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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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The final day

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Hello all you fabulous residents of Gloomhaven!

It seems that for a project that is so gloomy, the mood around here is downright chipper. We are accelerating forward at a momentous pace and I'm sure you all share my enthusiasm that these last 24 hours are going to be amazing!

So let's talk about stretch goals

This is the question on everyone's mind, right? "What's going to happen once we hit $330,000?" I apologize on stalling for getting more stretch goals after this posted, but I wanted to make sure I was making sound, reasonable decisions for these goals and didn't want to act rashly without talking to my manufacturer about some issues first.

So, I just got off the phone with him and I am now ready to present to you:

At $350,000 we are going to upgrade to 2mm punchboard player mats for all 17 character classes.

You remember how nobody liked the slider idea? Yeah...

So if we upgrade to punch board, we'll be able to track experience and health by move cubes around in slotted holes on the thicker boards and I think everyone will be much happier. Yes, the cubes will probably be small, which gives me flashbacks to some negative feedback from Forge War, but these will work much better because they'll be housed in slots, I think, instead of just free-floating on the top of a card.

I'm really looking forward to this upgrade and I'm glad that we should be able to make it happen.

"Secret? What secret?"

Yes, okay, hold on. Before I talk about that business, I would like to address the fact that there are no more component upgrades listed. I really wanted to give you guys a card stock upgrade, but after discussing it with my manufacturer, I realized it would end up doing more harm then good.

We currently have 280gsm greycore cards. From the card stocks my manufacturer has access to through different factories, if we go up past 280gsm, then we've got to transfer over to art paper instead of greycore and the quality doesn't really get better. My manufacturer said point-blank that 280gsm is going to be good for the amount of handling and shuffling done in the game and there's really no reason to upgrade, unless you go up to, like, 350gsm blackcore, but that really isn't on the table, not only because of added manufacturing costs, but also added weight and added volume that will have a significant head-ache inducing effect on the size of the box and layout of the insert.

It's like a domino effect of added costs and headaches for no real benefit, so we decided to not upgrade the cards.

And we sort of run into similar problems regarding upgrading the punchboard. I've got to weigh the upsides of increasing the punchboard thickness versus the many downsides, which are also mostly related to increased volume and weight, and I really don't think it will add significant value to the game to upgrade it from 2mm to 2.5mm.

There is just way more stuff in this box than you will have likely ever seen in a board game before, so I hope you can understand some of the unique constraints I am under as a Kickstarter creator.

"Okay, fine, we get it. Tell us about this secret!"

Well, that's the problem. It's a secret. I can't tell you. As we enter the final stretch of the campaign, and me having already said at one point that I may run out of stretch goals, this concept of "another secret" might sound a little suspicious to you. Like maybe I'm just making up stretch goals that don't actually mean anything.

But this is totally not the case. You've trusted me this far, and you'll just have to trust me a little bit farther that this last secret is going to be worth it. It is better than all the other secrets.

But it is so awesome because it is a secret, so I can't really tell you any more than that!

"And then?"

And then that's it. There is nothing else that I want to add to this game that I think will make it significantly better without increasing the production time significantly. We will have achieved the great and glorious vision for the game, and we can feel proud of ourselves for that, not constantly wondering about that next stretch goal and what if we had reached it?

This is the end of the road. One last great secret and that's it.

More exciting things!

If you weren't aware, I closed down the fan-made scenario submissions yesterday and went about making my selections.

I finally finished that today, and I will be posting something on Board Game Geek shortly about the winners. I may also mention them here in the next update, but I'd like to give them their full due in a BGG post first, so look out for that.

Also, have you seen Bum Yong Kim's BGG post about the custom boards he made for the first scenario? They blew my mind and you should definitely go check it out. Seriously, just click on this link and marvel at the awesomeness.

Lastly, there have been some requests to see some of the miniatures next to some Reaper miniatures for scale, so let's get that done too.

...hrmm, it's going to take me a bit of time to fish out some Reaper minis. It's been a while since I used some in a D&D campaign. How about I post that on BGG, too? Don't want to hold up this update any longer.

Oh! Also! I forgot to give you guys an updated image of the back of the Mindthief's player mat. Hopefully this will resolve the issue we had before:

So, yes, get out there and make this last day count! Tell your friends, thumb images, interact on BGG. We've got one last secret to unlock!

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    1. Daniel Nelson on

      My fiance and I are super stoked for this game. I've only backed one other kickstarter before and I am very happy to back yours! I'm only bummed that we have to wait until May of next year to play! That, and we're bummed we don't know the secret. But seriously though, your game looks incredible!

    2. John Merkle

      What if the cubes were longer cubes like a rod or something for a marker rather than just little tiny cubes. I didnt mind the tiny cubes in forge war but it would be better if they were not quite that small

    3. Ron McIlroy


    4. aron aka jello on

      Boards! Holes! Wooden bits! Huzzah!

      Wait.. that could be taken very differently...

    5. chang on

      lol i liked the slider.. love them.. can we get both? lol .. nah.. is ok ... the lil cube in a slot are cool too.
      Im guessing is like posthuman idea, so :)

      secret... hmmmm

    6. Missing avatar

      Mike Fl on

      I know your secretl found it.... Super coool. Hopefully we achieve the last stretch goal.

    7. Baginses

      By, 'Or until someone finds it', I'm assuming it's hidden in-game content.

    8. Tetora on

      I doubt it will happen but what if the secret is the solution to the sticker issue?
      (I know that it's a legacy game)

    9. Andrew on

      I'm just assuming the secret is extra my little pony stickers until proven otherwise.

    10. J K Nyte

      It's a secret to everybody. Couldn't help myself

    11. Ravendas on

      The vermling mat art looks much better zoomed in like that.
      Nice to hear about the possible player mat upgrade! Indents for cubes sounds great.

    12. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      It will be a secret forever!!! Or until someone finds it.

      Tetora, maybe another half hour? Of course, that's what I estimated for this update and then it took me 2, so you never know.

    13. Andrew on

      How long does it remain secret? If we make it to 370, will you tell us then or is this a secret until the game ships?

    14. Tetora on

      Omg I totally love the upgrade to 2mm punchboard player mats instead of the cards. Not even cause they are thicker and better in quality, but also solving the slider issue.

      Really excited for the secret - hope we will reach it "soon" (else just tell me through pm ;) )

      Winners are decided?!?! I definitely won't be able to go to bed until I know it. Any ETA?