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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Hey there residents of Gloomhaven!

First of all, we've got another stretch goal down! All monster ability decks will now have 7 cards to add more variety. And I just want to thank you all again for being so awesome and helping in so many different ways to blow up these stretch goals. We've got 9 days left, so lets make them count!

But really we're all here to talk about enchanting. In less than $17,000 this will become a reality, so let's get into it.

First of all, I want to say that I see this as more of an add-on to the game in the sense that the game will play perfectly well if you never enchant anything. This is ultimately just another avenue for customizing your character that I wanted to throw in to make the game even cooler.

Because that's what stretch goals are all about - making the game cooler in ways that may not have been possible with the initial funding goal.

I say all this because enchanting does return to the most divisive of topics: stickers.

How it works is like this:

Once we unlock the stretch goal, the printing of all ability cards will be modified to house small and innocuous, but easily identifiable, dots that communicate how various actions could be augmented by spending money.

Attack actions can be augmented with +1s or various conditions and effects. Extra hexes can be added to area attacks. Move actions can be increased or augmented to a jump. Heals can also provide other positive benefits. Summons can have their stats increased.

The possibilities are prolific.

So you could take the above card, apply some stickers:

And end up with a much improved Leaping Cleave:

Turning an Attack 3 on 2 targets into an Attack 3 on 3 targets that also muddles. And a Move 3 into a Move 4.

Of course, doing so would cost a lot of money. Enchanting costs are governed by a table in the rule book that is based on what sticker is being applied, what action it is augmenting, the level of the ability card and how many times the ability card has been augmented previously.

Enchanting will not be cheap and is definitely geared more toward mid-late game play (you have to get through a number of campaign scenarios before it is even unlocked).

Enchanting is also tied to the town's prosperity level since you can only enchant ability cards of equal or lower level than the town. Essentially it gives you a way to turn lower level cards into cards of power comparable to some of your higher level cards.

Or you can customize your character by spending your money to make sure you have all the coolest, latest gear. It's totally up to you.

One interesting aspect of the system is that all instances of your character class gain the benefits when you enchant an ability. That sticker is now on there permanently, so if someone else rolls that character class or if another character of the same class already exists in another party, their skills improve as well. Such is the power of enchanting.

So there you have it - that should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect at $240,000. Keep in mind that all those pictures are just prototype. We're working to figure out a good size for the stickers and everything - definitely don't want to make them too tiny. I'm also still working out the specifics of the costs of enchanting. A lot of balance issues to work out, after all.

Also I have no real desire to add fuel to the debate about permanence and stickers, so I will just reiterate that enchanting is not necessary to play the game. It is just an extra customization option - a single stretch goal among all the cool and awesome stuff going into the box.

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    1. Missing avatar


      While I initially hesitated about buying into the Legacy concept--and had been wrapping myself around the axle about ways to "preserve" my game components--this Enchanting mechanic is so cool I finally wholeheartedly embraced the idea and am looking forward to creating my own unique world of Gloomhaven! (Then, I read Simon's comment, laughed, then upped my pledge so now I can have the best of both worlds. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark S

      Well done - again. This may end up my number one game. Thanks Isaac

    3. ionas on

      The dots are just fine. The only thing annoying is stickers. If a PDF is supplied and the cards FIT very well into Ultra Pro Deck Protector, I dont have an issue then as the stickers can then be printed on thick paper that is rough on the back and will stay in position in the sleeves.

    4. Byron Campbell

      I don't think you are going to please anybody by emphasizing the optional aspect of it. Right now, the dots stand out way too much for something "optional," while at the same time they are not clear enough about which stickers might go there when the thing is enchanted. I say either commit all the way to stickers or find another means (I would personally prefer stickers...I always thought it was clear that this is a Legacy game with permanent consequences).

    5. Die Rollin' on

      WOW - Isaac hits it out of the ball park AGAIN!

      This guy - seriously! He should do this professionally... oh wait...

    6. RavenMad on

      re stickers on sleeves - you could just put the sticker on a clear overlay (like the Gloom cards) and then put that and the card inside the sleeve. The card remains pristine, and the sticker won't come off when shuffling etc because it's inside the sleeve. If you reset the game (or create a new character of that class and don't want the enchantments) remove the clear overlay from inside the sleeve.

    7. Dagda

      Lol, I hate Legacy games, I will never destroy my game. But funny enough, I am not angry about yet another game mechanic that asks me to destroy my game, I am just thinking how to play with that mechanic, but without altering/ damaging/ destroying my game.

    8. Gutris

      I have to say, I shouldn't be surprised by the ****storm on BGG, but I am. For real, this has been marketed as a Legacy game, Isaac has offered to put digital files of everything you need to reset, people already said put a sleeve on it... can't make everyone happy all the time is just so damn true.

      That said....

      WOOOOOOOOOO! I love that there is going to be some meat beyond just +1 (although those are sweet). I also love that summoned creatures will get buffed this way... so pumped!

    9. Missing avatar

      Shannon Marden on

      Super excited about this stretch goal and the one after it!!!

    10. Missing avatar


      I think this will be awesome and I will be using the stickers but I feel it may unbalance the characters if they are used by a different party. Imagine that in the first party one person upgrades their equipment and another enchants their abilities. The next group to come along finds that one player is a lot more powerful straight away.

    11. Belisarius

      I like the idea of enchanting but I'm inclined to put the stickers on the card's sleeve rather than the card, so that the enchantment is only used by the player who applied it.

    12. J. Gillespie on

      This is an awesome idea! It be cool if you could have some choice in the selection of where/what for some.. and the elemental possibilities.. Psyched!

    13. Brandon Metcalf

      I actually have no problem with stickers, even if they aren't immovable.

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt Mason on

      @Isaac: Why? Why do you continue to exceed my expectations with content further tease me with the awesomeness of this game. You are only making May 2016 seem further and further away.

    15. Leonce on

      Great update, great new mechanic!

    16. Missing avatar

      Monster in the dark on

      Like the idea and will hopefully find a solution for my stickerphobia *g* but I am not sure if I like that someone else can make changes to my character even though its positive ;) Feels strange somehow.

    17. Andrew on

      I stand by my previous comment: stickers are awesome and I will be adding more stickers to my game even if they have nothing to do with gameplay. A "My Little Pony" sticker on the cover, for example.

    18. Raider363 on

      First I'd like to say is a really cool idea. Second I'd like to ask: have you have looked into the plastic reusable stickers? I feel like they would make everyone happy and still give that permanent feel to the game.

    19. Tim De Smet on

      Damm @isaac totally loving this!! Would mind the extra cards and sticker sleeve add-on

    20. JC on

      this is beautiful! I love it!

    21. Matt Drake

      Oh, hell yeah. That's fantastic.

      I do think an add-on for additional copies of the cards would be cool. You've got your enchanted skill that you upgraded after you took out the witch queen and her rat-faced lackeys, but then I start the same class from the ground floor and don't get that ability because the witch queen was mad loaded, which is only fair because those rat-faced lackeys were poisonous and one of them bit your arm off and you're running around with a bionic replacement that itches in places where you don't have skin any more.

      And I don't worry about the stickers. My Risk Legacy cards never lost stickers. Of course, I didn't sleeve them because that would have been completely counter to the entire point of the game, but I never had trouble shuffling them. Unless I ripped them in half, which happened now and then, but then I didn't try to shuffle those cards because I threw them away.

    22. Ryan McGuire

      Love this mechanic and love that Isaac is sticking to his vision for this project. This is by far my most anticipated game of 2016.

    23. Anthony B

      The stickers are awesome!

    24. Greg Krywusha

      I would agree with others here. I'd rather an online card creator so that we can augment cards accordingly. While I LOVE the idea of enchanting, the stickers just aren't my thing. Or at least a symbol pdf so we would have the ability to make more. But enchanting looks great!

    25. ionas on

      Now I really really hope you will set the card sizes so that they fight VERY TIGHT into VERY COMMON HIGH QUALITY sleeves, e.g. those of Ultra Pro for instance. Why? Cause I want to move the stickers in there, without actually gluing them onto the cards. This would also require the stickers to be printable on a PDF sheet so that there is no glue.

      IS BOTH possible?

    26. David Moffett on

      I. Ducking. Love. This.

      That's right, ducking.

    27. Simon on

      There is already an add-on that will completely reset the game, and it is only $64.

    28. Missing avatar

      Robert Yee on

      I second @rashktah idea... have optional purchases for stickers and extra cards!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Tracker1 on

      If each sticker is color coded then I'll probably sleeve and use the appropriate colored sharpie to enchant the card by coloring the dot on the sleeve. Avoids the problem of shuffling with stickers and for those collectors out there you won't have to use the stickers.

    30. Ravendas on

      I like it! We'll see how well they stick to sleeves. A minor problem for the future, there will be ways to work around anything.

    31. Jon Sharp

      Very cool. Love this idea.

      I do +1 the idea of an add-on of a 2nd set of cards.

    32. James on

      Cool idea! I do see possible issues coming up with stickers falling off as cards are shuffled. Either sheering off (as has been previously mentioned) or falling off as a result of bending the cards.

    33. Marco on

      @Isaac its easy money. .. add an add on for more stickers, extra set of cards, another World Map... maybe even resealable envelopes for the unlocked characters

    34. Paul Ibbs on

      What a very cool idea. I probably won't play with it right off the bat but what an excellent way to customise abilities!

    35. rashktah

      Add-on for a second copy of all character cards would be cool, too!

    36. rashktah

      LOVE the idea of enchanting and it's a great idea to apply the stickers to a sleeve, too. I'd be all in for a add-on option to buy more sticker sheets. :)

    37. aron aka jello on

      @Isaac - Really liking the sound of it! Keep it up!

    38. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      This sounds awesome

    39. Matthew Stonebraker on

      @Damon Asher You might run the risk of shearing off stickers when you shuffle, but I think it's a good idea. Maybe just a thin plastic sheet in the sleeve with the card, or double-sleeve it.

    40. Wystan - Financier of Brimstone

      Hmmm... An Online Card Creator that allows us to design the new (enchanted) cards and then print from somewhere....

    41. Damon Asher

      You can still have the best of both worlds. Sleeve the cards, put the stickers on the sleeves. Just please give us lots of the stickers so we can restart a few times if we like.

    42. Graham

      this is great

    43. Missing avatar

      Nathan Smith on

      I agree. Great! Love more ways to add to the campaign aspects of the game. Permanent mods FTW!

    44. The Redheaded Pharmacist

      It would be nice to offer the ability to add-on additional copies of the character cards. That way we could experiment with enchanting if we want while still keeping an original copy of the character cards. It was just a thought I had after reading this update.

    45. Tetora on

      My collectors heart is screaming but at the same time really excited for the enchant feature.

    46. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      @Isaac: I am one of the people against permanently modifying the game... but dude, this is just too cool. I am completely fine using these stickers to improve skills or items permanently for use throughout any party. Love this idea and WELL DONE! Keep up the great work.

    47. Michael

      Man, this is awesome.