by Isaac Childres

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    1. ionas on

      Are those "Battle Goals" hidden "agendas"? Cause kill no elite enemies could contradict another goal, couldn't it (I hope so)

    2. Marty McFly on

      Aww, shucks. I love you too, Isaac! And all the other backers, too!

      (I leave to go out of town on business in a couple hours, for a couple days. I'll see you all on Friday, just in time for the next character class!)

    3. Marty McFly on

      @ionas - yes. At the beginning of the scenario, draw 2 Battle Goals, pick 1. Keep it secret and try to achieve it for a bonus at the end of the scenario.

      (At least, that's how I understand it. I've been wrong before. The number of times differs depending on whether your talking to me or my wife.)

    4. Ravendas on

      I'm just bored at work :)

      Here to help between 8am and 4pm EST!

    5. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Ionas, you will only have a single goal per scenario, so there's no way for there to be a clash. And each goal is personal. Even if you don't want to kill an elite, it's perfectly fine if some else does. And there's only one copy of each goal, so you can't have an entire party of people who don't want to kill elites.

      Marty, noooooo! You will be missed!

    6. Marty McFly on

      ...or maybe they aren't secret. The prototype rules don't actually say they are:

      "At beginning of every scenario, each hero receives two battle goal cards and chooses to keep one, discarding the other. If the scenario is successfully completed and the hero meets the criterion of the chosen card (a), they will earn a number of check marks specified on the bottom of the card (b). Check marks are used to enhance a player’s attack modifier deck (see campaign rules for details). If the scenario was failed, the hero receives nothing from their battle goal card, regardless of whether the goal was achieved. Players can keep track of their battle goal progress using notes if necessary."

    7. Ravendas on

      Yeah, I figure these are open knowledge, so like for Dynamo you might need some help setting someone up to get knocked down hard.

      You need some teamwork to get a certain monster to 1hp, so you can hit them with 6+ damage and get the battle goal.

    8. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      The battle goals are intended to be hidden, but more cooperative groups can reveal them if they'd like.

    9. Marty McFly on

      @Ravendas - bored at work...I cannot relaaattttttttttttt.............

      Sorry, fell asleep there for a moment...

    10. aron aka jello on

      @Marty - Wait.. on Friday can't you go back to a few minutes after you left and just kee on posting?

    11. Nakano

      Back side of Battle Goal Cards are a little boring, but I have no suggestion what could be a fitting change/additional details. The front side is fine.

    12. Mike Malley on

      Any chance to name it something other than Coward? That's even worse than Greedy.

    13. Ravendas on

      If you don't think it fits your character, take the other option. You draw two, pick one in a scenario.

    14. Mike Malley on

      It's title I don't like, not the goal. No one wants to be labeled a coward.