by Isaac Childres

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    1. Dominik Kanzian on

      oh man... now i know what i have to see tomorrow :-)
      gloomhaven in austria :-)

      thats awesome!!!!

      greetings from austria!

    2. Thomas More on

      It's so good to visit your page, Isaac, calm and cheerful. I have been checking out Ghostbusters, full of toxicity because of a bit of lateness and Black plague, same thing for lack of updates. Generally, it seems that Kickstarter often brings thé worst in people, whining and intimidating. Well that's it. Thanks for this update, it's interesting to learn game production from thé inside. Have a good day!

    3. Missing avatar

      Marcel Cwertetschka on

      Hey Isaac, greetings from Timo Multamäki, just met him and his team today at the Vienna Spielefest!

      Any Questions regarding Gloomhaven at the Spielefest can also be directed towards me =)!

    4. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Oh, gosh, I spelled his name wrong. Sorry Timo!

      Thomas, I'm glad to bring positivity to Kickstarter!

    5. Thomas More on

      @Isaac, you are thanks again

    6. Gem Abed on

      @Isaac, do you feel a sense of gloom because you will never be able to play your game spoiler-free?

    7. rashktah

      Yes, this looks awesome. Can't wait to receive this.

    8. Leonce on

      Thomas is so right. Thanks for your great updates, Isaac!

      The helm looks absolutely stunning! Alexandr puts so much detail in every item.

      Best wishes to Josh, hope he gets well soon!

      Belated Happy Birthday to Kristyn!!
      I discovered her site through you and very much like her work. She seems like a great person.