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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
4,904 backers pledged $386,104 to help bring this project to life.

Another pie has joined the adventure

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

"Oh no, he's going to start talking about pies again, isn't he?"

That's right! We have reached the monumental five pie threshold! Five hundred percent funding! To mark the occasion, let me tell you a quick story.

Last night my wife and I went to the grocery store and discovered not only a display shelf of pies, but a whole PIE DESTINATION. It's like they knew. They knew I was coming to partake of the pies.

So partake I did. One might say I reveled in the pies. For some reason I was in a good mood last night.

But we did set up an official five pie picture for you. Not taken from the internet but with our very own cameras.

And then I reveled a bit more.

And then we bought some groceries.

The end.

But I feel weird ending it there. I feel like it would better if there were five pictures of five pies. You know, just to get that sense of completeness. So here's one more that I think adequate captures my joy about this whole experience.

"He talks about pies so much, I expected him to be fatter."

Punchboard player mats!

Okay, on to the real news! Five pies means that we have unlocked punchboard quality player mats instead of card stock ones. And thicker is better, right? It just feels sturdier and more substantial. Won't slide around on the table. It's great!

Plus it allows us to move away from sliders which, honestly, would have been a painful process to find something that wasn't going to mess up the mats. I was confident we could do it, but I wasn't looking forward to it. With punchboard, we can create holes in the board and track things with wooden bits in a much less destructive way.

But here's what I feel bad about: I kind of negated a previous stretch goal. I promised you multi-colored sliders and now that's not going to happen. Plus, there's been some concern over the use of mini-cubes to track things.

So, with the punchboard player mat upgrade comes another free component upgrade to turn the cubes into custom wooden bits that will look cooler and be easier to handle. To track health you'll get a red blood drop, and to track experience, you'll get a blue experience icon.

(We've only done a mock-up of the blood drop because we're actually redesigning the experience icon - there have been a lot of play testers that confused the old icon with a shield bonus.)


No, seriously, you can't know the secret. You won't know the secret when we hit $370,000. You won't know the secret when you open the box. You'll have to find the secret by playing the game. But don't worry - once you find the secret, you'll definitely know that you've found it.

BGG posts!

I did follow through on a couple promises I made in the last update. You can find the winners of the fan-made scenario contest here.

Congratulations to R3DSH1FT, Morthai, iswearihaveajob, ManWithBirdLikeWing, Thorekhidse and Larzu57! And a sincere thanks to all who participated!

Also you can find a comparison of scale of some Gloomhaven minis to a basic Reaper mini here. If that helps you any way in your decision about whether to get the minis.

And that's it! One stretch goal to go! 13 hours left to raise less than $20,000! Let's do it!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kikizosan on

      I am now also expecting a pie to be included when the game arrives, just so you know. ;)

    2. Leonce on

      That moment when you just thought this game can't get any better... :)

    3. Missing avatar


      I really hope it's apple pie!

    4. Ravendas on

      $70,000 pies. Pricey grocery store!

    5. ionas on

      The secret is kinda a fun SG, lol!

    6. Missing avatar

      Kikizosan on

      Will 'the secret' be clearly denoted as 'the secret' inside the game box, so we know it sprang into existence? :P

    7. Missing avatar

      Marcel Cwertetschka on

      congrats on 5pies! and also really cool custom wooden trackers!

    8. chang on

      custom mini cube!!! yay!!
      8k from the secret!! (u r making waiting for the game quite hard: a code hidden in the game AND a secret SG to be found ingame)

      @isaac also if still possible, could u tweak the drop a bit to be a lil more round, less pointy. it kind of look like "pikes" or "spades" symbol in cards, specially the old representation. :P no that we are going to get confuse, just thematic

      AND PLEASE!! dont make this updates at 3am.. then i see them at 4am!! and i want pie!!! im hungry now! hungry for desert, and the idea of dessert at the cafe at work is a bloody granola bar!! u know how cruel is to make a women want dessert/sweets and no way that women can have it for like another 5h.. CRUEL.. VERY CRUEL. :(

      thx for update..
      ps those mini look superb, hands down if that is final product.

    9. Tim De Smet on

      Love the update and love the wooden cubes!

    10. Paul Grogan on

      I'm extremely happy about the punch boards and no sliders. I've got a couple of games with sliders and they are awful, so very happy. And the custom markers sound great. Thanks Isaac. I'm waking up to see the campaign at 358,000 and can honestly say that this is the most exciting KS I've been a part of. Ok, so I don't do that many, and I'm slightly biased that I kinda know you, but I'm super excited for you and think everything that is happening is awesome! I changed my pledge to include standees and minis, just because.

    11. eclipse on

      Yayy for custom markers !!!!

    12. move over on

      Is the secret a pie? I think it's a pie.

    13. Robert Bowers

      Just be careful. A couple kickstarters I've backed overshot the costs due to too many stretch goals and they ran into a lot of trouble when it came to shipping >_o

    14. Jesus Berjano on

      The custom trackers sound awesome to me :)

    15. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      @Isaac: Question... if we only have one more stretch goal, and we hit it before the campaign ends... what other stretch goals will be be stretching for in the week after the campaign that you mentioned our funds would be going toward?

    16. aron aka jello on

      Very happy with this one! After all the discussion about the sliders I thought boards alone were a pipe dream.. This is some damn fine whipped cream-cheese icing on top of our lovely red velvet die-cut goodness!

    17. RavenMad on

      What?!?! Not just wooden cubes for health/xp trackers but custom wooden markers? Holy crappomoley! Dude, that's freaking awesome!

      PS - I'm now seriously considering investing in pies (and hungry for some reason...).