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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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Crossing off the To-Do List: Post-Kickstarter week 27

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Hey there, residents of Gloomhaven!

I greet you with the typical news this week that the project continues to chug along. I've told quite a few people over the last year that I think Gloomhaven is the most content-heavy single-box board game ever created. I know when you add in expansions, stuff like Descent is probably bigger, or maybe you all can think of something more massive, but, still, given the enormity of the this project, I think we're doing pretty well getting everything wrapped up over here.

Two weeks ago, I said that it would take me about two weeks to finish all the little things left to do, and I'm fairly happy with that assessment. Here's the to-do list I made for myself at that time:

  • Refine balance of class ability cards and perks
  • Organize/finalize attack modifier card files
  • Edit town and road event files and finish writing them
  • Develop secret information and insert it into the game
  • Finalize item cards
  • Finalize battle goals
  • Finalize personal quests
  • Finalize monster ability cards
  • Refine balance of monster stat cards and design the remaining bosses

A pretty hefty list, considering the huge amount of cards we're working with, but I am pretty happy with my progress. I still need to refine the perks a bit, write a few more event cards, and do the bulk of the last bullet point, which is what I am spending today and the rest off the weekend on.

After that, I will turn my gaze to the monstrous scenario book, and I will defeat it.

So, the main thing I wanted to share with you all this week is the entirety of the character ability cards, now that they are more-or-less finalized. Yes, all 504 of them.

So first of all, allow me to warn you about spoilers. If you click the first link below, you will enter a folder with six PDF files for the six starting classes. The second folder has eleven files for the other classes. Each files is named "XX Cards," where "XX" is a two-letter abbreviation for the name of the class. I figure that should protect you sufficiently from classes you don't want to know about, but still allow you to find the classes you already know about.

All right, so, as I've already managed to mention a number of times already, there are lots of cards in this game, and the reason I'm sharing all of these with you is just to get as many eyes as possible on these cards to minimize the risk of typos showing up in the printed game.

So that's what you're looking for: typos, inconsistencies in wording or layout, stuff like that. I'm not so much interested in whether you feel like a particular ability is over-powered or under-powered or whatever. It's a complex system, so you'll just have to trust me on stuff like that.

And I know the background graphics are a bit grainy - that's just to reduce file sizes.

Okay, are you ready for the link? Here are the starting classes, and here are the advanced classes.

Also, once again I'd just like to humbly thank play testers Mathew and Marcel for blazing the trail on getting these cards edited and standardized.

So over on Josh's end, he has spent a lot of time putting unique numbers on every card in the game (you can see them at the bottom of the character ability cards). We wanted to get everything numbered to make it easier for all of you to check if any of the cards are missing from a deck and communicate to me what cards those cards are. We'll be doing a separate numbering system for the two card sizes in the game to keep the numbers to three digits.

We also wanted to share some more of the scenario location stickers that Josh has been working hard on. There are 95 of these to scatter all across your world map.

These will all have titles obviously, but I didn't want to spoil anything for you.

And that's it for another week of Gloomhaven! Do you like how I slipped in that bit about secret information? You're all going crazy wondering what that is now, aren't you?

Until next time!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam Wallace on

      For a card like SW 085 where there is an aoe ranged attack can you pick which hex of the aoe is within two range? For example could you have the spell go out left to right two hexes in front of you or does it have to go straight away from the SW?

    2. Ryan Michael on

      Looks great Isaac. Keep up the good work and Boiler up.

    3. Jeroen Paardekooper Overman on

      One more (sorry don't know how to edit): For example card 495: Attack 2, Range 2, Target 2. From what I understand from the rulebook, ADD TARGET: "If a figure triggers an add target effect with an attack action, the figure may add an additional target within range to their attack. All added effects of the attack action are applied to the target, as well, except for effects that would result in additional targets outside of the original added target (i.e. area effects)."
      So this Attack 2, Range 2 action may be preformed on one (or two?) additional target(s). Should the card not read: "Target 2, Attack 2, range 2", if the action should be read from top to bottom? Otherwise I don't understand how add target works...
      Cannot wait till Spetember!

    4. Jeroen Paardekooper Overman on

      Another question: often there is wording of "one ally" or "one summoned ally". Do summoned allies also count as "one ally" or only player allies. And does "self" also count as "one ally"? E.g. heal one ally within range 3. Can this be performed only on another player or alos on a summon and/or oneself?

    5. Jeroen Paardekooper Overman on

      Wow, 504*2=1008 different abilities... With 4 players this is an almost infinite amount of interactions! So excited for this game!

      For card 023: this gives a shield bonus. But how can we keep track of all the stacking bonuses if the card giving the bonus is in the discard pile and cannot be seen anymore? There is no other icon on the card (round, persistent, etc).

    6. Missing avatar

      Alan Wigness on

      Brute cards Warding Strength and Wall of Doom both have "attacks" in the text, but one capitalises it and one does not.

    7. Mathew G Somers on

      @Josh -- Yes, the borders do appear more magical, perhaps if it was just toned down a bit? I mean, no one else has mentioned it, though, and I tend to notice it much less now (I've been looking over the cards for a few hours), so it's possibly my having to adjust to something new as opposed to anything inherently being wrong. On the other hand, perhaps the cards could use more, haha... Around the symbols for each class, the class names, ability titles, initiative numbers, level symbols? I think it may just stand out so much to me, simply because there is not enough of it around, right? Either way, thanks for hearing me out.

    8. Missing avatar

      Cédric Venet

      Sticker looks great.
      I did go quickly through the basic classes card and some of the mind thief one are not completly clear. In particular the augment which add 1 shield on mele attack. Does it stack if yes how do you track it? is it only for the current round? In addition, there is an attack which get +1 per negative effect on enemy, does it take into account effect gained during the current attack (for exemple through augment which poison and muddle) or only the one already present?
      Maybe some clarification on class specific ability or precise timing could be added in the manual (I know it is already really long, so maybe in FAQ).

    9. Josh McDowell on

      @Mathew - I always wanted the borders to be more glowy and "magical" and wasn't happy with the original version. After making the new summon tokens with the glowing lines, I decided to try that technique on the cards (and the player boards). I personally like it, but see where you are coming from. I'll look into it some more. I'm okay with the corners being a little more muddied up, but also have an idea to clean them up a bit.

      I'll make the drawing behind the map numbers much lighter. I haven't done that yet because I'm moving the numbers around a bit as I'm drawing the locations. The last step will be to make the numbers stand out more and be legible.

    10. Cuddly Tiger

      The biggest single-box game in my collection is the KS edition of Ogre, weighing in at a ridiculous 12kg (most of which is heavy board; over 60 square feet of maps and counter sheets, according to one update - - which also includes photos of the stuff laid out on a genuinely huge table).

      Given the difficulty I have lifting that (I'm disabled), I hope Gloomhaven isn't significantly heavier, or I'll never be able to get it to the table at all! :)

    11. Mathew G Somers on

      Return of the Ability Cards? Oh, the sequel may see me gouging my eyes out! Haha... No, before I begin here properly, I mean at some point, I just want to say that I'm not so sure about the new glowing effect on the lines of the border -- Could be I'm too familiar with the original form, but for me, it stands out too much and distracts the eye and mind, plus it sort of muddies up the design pattern in the bottom left and right hand corners... So, yeah, that's my two cents for the time being. Expect to hear from me soon on these cards, though.

      PS: Stickers are looking great, Josh! My only thought would be regarding the circled numbers, which appear see-through. I mean, depending on the size of these things, something like the sticker numbered 20, may be hard to read? I don't know...

    12. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Haha, thanks Jeff!

      Matthew, yes that was helpful! The CH card should say strong or waning.

    13. Jeff Lewis

      I don't think anyone else has been naive and foolhardy enough to dream of doing such a monumental project on a single go, nor imaginative and inventive enough to make it as good as it is, nor dedicated and disciplined enough to actually pull it off. Issac, you are my hero.

    14. Missing avatar

      Matthew Kameron on

      Hi Isaac
      For the ability Foul Wind on the PH, it says "during the next 6 attack actions where wind is strong or waning"... but then on the CH a similar ability just says "... where wind is strong". i.e. you defined "strong and waning" in one case and just "strong" in another.
      I know this could be an intended difference - but given my quick reading of the rulebook I thought that you might have intended them to be the same.
      Hope that helps!

      ALSO I love the fact that you have made these public for proofreading. I encourage you to do the same for all other components, for people who have spare time and don't really care about spoilers.

    15. Missing avatar

      David Di Muro

      Holy moly. The stickers really got my imagination flying. That ship on top of the peaks lol what's that? Can't wait to find out!

    16. Arsonor

      Colorforms! I had to do some searching. Here is a set I had long ago:…

    17. Arsonor

      As to removable/reusable stickers, there were these "playsets" we would get as kids in the 70s/80s with vinyl images you could place on the background art. They stuck reasonably well, but you could remove them, overlap them and replace them as much as you liked. Perhaps you could do something like that?

    18. dajebriza

      So cool. Love this game and so happy I backed.

    19. Peter "Dia Fir" Andersson

      I just keep getting in awe every single update! This game is so cool. I can't believe that I'm getting it soon. Can't wait to play it!

    20. CletusVanDamme on

      Definitely an awful lot of content in the base set of Kingdom Death Monster. If you've got that beat then you're golden, especially if the quality is consistent, which I trust it will be!

      Really excited about Gloomhaven Isaac, though it looks like it's going to drop just as my free time is totally destroyed, which I think they call Sods Law. Keep it up :)

    21. Kjaha on

      To which email do we send the feedback about the cards? Same address as paypal?

    22. chang on

      Im not clicking on that link; i havent get spoiled by anything. Havent seeing ine single class lol; sorry cabt help there, but im spanish speaker mainly, so probably wont be able to be of much use anyway ;)
      The stickers art look great.

    23. Bryan Meadows on

      Wow, looking at the content of this update just revitalized my interest in the game. It is now my most anticipated game coming out this year! I am happy I backed it and really look forward to playing it one day.

    24. ionas on

      Any news on the stickers being removable in any way and/or the full sticker set coming in form of print and play (then we can somehow "make" it removable ourselves?)

      And for the balance and abilities I can see that there will still be a lot of testing required - so you and your team... take your time! :) We can wait a little longer for your beast's perfection.

    25. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Kyle, I wasn't talking about physical size. There are certainly bigger game boxes, but I don't think they have more content.

    26. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Card 025: Bottom font for "immoblize and push" looks to be the wrong size.

    27. Elyklord - Creator of Vekyl

      The largest single box game award still definitely belongs to Kingdom Death: Monster, but I'm still super stoked for this runner-up! Haha

    28. Missing avatar

      Neva Kee on

      This campaign and this game "just" continues to be soooooo cool!!!
      I will not look at any character cards since I don't have the time at the moment and I'd rather not spoil myself with too much knowledge.
      I really like the look of the stickers. The map will look marvellous when it has been explored!!