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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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Eventful: Post-Kickstarter week 10

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Greetings residents of Gloomhaven!

Another busy week over here in Indiana. It looks like we are all back to work in full force, and so I am confident in our power to make the needed progress in the coming month or two.


That said, though, it is difficult to find things to show you. For instance, I've spent a lot of time this week writing up event cards focused on specific character classes.

They way it works is that every character class has four events tied to them - a road and city event that get added to the decks when they are unlocked, and a road and city event that get added to the decks when they retire.

The events that are added when the class is unlocked typically give extra rewards (or less penalties) if that specific character is in your party.

Or sometimes the bonus can be for one of a number of different classes that I consider to all have the same trait. Like if an event requires great strength, you may get a bonus for having a Brute or a Cragheart in your party. If it requires thievery, you may get a bonus for having a Scoundrel or a Mindthief in your party.

Keep in mind, though, that traits like "strength" or "thievery" aren't made explicit in the game. I thought about it, but in order to keep things simple, I just did everything on the back end, and so all players will see in the event results are icons for the classes that would give bonuses. This means that players will see class icons before classes with those icons are unlocked, but I don't really consider those icons to be spoilers, as they don't really give any information.

In addition, the events that are added after a character class retires may involve the party running into that character again or seeing evidence that they are still acting in the world.

Anyway, the purpose of these events is to round out the characters a bit and help players connect with them more. And it gives them life and agency even after they retire.

I'm really excited about the system and the depth it can offer to the persistent play while being so simple at the same time. I'm writing all these cool events that will yield surprising, thematic results, but my point is that I can't share any of it with you and that makes me sad.

Still, I hope that just me describing it gives you some interest and excitement.

I've also made big strides in play testing this week. After a number of instances of the site crashing, Tabletop Zen is now going strong. I've got a number of new scenarios and classes available for play testers, and I've reached out to all the people who contacted me about joining the play test team.

If you messaged me earlier about joining play testing and I haven't contacted you, send me another message. Or if haven't contacted me, but are still interested, I'm always happy to have you aboard.

Art and Graphic Design

Alexandr just sent me another giant batch of item art yesterday and it is all gorgeous. Seriously, I am beside myself with amazement. I am so lucky to have him on the team. He is about halfway done with the item art now I think, which is the last thing he needs to do, so we definitely won't run into a problem there.

Josh is doing a second pass at the city and road events, but I don't have anything final to show you there yet. He's also working on scenario book templates and I finally sent him the complete list of perks, so he got all the character sheets and attack modifier cards finished.

The metal castings for the last two figures are being made as we speak and I'll be sending those off to my manufacturer very soon to make sure the mold-making process goes smoothly.

Some other things of note as we close out the week. Helpful designer and friend Jack Spoerner went and created an implementation of Gloomhaven on Tabletopia, so if you have access to the beta, you can go play the first scenario there. A new implementation on Tabletop Simulator should be arriving soon, too - I might have more on that next week.

So I guess that's it. Have a great week and I'll see you next time!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Smud on

      Thanks for these weekly updates. It's great to read them, keep up the good work! Have a nice weekend!

    2. Gary Kressner on

      I love reading these updates and finding gems that remind me of what drew me to this game - persistent world - characters retiring to become lore - and so much more... Go Isaac and thanks to your team!

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt Mason on

      Big thumbs up for event cards tied to character classes. It sounds like a fun way for a retired character to perhaps make a cameo while my party treks to a distant dungeon.

    4. Missing avatar

      Drake Coker

      "Another busy week over here in Indiana..... it is difficult to find things to show you"

      Fortunately you are in Indiana and not Missouri, so it's all good :P