make this mini-quality issue delay the whole project. I would personally rather HAVE the game and play it with other minis, than not have the game at all for another year or two. I say this because of other Kickstarter Projects going down this rabbit hole and never to surface again. (quick glance over at "Project: Elite" and shivers...)

      So to me, I would not cry about getting minis as posted, even if I was hoping for better, you know. It's okay in my book.

    13. Dagda

      I wouldn't mind a delay if the minis look as good as possible- but that might be unpopular with other backers. Still, I would like to get this game in top notch quality, which includes the best miniatures available.

    14. Gutris

      Yup, this will be interesting. I got both and I couldn't care less, but I do have to say the hard ones looked better. Whatever helps financially and with the timeline is fine though.

    15. Jedra7609

      Moving in to the world of miniatures was a brave decision. You are going to get people like me, who really don't care what they look like and people who will not accept anything less than top quality 'hobby' miniatures. Brace yourself!

      Thanks for the update though - much appreciated. I am very much looking forward to Gloomhaven.

    16. Tony Cotterill on

      Yes, the hard ones did look better, I'm afraid. But perhaps we've got to settle for what is viable. Colour is not important since I'll be painting them anyway, but the gloss does need to go in case it affects the paint adhesion.
      Good work so far, though.

    17. Dagda

      Thanks for the update, but I just compared the soft plastic pictures to the hard plastic pictures from before and I have to say, I think the hard plastic ones looked WAY better than these. :(
      Soft plastic just can't hold a satisfying amount of detail (at least I've never seen a detailed miniature). :(
      Is there no way to have hard plastic miniatures?